Interview With Geneviève Legay

We reported last month on an incident involving Geneviève Legay, a 73-year-old woman who suffered multiple skull fractures on March 23 when police attacked Yellow Vest protesters in Nice. President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron responded by saying that Ms. Legay shouldn’t have been there, anyway, and he hoped she had gained some wisdom from her experience.

Well, she may or may not have gained wisdom, but she lost her sense of smell, and her hearing in one ear.

The following interview with Geneviève Legay was conducted after she had recovered enough to answer a few questions from a reporter. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’m slowly improving. I have to rest
00:04   in order to recover, since I have skull trauma.
00:08   I lost a little bit of sight, I completely lost my sense of smell, I can’t hear at all
00:12   in this ear, where the bones are broken, and my coccyx is fractured.
00:16   What helped me was everything I received: I got thousands letters from [all over] France,
00:20   the Yellow Vests who turned me into their muse! —It was a police officer
00:24   who pushed you? —I don’t remember anything at all, and that’s what worries me,
00:28   because I ask myself: what happened? I think that I got
00:32   a blow from a baton, but I don’t assert it! But a blow that knocked me out when
00:36   I was still standing, because I don’t even see myself falling. I don’t even see myself falling.
00:40   On Sunday morning [the next day] while I’m still dizzy and all that, there are two police officers
00:44   who arrive, and they tell me: Well, madam, it’s the journalist
00:48   who knocked you over. I say: How so? They say: Oh yes, yes, he was the one who knocked you over.
00:52   I say: No. No, no, it’s impossible, I see him 2.5m [8 feet] away from me.
00:57   I don’t know why that gentleman would come to knock me over. Then two others [cops] came
01:01   and the third time, it was two female police officers,
01:05   to make me say the same thing: that it was that journalist who knocked me over!
01:09   You said no. —I said no every time. —So why were the police saying that, in your opinion?
01:13   I have no idea, because they wanted to cover up police excess [disgraceful behavior], I think.
01:17   The president said: “I wish her a speedy recovery and perhaps a form of wisdom.”
01:21   How would you answer him? —I think that I’m much wiser than he, because I know how to listen
01:25   to the people, and I know what we are experiencing: we aren’t living: we are surviving.
01:29   The mayor of Nice said that you fell all by yourself, what do you say?
01:33   He’s a loser. What do you want me to tell you?
01:37   I cannot respect him, with what he’s doing. I can’t.

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  1. I see. Muslim rape gangs are free to run the streets, snatching little girls and [lurid details redacted]. No one stops these gangs. Muslims murder elderly priests and set fire to churches. And the police do what? Beat up an old French lady! And Macron laughs at you for it.

    Things cannot go on like this.

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