Mailbox Woes

One of the thank-you notes I sent out to a donor last night bounced, with the message: “Domain of sender address does not exist”. Which is strange, because the domain most certainly does exist. I’ve exchanged emails with this donor in the past, so something is screwy here.

Our generous benefactor lives in Wales. Maybe his Welsh provider has blocked the domain for some unknown reason.

Anyway, if you live in Wales, and didn’t get a thank-you note for your gift, that’s why. I’ll just have to say “thank you!” from here.

2 thoughts on “Mailbox Woes

  1. Might be me!

    I don’t like Paypal but used it anyway as per the link from your site

    • Well, your provider’s mail server doesn’t like my email address! But thank you for thinking of us again; we really appreciate it.

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