A Forest Fire in the Loft of Notre Dame

The upper regions of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris were a veritable forest of ancient oak beams, an immense stack of tinder just waiting for a spark to set off the great conflagration. That’s why no electric wires were run into the loft — to reduce the chance of fire.

The following video clip is an excerpt from a documentary about Notre Dame that aired last year. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Phillip Villeneuve takes us 300 steps higher above the heart of the nave. Into Notre Dame’s frame.
00:10   An area not accessible to the public, without electricity to prevent fire.
00:19   The odor announces to us that everything here is made of wood.
00:37   Notre Dame’s framework of beams is like a forest. Yes, it is a mythical place, it is like a dream.
00:43   It is a treasure of the 12th and 13th centuries that is still intact.
00:48   Why do you call it a forest? —Because an enormous amount of oak was used here.
00:53   The amount corresponds to a forest and so that’s we refer to it as the forest.
00:57   That means there are still beams here from the 12th century? — Of course.
01:00   Yes there are. That’s it exactly. This is what makes the framework of Notre Dame of Paris a
01:04   huge treasure and of great interest. And then you also have the Viollet-le-Duc, which is a spire that
01:09   fascinates any carpenter, journeyman or architect. They dream of this spire. They dream of seeing it.
01:13   You just have to come see it.
01:20   The Viollet-le-Duc is a feat of genius from 1859, an adornment resting on these beams. The spire.

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  1. On Krystalnact, many hundreds of synagogues we burnt down, one might call it the opening gambit of the holocaust

    This time it is Christian Churches – think about it – To where are you going to flee?

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