11 thoughts on “A Parliament of Political Maggots

  1. Listen to this man, blokes.

    For he might be the voice of your conscience, Albion.
    Yes – your moral compass.

  2. Stop wasting your breath Pat on a nation of morons. They deserve what is coming to them! My Father fought for six years and lost 74% of his aircrew. This “generation” of self-centred creeps must learn that the freedom they have abused was not to be squandered by a generation of traitors. In 1642 it caused a civil war. We should be up in arms on the streets. Instead they worry about trivia and “hurty words”. Britain is over. A nation of feckless mincing cowards and tattooed morons.

    Toothless and effete.

      • Truth hurts does it not? Modern “Britain” disgusts me. Not one leader of note! Not one! cardboard cutouts one and all. Boris the clown- Rees-Mogg- a big mouth but no trousers. I was banned from UKIP for telling the truth about Modernity and Islam. I will never vote again. I was a fool and my life of the last thirty years a mirage.

        We are a defeated occupied nation. Shortly the Moslems will take over. My father’s life is almost done and frankly he is the dying embers of a country and culture I was born into. I feel the tears well up but I cannot cry.

        Real sadness is like that. Words cannot express my grief.

        Maybe this is my Divine punishment for being born under the old Empire. The country I served is gone. Soon, hopefully, I will join my father-Our world is gone. I belong to the older generation of my father not “Kool Britannia” and its amoral decrepitude and depravity.

        • Sorry to hear about your father, Bishop. Both my parents (who died nearly twenty years ago) served in WW2; Mum was deciphering messages for the RAF, so unlike many forces’ loved ones, knew where my Dad was (in Burma), and worried when there was fighting in the area.

          I know we’ve disagreed on GoV, and I don’t altogether share your pessimism about the future prospects of the UK, but this comes with my best wishes.

          • Thankyou! I am finished with politics now entirely. This is my last comment on GoV or anywhere else. I have upset many it seems but truth is always painful isn’t it?

            I lost all my readership too and a lot of friends but that is to do with despair rather than anything I have done. God bless.

          • I hope you reconsider your decision. If you, and the others like you, declare themselves “finished with politics” then Britain is finished. Please continue to speak out and to vote when given the chance.

          • Mark, in 1944 or so, my then-fifteen-year-old Irish uncle who joined the RAF, ending up in Burma. I still have some of his pictures of that God-forsaken airstrip where he lived and grew up very quickly. Later, my mother sponsored him here and he joined the USAF, eventually becoming an air traffic controller. Unfortunately, he carried the Fahy family gene for vascular disease and died suddenly of a heart attack at fifty-two.

        • Bishop,
          I lost friends too but in a conclusion and analysis , they where not friends.

    • The Bishop is right. I am stubborn old English xxxxxx so I will not give up but the British really are not worth fighting for. I resist out of habit. They can never take away the history or the countryside but I have lost all respect for my country, its lying spineless government and its spineless stupid apathetic citizens who simply stand and watch, thumbs in mouths, while their homeland is taken away from them. British people will not lift a finger to defend the things their their grandfathers gave their lives for. All it takes is a few nasty headlines in the Daily Mail and 90% of them will fall into line. A nation of sheep.

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