Matteo Salvini on Notre Dame and the Migrant Boats

The video below contains two excerpts from a talk recorded on Monday by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Note: The times used in the transcript are based on two sub-clips that were excerpted separately.

Video transcript:

00:00   This week hasn’t started out all that well.
00:03   My eyes have just seen, as you have, what happened in Paris, to Notre-Dame.
00:10   A pearl, a work of art, one of our symbols, on fire.
00:18   And obviously it hurts.
00:22   Words are never enough in such moments.
00:29   Of course we will need to figure out why.
00:32   Besides sympathizing with the Parisian people for what happened, we need to figure out
00:36   how a well-known monument, praised by the entire of world, all of a sudden… whoosh.
00:50   In few minutes it was devoured by flames…
00:53   …because of the absence of safety or emergency systems.
00:00   If tomorrow or in two or three days, another craft approaches
00:04   Italian waters, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini won’t authorize its disembarkation.
00:12   Besides, we are working on a directive that prevents ships
00:17   from entering not only the ports, but also Italy’s territorial waters.
00:22   As you need a ticket to go to the theater, a ticket to go to
00:25   the stadium, you cannot get into a country unless you have the right to do so.

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