Another Jihad Attack at the Schönleinstrasse Subway Station

Back on Boxing Day of 2016 we reported on an incident in a Berlin subway station where seven culture-enrichers set a homeless man on fire. Last month another attack by migrants occurred in the same station, this one involving one or more knives.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from Politically Incorrect, also translated by MissPiggy:

This Schönleinstraße subway station in Berlin was the focal point of an attack on Christmas Day 2016. A homeless man was maliciously assaulted and burned by Arab “protection seekers” from Syria and Libya in an insidious murder attempt.

This video shows how another homeless man was brutally attacked in Schönleinstraße station, this time with a knife. (Feb. 2019)

The man lying on the platform is attacked by another man again and again. What is difficult to see in the video, but confirmed by the police: The attacker is not only using his fists. He has a knife in his hand. Investigators reported the man had ‘several stitches on the buttocks, arms and thighs’. The whole thing happened in broad daylight in the Schönleinstraße subway station.

According to the Berliner Zeitung, the 29-year-old homeless man got into a quarrel at the subway station with two completely unknown men — or probably vice versa! The reason for the dispute “is still completely unclear”. In the “shocking video” you can see and hear how the two dark-clad ethno-invaders of a peaceful religion roar and insult the 29-year-old (wearing a woolen hat and a backpack) in Arabic.

Then one of the Arab aggressors suddenly goes on the rampage: He runs towards his victim and attacks the homeless man with the knife. A heavyset Berliner in beige trousers courageously and fearlessly tries to separate the opponents, putting himself protectively before the attacked 29-year-old becomes so involved in the “stabbing” (according to Focus magazine). He shouts loudly: “Dude, put the knife away!” And then with all his might again: “Put the knife away!” But the knifey migrant continues to chase the homeless man trying to flee in panic. He then stabs him in cold blood and without hesitation.

As some other very courageous witnesses intervene, the knifey migrant and his accomplice leave the severely injured 29-year-old alone. He drags himself on a few meters further, leaving a trail of blood behind him, and finally remains “completely exhausted and apathetic” sitting on the platform. Alerted rescue workers take the man to a hospital. There the homeless person is “taken care of” — probably by a life-saving emergency operation in the intensive care unit.

Video transcript:

00:25   Enough!
00:28   Dude, put the knife away! Put the knife away!
00:32   Stop it!
00:42   Dude!
01:01   Are you actually insane!?

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  1. “Are you actually insane!?”
    – Why do Germans have this silly notion that all such behaviour is related to mental illness?

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