Florian Philippot: “Take France Out of This Pernicious European Union”

Florian Philippot, formerly the #2 leader of the Front National, is the founder and leader of the French party The Patriots. In the following television interview he discusses the Yellow Vests, President Emmanuel Macron, and the need to get France out of the European Union.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   In order to talk about Act 20 of the Yellow Vests movement, we are hosting in this studio
00:04   Florian Philippot, an MEP and the president of the party The Patriots.
00:08   Good day, Florian Philippot. —Good evening. —Thank you for being with us
00:12   in this studio. Act 20 of the Yellow Vests, which took place today everywhere in France
00:16   calmly at the beginning, in Paris there were a couple of clashes
00:20   at the [unintelligible] late afternoon. Clashes also in Avignon
00:24   and in Bordeaux. What is the assessment of this 20th Act of the Yellow Vests movement?
00:28   I think that the first assessment is that it’s the number 20. This should already alarm you.
00:32   Well, I hope that one day it will alarm the Macronist power, which sees
00:36   tens of thousands — probably even more, for that matter — of French people, who mobilize
00:41   every Saturday and who [Macron & co.] bring [to them] no answers whatsoever.
00:45   Neither a social [answer] nor a democratic one, which is rather extraordinary.
00:49   We ask ourselves what will have to be done, but we will have to shake the coconut palm.
00:53   And I think that it will be done now in a political way, more precisely during the
00:56   European elections, when we’ll have to signal the revolt against Macron, but it’s not enough.
01:01   It’s the oligarchic, financial banking system behind Macron that we have to revolt against,
01:05   and which is clearly using the EU as an armed political arm. You know that
01:09   The Patriots are for France leaving the EU, because we are consequent and logical till the end.
01:13   And I salute those protesters; I’m always amazed to see pictures
01:17   of the logistics, the forbidden places,
01:21   forbidden towns, huge police resources, security checks;
01:25   I think that in Paris there were 11,900 security checks announced. 11,900 security checks!
01:30   In the Paris area? —Yes! Against allegedly 400 protesters in Paris!
01:34   Well. There were many more than 400 protesters. This is ridiculous.
01:38   33,700 protesters — in all of France — according to the Inferior…, I mean: Interior Ministry.
01:42   Yes, the INFERIOR Ministry, I think that it was a adequate slip of the tongue. Meaning that you always
01:46   have to give numbers INFERIOR to the reality. I think there were more than 100,000 according to
01:50   the Police Union. But there, the French people aren’t buying it anyway. See, I was at the rally
01:54   yesterday with Nigel Farage: our friend, our ally, the Brexit hero.
01:58   Nigel Farage, we were with Mireille d’Ornano, MEP for The Patriots, in London. There was a big rally.
02:03   There were tens of thousands of people in front of Parliament. There were police —
02:07   it’s normal, the security — but there was no atmosphere that was created now,
02:11   here in France for many years now, meaning a sort of a police state, where
02:15   you are under the impression that you cannot move any more, breathe any more, you cannot
02:19   do anything any more. —Don’t you think that, precisely, those police mean you were talking about
02:23   were able to help avoid that apocalyptic day we’re afraid of?
02:27   Well, yes, I saw that in Bordeaux.
02:32   The mayor was telling people: stay at home, curfew; merchants were supposed to
02:36   close the curtains, well… all that. We are under impression that
02:40   the government is ALMOST waiting for something to go wrong.
02:44   They stir up fears in order to discredit the Yellow Vests and their cause and
02:48   their demands to raise wages, pensions, the demands of RIC — the Referendum
02:52   by Citizen Initiative. I’m not afraid of the French people. Yes, there are professional vandals.
02:56   Yes, there are Black Blocks. We know them. They have their files, they are… but they
03:00   are rarely charged, because they serve the cause of the government, and they serve their
03:04   communication. —You have talked about the demands of the Yellow Vests. The only answer,
03:09   for now, from the government, was to organize that Big National Debate, which was supposed to end
03:13   in mid-March, which has played a little overtime, now at the end of the month.
03:17   If there were conclusions reached by this big national debate, what would they be,
03:21   in your opinion? —A huge communication operation. It allowed Mr. Macron
03:25   to make his campaign, and En Marche [Macron’s party] can have a free campaign with free TV time:
03:29   given [to them] and paid for by the taxpayer, rather than being paid for
03:33   by his campaign, as is normally the case, according to the electoral rules. So we are here
03:37   in a sort of democratic usurpation, which will bring nothing,
03:41   absolutely nothing; which tired everybody at the end,
03:46   and the communication became increasingly cynical, since
03:50   I saw that Mr. Macron was now debating eight-year-old children. All right. Listen:
03:54   I thought that we used to see in some dictatorships or regimes,
03:58   where they wanted to present us the Father of the Nation, the Gentle Father of the People,
04:02   but no, we manage that in France as well in a so-called democracy
04:06   and so-called republic. No: the true answer, you know, is to give the power back to the people.
04:11   Either by the dissolution of the National Assembly — but that’s not sufficient — but also
04:14   by a referendum and by creating the Referendum by Citizen Initiative. And all that
04:18   will be efficient, if we aren’t any more under the yoke, or a stranglehold called
04:22   the European Union, and then we really may have this possibility of regaining
04:26   our freedom, the independence of the people, meaning to take France out
04:30   of this pernicious European Union.

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  1. Thats why FN lost many votes last time!
    Many dont want to leave EU and the Euro-perhaps they knew that they living in Germans costs.
    Its no secret that France wanted for the Unity of East and WestGermany the EURO!

    Also in Brussel it was made that Germany must pay for all debts if they cant pay no more-and this will come one day!So they will be stupid to leave…But on the other way when this come that will be a whole crash of Europe and the world.Like the Black Friday.

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