Advice for the Well-Accessorized Stabbing Victim

In the last few years there has been a marked increase in the number of stabbing attacks in Germany against people in public places. No one knows the cause of the mysterious increase; political and social leaders are baffled. One theory holds that global warming has extended the knifing season each year, giving perpetrators more time out on the streets to choose their random victims.

The man in the video below reads excerpts from an article in a women’s fashion magazine that gives its readers tips on how to deal with knife attacks.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a Breitbart article on the same topic:

German Women’s Magazine Gives Tips on Treating Stab Wounds

As knife crime continues to be a major issue in Germany, one German women’s magazine has written an article on the treatment of stab wounds in its “health and fitness” section.

The April edition of the women’s magazine Illu der Frau contained the article “How do I treat a stab wound?” along with an adjacent subtitle which highlights the growing problem of knife crime across the country, Tichy’s Einblick reports.

The article aims to give practical advice for those who may be victims or witness stabbing attacks saying, “Importantly, before you provide first aid, make sure the perpetrators have disappeared, your own safety is a priority.”

While attacks and murders using knives have often become major headline stories — particularly those which involve migrants stabbing young German women to death, such as the cases of 15-year-old Mia in the town of Kandel in 2017 — actual reliable statistics on knife crime are sketchy at best in Germany.

In an article published earlier this year, German newspaper Die Welt noted the lack of statistics for knife crime citing the Union of Police who said that it could take years for reliable statistics to be made available.

Video transcript:

00:02   Hello! Right now I’m at the Breitscheid Platz, where I live.
00:06   Looks great here now, huh?
00:13   I just read something on Twitter. Something I just couldn’t believe.
00:17   I though it was a fake tweet or something. But it isn’t.
00:25   Please go away from here quickly. —Why? —My wife died here. Please don’t sit here.
00:29   Someone just chased me away from here claiming his wife died there. That’s absolutely OK.
00:34   Yeah, so I just spoke with him a couple of minutes. He explained to me he was in Hannover when
00:41   his girlfriend was run over by the Islamist terrorist. Let’s get back to the topic and why I’m here.
00:50   I live here, and I was just at the central station newsstand.
00:55   I bought this magazine called Women’s illu (illustrated), because I heard something I couldn’t believe.
01:03   Or that it would be in such a gossip rag, but it is.
01:07   This is the Women’s illu (illustrated), brilliant entertainment #4 from May 2019 for €1.20.
01:16   So on page 56:
01:22   “How do I treat a knife wound?” Can you image that?
01:26   Something like this is in a women’s magazine nowadays. “Important: Before you administer first aid,
01:31   make certain that the culprit or culprits are gone. You own safety has priority.”
01:37   Ok, so I’ve decided I’ll read it through quickly. We can read it together.
01:45   Maybe I can edit this later. So, “How do I treat a knife wound? Knife attacks are becoming more frequent.
01:50   Reports of knife attacks are becoming more frequent. Here’s what you need to do within the first moments.
01:54   Almost daily the newspapers report about crimes being committed with knives. In 2017 in Berlin alone,
01:59   2,737 knife attacks occurred according to inquiries from the CDU. In Saxony, the number of attacks
02:07   increased from 970 in (2014) to 1,200 (2017). How big is the threat? It’s not clear how big the threat
02:15   actually is because there’s no nationwide registration system of these crimes. It will take years
02:20   for any serious figures are released, but you shouldn’t wait that long. What to do in a serious…”
02:26   There is printing error here. Doesn’t matter.
02:33   “you should know” something. “Attention! Never pull the knife out of the wound, otherwise it could lead
02:39   to heavy bleeding. Call the paramedics. First dial the police 110 and make an emergency call 112.
02:45   If you happen to have sterile gloves with you, for example in the first aid box in your car, put them on.
02:49   If necessary you could ask other drivers for their first aid kit. Correct bandaging: First and foremost
02:53   is to stop the bleeding or at least slow the bleeding. In order to do that pressure must be applied.
02:59   Apply pressure with a germ-free compress firmly on the wound. If necessary a piece of cloth will do,
03:04   a scarf or a t-shirt, for an emergency it may not be sterile. The priority is to stop the bleeding.”
03:09   There’s another printing error, it says something with “you could also wrap a second layer of bandaging.”
03:13   Use a pressure dressing on the wound and bandage it with 2 to 3 layers of gauze.
03:19   Important! The pressure dressing must be bigger than the wound and non-absorbent. Suitable are
03:24   bandage packages or tissue packages, both unopened. If a pressure dressing is not able to be set
03:30   with bandaging, for example on the abdomen, then pressure must be maintained until the ambulance arrives.
03:37   Internal bleeding can only be stopped by surgery. The danger of internal bleeding: Knife wounds are
03:42   normally small on the skin surface, but go deep into the body. Even knife wounds that aren’t bleeding
03:47   very much could have organs below the surface which are injured and result in life-threatening
03:51   internal bleeding. Those who perform first aid can’t stop the internal bleeding, but should call
03:55   emergency services and elevate the victim’s leg to avoid shock. Don’t worry about making a mistake.
04:00   Are you afraid of making a mistake and worry about being made liable for unforeseeable damages
04:05   caused by a wrong action? No need to worry. Those who administer first aid are not punishable.”
04:08   Blah, blah, blah. So, finished.
04:14   OK, so they forgot the really important tips. First of all, this woman isn’t wearing a burka. Secondly, the
04:21   woman made the man angry somehow, otherwise he wouldn’t have stabbed her. So it is the woman’s fault.
04:26   OK, this isn’t really funny now. Totally unbelievable.

Hat tip for the article: Reader from Chicago.

8 thoughts on “Advice for the Well-Accessorized Stabbing Victim

    • I hear woven rattan purses are fashionable this season: nothing like a comfy basket, to carry your head around.
      French would know: they used to put them behind the guillotine. I wonder if Dior would sell purses like that: ” carry your head gracefully on Champs Elysées in our newest, planet friendly, purse, made of pure, recyclable rattan. Two bags of wood shavings are provided with each product”

  1. Hmmm, Let’s see now, attacker comes at you with knife, so one pulls their handy dandy Walther PPK or P-9, we are in Germany after all, or if you are feeling rather adventurous, pull Mr, Sig or Mr. Glock, for they don’t like to feel left out of the reindeer games, or if you are on a tight budget, there are millions of those bloody Mr Makarov’s that the eastern block saw fit to produce. Now take home and practice, practice and practice dry firing and the deep woods for live fire. See!? So simple and easy any German can do it, and before you tell me, “But it is illegal”, it is your God(not allah) given right to defend yourselves despite governments best intentions, and besides, which Polizei is going to search a nice, sweet and innocent lady flashing their eyelashes at them with a big bright smile? Now off you go, do what you must.

    • My understanding is that knives are dangerous weapons at close range, and that the imagined PPK or P-9 holder would probably be stabbed before they could get off their first shot, if the attacker is within 7 m (20 ft) or so. The gun holder might also miss. You need some distance or obstacles between you and the knife to use a concealed gun. A lot of the Germany where I live, is too crowded and bare.

      The knife carriers are already quick to attack before they themselves may be stabbed. Imagine what hair triggers they would be on if they assumed people were packing heat.

      • John, Yes, the 20 foot rule does apply to edged weapons, but if a 3rd worlder is within 20 feet of you, they are too close to begin with, always have situation awareness. If the 3rd worlder knew people were packing heat, they wouldn’t be ransomly attacking anyone. I almost forgot, never stick around if you have to play reindeer games, walk away like nothing happened, let their allah(devil) sortem out.

  2. Wir schaffen das stabbing wounds much? I’m still laughing about the article from couple a years ago about anti-rape jogging pants/suits. They were all the craze in fashion world of Germanistan anno domini 2017. I guess haute couture changes with the times. Anyway enough with my version of Joan Rivers fashion critique. Wake me up when magazines over there start reporting about public executions of people in charge of bringing 3rd world Muslim (self redacted…insert insult here)to that particular neck of the woods. That and mass expulsions of previously mentioned “culture” should work miracles on stab wounds, gun wounds, rape wounds… Well wounds of all sorts. Don’t ask me how I know.

    Oh and here is that flavor of the day I mentioned earlier in a post.

    I guess armed with all these inventions in fashion and clever little articles like this average German woman should feel pretty good about herself and her daily goings

  3. No one knows the cause of the mysterious increase; political and social leaders are baffled. One theory holds that global warming has extended the knifing season each year, giving perpetrators more time out on the streets to choose their random victims.

    Yes, global warming has a lot to answer for, as Fjordman has pointed out on GoV:

    Sweden is in the midst of the worst rape wave in Scandinavian history. Judging from numbers from neighboring countries Norway and Denmark, this is probably intimately related to recent mass immigration, especially from Muslim countries. Now, if you have a problem that you suspect may be largely caused by immigration, but you have already decided that these policies shouldn’t be questioned, what to do?

    Well, you can blame it on… the weather! According to this article from Aftonbladet, with the title “Summertime — rape time”, the huge spike in rapes during the summer is caused by the nice, warm weather, which brings out all those hormones. The official number of rape charges has more than quadrupled in the space of just one generation, and Swedish women in some areas of the country are increasingly afraid to move around outdoors. If this is because of the warm weather, I suppose the Scandinavian rape wave is caused by global warming?

  4. US Marines in the early 1800s earned the nickname Leathernecks for the high leather collars they wore around their necks to prevent neck wounds and beheadings by the Muslim pirates they were fighting. Perhaps leather collars and leather underwear could become fashion statements for European women.

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