The Unremitting Persecution of Tommy Robinson

The despicable soviet hellhole once renowned for its creation of the Common Law is setting up the martyrdom of Tommy Robinson.

Tommy describes his latest beatdown:

Tommy’s plight is limned in the outlines where once stood a now-vanquished Justice. She has taken her scales and fled the blighted land that he chose to stand and defend, not knowing ahead of time that she would be forced to flee.

Their persecution is truly diabolical. First he is assured that his broadcast is legal, then after several hours they say he’s broken the law after all; a kangaroo court sentences him to prison. Once behind bars and thinking he can survive this one, they suddenly move him to a far more dangerous place and then put him in solitary confinement for his own “safety”. Not so solitary that he can’t be spit on or have feces shoved into his cell. But solitary enough that visits even from his lawyer become problematic.

They’re hoping to break Tommy to the point where he’ll kill himself. You can tell from his agitation in this video that he hasn’t recovered from his previous persecution. This new blindsiding is designed to weaken him further.

You can contribute to his fund here.

In this penitential season of Lent (which began on Wednesday), I would ask also that any of our readers who are so inclined to pray for Tommy and his family. And please remember in your prayers the thousands of English children and their families whose lives have been smashed and maimed by Pakistani barbarians. Those pedophiles were permitted to flourish by the very same ruling class that wants Tommy dead.

I had problems getting Tommy’s donation page to work, so I left this comment on YouTube:

I accessed your page twice in the course of putting up a post to link to your donations. When I tried a third time, I was blocked. I tried clearing cookies, but still no luck. Is this a security measure? I’ll have to find another way to get the money to your fund.

18 thoughts on “The Unremitting Persecution of Tommy Robinson

  1. Bonkers totalitarian Britain .George Orwell foresaw it all and laid it out in his novel “1984”.It’s the end result of cultural Marxism.

  2. Tommy, please ask for political asylum in the USA and operate from there…
    UK is more or less lost…

    • I’ve said that more than once. But I now feel he has momentum and that the real Brits need him to keep fighting.

  3. “What country is this?” asks Tommy. It’s a country with a quisling Prime Minister who lies to her nation after each and every jihadi attack that it has nothing to do with Islam and grovels to Muslims at every opportunity. It’s a country that also has a Muslim Home Secretary who is in charge of the police and justice system. It’s a country that has a stupid population who continue to vote for more of the same at every election.

  4. I used the donor site linked in the article. It appears to have worked well. In any case, they sent me a receipt. 104 pounds and some change…a shillings worth perhaps? They have mucked up their money since the 1960s, it no longer takes $4 to make a pound. If it did, oops for me.

    The story of Tommy Robinson right now seems to be to be the only story in Britain right now. Can old blighty muddle through just one more time?

  5. My main complaint is about the reporting and the selective prosecution. The MSM talks about laws and court orders but never provides a link or quotes the laws or court orders supposedly broken. The only law I saw quoted was some vague statute several decades old that would have been interpreted by court cases since then but they are not cited either. I.e. similar to one of the US bill of rights that has been clarified over hundreds of years. Britain is the home of common law, right?

    What Tommy could and could not do under ‘the law’ is clear as mud. What he did that other MSM has not also done is not clear either. One precept of justice is that you can determine what the law is before you act. It should not be so vague that no one knows what it means. In the US such a vague law is held unconstitutiona for that very reason.

    Tommy was kicked off Facebook for advocating violence but again not one link or quote was given.

  6. To clarify my comment above.

    When Tommy’s prosecution first became news I did not form an opinion right away. I thought that in the US this was not the law but there must have been a gag order from the court. UK law is different. There was a bright line and Tommy, who can be a hothead, had stepped across that bright line.

    I am not saying that UK law should be like the US law. I am using US law because that is what I am familiar with. In the US a court can issue a gag order but that is limited to the parties in front of the court. It should be in writing and is usually clear. A US court may issue a restaining order e.g. stay 100 yards away from your ex-wife and do not contact her or communicate with her in any way.

    I thought Tommy had violated something like that but I find no reporting on exactly the order he violated. I thought I would conclude that I may not like the court order but that Tommy had violated it. Instead I find mush for reporting and perhaps mush for the court orders. Perhaps judges in the home of common law can no longer write clearly.

    • Before Tommy went to stand outside the court where those Pakistani pedophiles had already been found guilty, he made sure he was obeying the letter of the law in his reporting. And he kept checking with the police on hand for reassurance that he wasn’t going beyond what is permitted to journalists. Right up until the time they gathered him into the police van, they told him he was safe.

      They are killing him slowly, the same way they’ve done with dissidents they don’t like ever since Cock Robin.

      • Tommy asked an officer and was assured he was not standing on court property and thus was within his rights. The second issue is whether he was reporting improperly, but his iPhone was carrying the BBC Report and there is no charge against the BBC (of course). The charge he was causing distress to the defendants, convicted, is so vague as to be ludicrous. Trumped up phony charges by a truly wicked, evil Establishment defending the enemy against its own people. In regard to the latter, just like the Democrats and Republican establishment in this country.

  7. Tommy’s only hope as I see it, is to beg for political asylum from our President Trump while he is still in office. If Tommy waits much longer, it will be too late, they will not miss the chance to kill him this time. We don’t need another Brave Heart. We need warrior/ leaders like Tommy.

    I realize that people all over the world are praying and doing everything we can to support Tommy, but the miserable, Satanic fascists that rule Great Britain will never rest until Tommy is dead, and that is the truth.

    If there are people out there who speak with him, and who could convince him to get out with his family while he has this small window of opportunity, I beg you to please do so. They are setting it up to murder Tommy as soon as they capture him again.

    God bless Tommy Robinson and his family.

    • This has gotten to be a pathological thing with the British gov’t. The more they try to bring Tommy down, the worse it looks.
      Granted, it is clear that Tommy now has some deep pocket benefactors but…there are hundreds of thousands of small donors, like myself, that see the persecution and want to fight it.
      People are turning out in the streets in the tens of thousands to support him. That sends a rather alarming message to the status quo
      They are coming up against the British gov’t who, for whatever reason, want to destroy their own nation.

  8. Does anyone know of a Paypal address where we can send donations from the USA?

    • Paypal banned Tommy. His donation address on his website will convert money from other countries. As an alternative, you could ask them if they will accept Western Union. One of our donors used WU and it worked well.

  9. As yet, it is still not known exactly just what UK (English) law Tommy broke while filming outside the Leeds courthouse in May. The Lord Chief Justice at last October’s re-trial could find no case to answer, and washed his hands of the matter, passing it back to the Govt to consider.
    The politicised-prosecution service must now be in possession of some arcane thread of jurisprudence with which to hang the charge sheet – having taken the last five months to source a hook. And there being such a want of legal precedence to facilitate this wrangling govt farce.

    The new Court hearing is scheduled for Friday 22 March at the appellate Royal Courts of Justice, (depending on the (un)preparedness of the govt prosecution service to defer the hearing at the last moment, as it suits. Which they did previously).

    Many law abiding and very concerned people, who can, will attend the Court in support of Tommy on 22 March. People who look about them and see their fundamental freedoms of rightful speech, peaceful protest, due legal process, being replaced with lethal oppression and injustice.

    Where in the world do we escape for refuge when simply daring to speak in our homelands, to voice our concerns, is a criminal act? To be jailed – and under cover of enforced silence and legalised anonymity. And the inevitable job losses, personal and social destruction that follows.
    If speech in the West is crushed, our present and future generations will be little more than dumb-drones. And this future will be for absolutely everyone – those shortsighted govt agency fools and psychopaths wont be laughing much

  10. …and for those who won’t be outside the Tommy trial starting Friday 22 March, there should be an opportunity for vocal dissent outside the Houses of Parliament for the upcoming Brexit betrayal: +/- Friday 29 March. And UKIP supporters will be gathering outside Parliament in the run up to Brexit.

    The govt schedulers have sneakily dovetailed the two events, no doubt in part to distract and divide attendance, and to economically fit around the extra policing that will be deployed onto the streets. Such presence would be quite unlike the normal absence of street police – to which the govt-negligent urban street crime wave can attest.

    Attending either/both events will be noisy and good-natured (as with previous events, where police could easily have taken the rest of the day off, no trouble was discerned amongst the crowd). Not all supporters are in the first flush of youth or enjoy full mobility, but the atmosphere is first rate, and all are as one.

    It promises to be a busy week, stretched between Tommy and Brexit

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