Germany is Safer Than Ever! Just Ask Horst Seehofer!

Every year since the Great Migration Crisis erupted in 2015 the German government jiggers, massages, and obfuscates the crime statistics to conceal the level of migrant crime and show that crime rates are decreasing. This year the job fell to Horst Seehofer, formerly Minister-President of Bavaria and now the Federal Interior Minister.

Martin Hess is the deputy domestic spokesman for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following video from the Bundestag, Mr. Hess addresses his concerns about migrant violence to Minister Seehofer.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, Interior Minister. One could say it’s just “The same spectacle every year”.
00:10   You presented the latest figures from police crime statistics, not sparing a single superlative.
00:16   You claim that 2018 has been the safest year in Germany for decades. Your intention is clear.
00:24   You negate the capacity of our citizens to possess sound judgement. And you refer to those families as
00:30   “alarmist scaredy-cats” who understand, based on their own personal experience, just how wrong you are, Minister.
00:36   The truth is Germany is becoming increasingly unsafe, and the subjective feeling of insecurity of our citizens matches
00:42   the objective facts and the statistics. I will continue to repeat it until you finally recognise it, Minister.
00:53   The PKS [Police Criminal Statistics] do not reflect the actual security situation in our country.
00:58   In the past, we didn’t have concrete bollards and heavily armed police in our inner cities.
01:04   And women didn’t need to have protection zones at public events either.
01:08   That alone proves to everyone, every single day, quite obviously that we live less securely than before.
01:15   Why don’t you just finally acknowledge this and stop continually insulting the intelligence of our citizens?
01:21   Minister, you said during your presentation of the PKS that you wouldn’t mention the migrant violence committed
01:26   by refugees and asylum seekers because you would be accused political exploitation. And I tell you very clearly
01:34   we will not allow a cover-up of your own policy failure by creating politically correct taboo topics.
01:41   If you want to solve problems, you have to name the facts clearly. And the fact is, Germany has become unsafe
01:47   as a result of the opening of the border in 2015 — which is the main cause.
01:52   In excess of 1 million migrants, committing 250,000 crime offences; 16,000 sexual offences and 1,500 homicides
02:02   would never have occurred if you had effectively protected our borders.
02:07   And if we compare the ratio of victims and perpetrators from last year, 102 Germans were victims
02:14   of a homicide by migrants. By comparison, only a single migrant was killed by a German.
02:21   In total, more than 46,000 Germans were victims of a criminal offences by migrants in 2018.
02:28   Which means an increase of 19 percent. The fact is: Germans are increasingly becoming victims of serious crime
02:35   committed by migrants. This development is unacceptable and must be stopped.
02:40   Let’s take a look at Bavaria, Minister, where your CSU party rules. Last year, 20.8 percent of suspects who
02:47   committed a violent crime were immigrants. Ten years ago, it was less than two percent. This clearly shows that
02:54   you failed in the area of ??asylum and migration policy even before 2015 and you can’t explain that away. That’s a fact.
03:04   Keyword: knife attacks. Even defense lawyers admit conflicts in the countries of origin of many immigrants
03:11   are solved with knives. Exactly this factor of cultural background has been confirmed by the criminal statistics.
03:18   In Baden-Württemberg, immigrants account for more than 30 percent of the suspects in the area of ??violent crime
03:25   and drug-based crime in 2018. Don’t you see, Sir Minister? If we want to finally stop the knife crime,
03:31   we must stop the mass migration.
03:34   The newest development in Berlin is the formation of immigrant street gangs. Our government doesn’t even
03:39   have an effective concept to deal with the established criminal family clans who terrorise our citizens and
03:46   reject the government’s monopoly on power. Due to immigration this problem is massively intensified.
03:51   The PKA warns of an increase in clan structures and even the BND is warning about the Nigerian mafia.
03:57   Sir minister, anyone serious about fighting criminal family clans structures must not continue to supply them
04:03   with new recruits by bringing them into the country.
04:07   More and more citizens are contacting me because they worried about the safety of their families.
04:12   Women in particular come to me because they are afraid of sexual assaults. They say that they don’t go jogging
04:17   anymore in the evening, for example. And your new victim survey confirms these fears.
04:23   More than half of women avoid certain places in order to avoid becoming victims of a crime.
04:28   Do you remember New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne? There were 661 victims of sexual assault
04:34   which resulted in 43 proceedings and three convictions. Only three convictions.
04:41   Sir Minister, this record is unworthy of a constitutional state. And what do you do?
04:47   You ask yourself how you can talk the citizens out of their fears.
04:51   I’ll tell you how! How about making sure we have more security! Then the fears disappear by themselves.
04:57   Here’s another fact, our Government, is eroding day by day, but the AFD will resolutely oppose it
05:04   by constantly confronting you this reality. Germany will only be safe again when the illegal mass migration
05:11   is stopped, and the AFD is ready to do so at any time.

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    • …and to think he was touted only a couple of years ago as a potential replacement for Merkel because he was going to close the Bavarian border. Of course now he doesn’t rely on Bavarians for his pay he doesn’t care about such things.

  1. Seehofer is real traitor who is accomplice in the migration flooding plan by merkel and international organizations for human rights against the people living in EU countries.

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