Crime and Punishment in Modern Multicultural Germany

The video below discusses two of the murders committed by immigrants in Germany since the migration crisis began in 2015. Both cases were discussed at length here when they first made the news, and each is emblematic of the multicultural madness that has infected German society — not just the political class, but the entire social structure, right down to the Gutmenschen on the street.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’m reporting back to you today with a video about two events that received little media attention following the attack in New Zealand.
00:11   These are stories from a country where insanity is becoming the norm, and a healthy center has been replaced by the
00:21   irresponsible actions of so-called representatives of the people who gained extreme influence. A country in which the
00:29   left-green ideology dominates, turning all cherished values upside down to confirm its own borderline
00:38   insane inhuman ideology. No matter the costs.
00:45   In the first case we have Friederike and Clemens Ladenburger. They are the parents of 20-year-old Maria Ladenburger,
00:53   the student from Freiburg who was raped and murdered in 2015 by an Afghan. Recently during a television program they were
01:01   rewarded for their politically correct attitude. After the desecration of their daughter, they publicly pleaded
01:08   for this refugee not to be sentenced. They founded an organisation that supports migrants, asked for donations and
01:17   and received the award for citizens of the year.
01:21   The second case I’ll present is the six-day trial in Offenburg against the 27-year-old African Souleyman A. for the murder
01:34   of the Offenburg doctor Joachim T. The 51-year-old physician was brutally slaughtered by Souleyman A. with more than 20 stab
01:43   wounds for absurd reasons. After the judge pronounced the verdict against the migrant, there were tumultuous scenes and
01:54   shouts expressing disgust in the courtroom. The African was declared not guilty by the court and placed in a psychiatric ward.
02:04   Even the mainstream media offers more plausible scripts.
02:09   Even after the verdict, the motive of the African, supposedly from Somalia, is still unclear.
02:18   The leading investigator said in his testimony that he overheard the defendant saying after his arrest the doctor wanted to
02:32   poison him while withdrawing blood. The migrant had visited the doctor a few times in 2016, more than 6 months prior to the crime.
02:39   The general practitioner treated him for common colds and stomach pain. During the trial, the gruesome details of the crime
02:49   were revealed. The defendant used a 9-inch kitchen knife to stab the doctor 7 times in the head, 10 times in the throat
02:59   and several times in the abdomen. His trachea and jugular vein were damaged. Upon arrival, the police found the doctor
03:09   with the knife stuck in his upper torso and lying in a pool of blood.
03:16   He is survived by his wife and daughter. The 10-year-old was in the same room and had to witness the gruesome crime.
03:25   In the courtroom the African was behaving bizarrely. He refused to have a taxpayer-provided public defender, and
03:36   continued to profess his innocence. In a reality-television-worthy twist of events the prosecution pleaded to the judge
03:49   with the defense for an insanity verdict. With no other recourse the judge was forced to declare Souleyman the ripper
03:57   innocent due to mental illness and send him to a psychiatric ward. However, the court took measures to insure
04:05   that the defendant would not have his weapon returned to him. This way, the doctors in the psych ward
04:13   have a better chance of surviving. This theater of the absurd surpasses all satire, but is reality.
04:20   The same is true of the second case, in which parents offer their child on the altar of social justice
04:30   in order to promote their ideology. It is the same ideology that is responsible for the present wave of
04:38   never-ending murders. Maria Ladenburger was brutally raped and abused by an Afghan who left her for dead,
04:47   face down in a stream where she drowned. She is a victim of the present failed refugee policy which has now
04:54   resulted in a landslide of bloody murders that doesn’t appear to have an end.
05:00   Maria Ladenburger was made into an icon of the multi-culti movement by her parents. In line with the government agenda,
05:08   she represents the unregulated and undocumented wave of immigration. Instead of fighting for justice, the Ladenburgers
05:18   accepted a prize for their outstanding politically correct contribution recently. Along with their prize they were awarded
05:25   €20,000 ($22,000). By comparison, Jesus was betrayed for just 30 silver pieces. The parents of the murdered Maria
05:35   proudly received their “citizens of the year” prize with big smiles. In a recent video, on Tichy’s Insight,
05:45   the reporter Robert Tichy said, “Since the late summer of 2015, on average, there has been a murder committed
05:52   by a migrant every single day. The outrage reflected by the mainstream media over this could be best described as restrained.”

11 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment in Modern Multicultural Germany

  1. The brain-washed Ladenburgers are hard to stomach and understand. Perhaps father Clemens Ladenburger, as a lawyer who reports to the legal director of the European Commission, is unwilling to admit to himself that the open immigration policy is a disaster. It is also possible that he is not willing to risk losing his job by going rogue.

      • Insanity indeed, citizens are paying taxes and supporting invaders and don’t really care about the consequences, including family members being murdered. Baffling.

  2. The Ladenburgers are amply rewarded for their dhimmitude.
    Was the perp convicted? Since when can you tell the government that a murderer should not be held responsible? I guess in Germany.

  3. Let me give my appreciation to Miss Piggy. Translating this stuff must be horrific, since simply listening to it is disturbing.

    I have no insight into the Ladenburgers. The Palestinian Muslim mothers used offer praises and congratulations when one of their sons decided to blow up several Israelis along with himself. The Palestinian families had many children, so one could easily be spared, and the grieving family was given an income by the Palestinian Authority, as well as Saddam Hussein, before he met his fate at the hands of a US invasion.

    Anyway, I presume the Ladenburgers only have one or two other children, if that, and probably would continue to receive his salary as an EU official for immigration encouragement, even if he had just gone silent on the matter. So this is a case of aberrant psychology to which I have no clue.

  4. I suspect a large part of this seeminly inexplicable attitude from these parents lies in the same realm as that of many of the Soviets.

    A large number of the spouses, children and parents of innocent people who were arrested, sent to Gulags or executed, truly believed that the victims were unfortunate co-lateral damage in the march of progress. In their mind, the benefits of this progress outweighed the unfortunate suffering of innocents. They often believed that the system simply could not completely prevent wrongful harm to their non-criminal loved ones. Yes, they posited, the bureaucracy was perhaps too large and complex and perhaps excessive in its ideology, yet most of those in power are well-meaning and want what is best for the country. Many citizens believed that Stalin himself was horrified by the wrongful harm done to many innocent people and was working hard behind the scenes to end such abuses. The depth of trust in and belief of the vision of progress among dedicated bureaucrats can allow them to see beyond the grief of losing their child. The harm caused by the occassional ‘mistakes’ or ‘unforseen’ damage caused by their march of so-called progress outweighs the deep grief of the family members.

    I believe that the Ladenburgers went above and beyond what the state expected of them in their public show of solidarity with immigrants and the immigrant policies. No doubt they were asked to do some PR for the state in front of the cameras but I’m sure this was not a demand but only a plea from the government. I believe they were only expected to at least remain silent. If so, this would seem to me to be a sign of the deep commitment the parents have for the immigrant policy and that this loyalty and belief in the goodness of the cause is greater than their grief. Their trust in the system and the politicians to correct such ‘mistakes’ is no doubt very high and this gives them hope. No doubt also they believe that the immigration policy’s utopia is very close at hand and they as grieving parents are perfectly placed to help doubting Germans to remain patient to allow the entire system to create the utopia. I’m sure they view their daughter as a fallen warrior who bravely died in the war against the evil forces of so-called bigoted immigration deniers.

    • Judging by my ancestors, some of whom were repressed and whose property was taken away, there was fear, but there was no excuse for Stalinism.

      Or for example my husband. He has 50/50. Mother was from a poor family – the Soviet power could not withdraw anything from them, she supported Stalin. And the father was the son of the shot for supporting the Orthodox Church. All his life he had to carry the “cross” of the son of the enemy of the people – he simply was silent.

    • Sounds pretty plausible. Perhaps it’s time for a re-awakening of the works of Ayn Rand, who despised the altruism of sacrificing yourself for others. Unfortunately, her radical anti-government perspective would likely not work in an era of identity politics and religiously-mandated migration and subjugation.

      Classic libertarianism and objectivism advocated open borders and the free movement of labor, capital and goods across borders, along with absolute abolition of the welfare state and abolition of any constraint on free association.

      • Whatever one thinks of Ayn Rand (in my case, not much, not least because her “heroes” are so pleased with themselves), she represents a minority viewpoint- as, I believe (hope?) do the SJWs and their ilk.

  5. The Ladenburgers are parents from hell. Not only did they betray their daughter, they betrayed every future victim of the rapefugees.

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