AfD Members Get Treated to a Carbecue

Politicians for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) have been targeted many times with various kinds of violence. In the latest incident, cars belonging to the AfD were fire-bombed in Essen.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Arson attack on AFD campaign cars in Essen, Germany.
00:11   Man, Guido! What a mess! Our beautiful smart cars. —Yes, I am completely stunned.
00:15   Look what point we’ve come to. —Yes. —These are campaign tactics in 2019.
00:20   So this is how the largest opposition party in the country is treated.
00:24   These smart cars, as you know, we bought in 2017 and for that election campaign they were well received.
00:30   And they were supposed to go on the road, every day for the next four weeks and this is what we have here now.
00:36   I am really appalled. —You can’t even say that they were just parked on the street somewhere. They’re parked
00:44   in a tucked-away area. This is just nasty sneaky attack. It looks like this is a normal road but it is a back courtyard area.
00:52   And we deliberately went here because we’re here in the commercial area. —Yes. —A commercial area in which many
00:57   migrants operate. —OK. —This is a really secure place, you might not think so, but this is where I kept my warm-up bus
01:02   for the homeless. That bus drove over 80,000 km [50,000 miles] and nothing ever happened to it.
01:07   That’s because I always parked in areas where working people or migrants were. Unfortunately, we got caught here this time.
01:14   Yes, that’s true. —It is especially bitter now for the owner of the building. We handle the loss of these Smart cars,
01:19   but we have building damage here reaching probably €250,000. And no insurance covers that.
01:25   No insurance will cover that. —That’s nuts. —Even more crass is that it is quite clear that lives are being played with here.
01:33   Thank God the building was empty. Imagine if someone was living here. —It appears that they, and we can assume it was
01:39   radical left forces. They stop at nothing now. It doesn’t really matter to them if people are living there or
01:50   might have lived there. They probably didn’t check that before, right? —In fact, somebody does live on the other side. —Yes.
01:55   All the window panes are broken from the heat. —By the heat, yes. —Thank God he woke up and was able to run
02:01   right over here and started putting out the fire on the cars. Otherwise it would’ve been much worse.
02:04   The whole building complex could have burned down. So, absolutely unbelievable.
02:09   And that’s not the only incident. Have a look at our events. Cologne-Kalk is still in memory. Now Düsseldorf.
02:17   Attacks on events Participants in both Cologne-Kalk and in Düsseldorf. Another topic is renting locations for events.
02:24   We are unable to rent a single event hall in NRW or the Ruhr area. Totally impossible.
02:29   Yes it starts, I’ll just say, with little things, like tearing down election posters. The next level is, as you’ve already mentioned,
02:35   events. Then there are the attacks on our info stands and our AfD offices or people who work for the AfD. And now arson.
02:46   There was also the Magnitz case, where someone might almost have died. You really wonder where this leads to.
02:50   It is an attack, in my opinion, it is not only an attack against the AfD. It is an attack against democracy.
02:55   It is definitely an attack on democracy, but in spite of it all we will not be intimidated. I have come to the conclusion that
03:04   we’re the ones who are truly tolerant. We actually live tolerance, because we have a lot to do endure. We really endure a lot.
03:10   For three years now, every morning when I get up, I think, “So it’s enough!” That’s not going to change.
03:16   And we’re going to hang on and not be intimidated. The European election campaign will be a huge success.
03:20   I am firmly convinced of that. I think the two of us are a top team as candidates. We complement each other so well and
03:25   have really a lot fun. Especially when we’re on stage together. —Exactly. The events we had that were permitted to take place
03:29   were great. —Yes. —They were a huge success. And it will continue to be. —Yes, I think this attack, for instance
03:35   will cause many people, who were maybe even skeptical about the AfD, to say this has gone too far.
03:42   It will, as sad this situation is, cause a reaction of defiance where they might say, “Very well, we stand with the AfD since
03:53   they are only ones speaking the truth and pay this price for it.” This is the price for speaking the truth. Well, then.
03:59   I really hope that the upstanding democrats in our country that still exist, not necessarily those who share our opinion,
04:03   but those upstanding democrats wake up and rise. This is just unacceptable in a democratic country. Thank you.

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  1. The car torchers would be the first to call the AfD “Nazi” But, who indeed are the Nazis?

    • There aren’t Nazis anymore. But there are democrats who call … fascist, populist, xenophob, far right etc all those who dare to not agree with them and their politically correct attitude.

  2. So, where’s the BfV? Isn’t this what they should be doing? Aren’t they on top of both Right and Left terror?

    • you should mention that the BfV is a government agency following its masters whim . The Antifa-Nazis are doing their job: keep opponents at bay.

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