The Soldiers of Odin Plan to Sting Culture-Enriching Rapists in Finland

The following video — which has now been deleted from the platforms where it was originally posted — is an announcement by the Finnish chapter of the Soldiers of Odin that they have arranged to lure would-be child-rapists from the migrant community by setting up social media profiles for people who pretend to be little girls.

The Soldiers of Odin is a Nordic nationalist movement that was founded after the Great Migration Crisis began back in 2015. Among its Swedish and Finnish leadership are actual neo-Nazis — not what the media characterize as “neo-Nazis”, not ordinary people like me who happen to be nationalists opposing mass immigration, but members or associates of movements that long to return to the good ol’ days of Aryan Supremacy during the Third Reich.

Our posting of this video constitutes neither support nor condemnation for what the Soldiers of Odin are doing. It is a simple fact, a data point about what is happening now in Europe: an inevitable reaction to the treasonous behavior of European political leaders. As Vlad points out in his intro, by failing do deal with the crisis of Islamic encroachment in any meaningful way, the EU authorities have cleared the stage for those who actually intend to take action. Not nice action. Not just talking, but nasty, ruthless, violent action.

This is a taste of Europe’s coming civil war.

Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a report from InfoWars about this new initiative by the Soldiers of Odin:

Finnish Vigilante Group Targeting Foreign “Sex Tourists”

Group allegedly creating fake social media accounts to lure pedophiles, rapists

The vigilantes’ recent video, in which they claimed Finland to be overrun by “sex tourists” has arrived amidst a grooming gang scandal which has implicated immigrants and asylum-seekers from the Middle East.

The Finnish police and the National Prosecutor General’s Office are investigating whether the new Soldiers of Odin video, in which they declare a hunt for rapists and pedophiles, constitutes hate speech and instigation to violence, the Finnish daily newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet reported.

In the video, which is provided with English and Arabic subtitles, the group claims that it has made false profiles in social media, posing as young girls. With the help of the profiles, the group seeks to reveal men in search of sexual contact with young girls on the web.

The video, which has since been deleted from both Facebook and Vimeo, shows a group of masked men armed with bats and chains march onwards to the camera amid winter darkness, accompanied by heavy metal music.

The speaker of the group then claims Finland has been invaded by “sex tourists”. As the authorities “do nothing”, he claims, the people themselves have to protect their children. The Soldiers of Odin also claimed that half of the sexual propositions to underage girls came from Arabs. However, the group stressed that the hunt is open for “domestic pedophiles and rapists of all colors.”

“We guarantee you that a date with us will be memorable. And hey, don’t worry, we won’t call the police”, the masked man said in the video, which at the time of writing is still available on Soldiers of Odin founder Mika Ranta’s page on the Russian social network Vkontakte.

According to criminal commissioner Pekka Hätönen, the new video by the Soldiers of Odin can be classified as an instigation to hatred toward ethnic groups. However, for further action, he must first contact the National Prosecutor’s Office, which is responsible for targeting hate speech on the internet.

Video transcript:

0:13   The pedophile hunting season has been opened!
0:21   Because sex tourists who have invaded our country hunt our children,
0:25   we have began to hunt them.
0:28   Nationalist women appear on the net
0:31   as underage girls
0:34   and get a date with us for kid-hunters around Finland.
0:39   The authorities and politicians do nothing, so
0:42   the people themselves have to protect their children.
0:45   It’s not difficult to find child-hunters.
0:48   Experimental 14v girl profile
0:51   for two social media services:
0:54   in two hours, several messages from men over 30.
0:58   Within an hour sex was offered several times and meetings were suggested.
1:02   Half of the messages came from Arab men in our country.
1:05   The rapists’ lust could be sensed in the messages, and meetings suggested.
1:12   Hey pedophiles and perverts, welcome to dating with us.
1:15   We guarantee that the dates will be memorable.
1:22   And hey, don’t worry: we don’t call the police.

Hat tip for the article: JD.

22 thoughts on “The Soldiers of Odin Plan to Sting Culture-Enriching Rapists in Finland

  1. I wish them good hunting. No bag limits, tags, or licenses needed or desired.

    I see a few involuntary castrations in Finland’s future.

  2. Soldiers of Odin . . . a natural reaction when the cowardly governments are negligent.

    If ordinary people lie or are negligent the are imprisoned. If the high ranking members of the gov. do the same, they do that for community cohesion.. . a worthy cause. Who can bring a gov to task when they act virtuous?

  3. Good for Finland , keep fighting this parasites, protect Your women and children before is too late, this never happens in Germany, France or Sweden, this men don’t have [manly wherewithal] in this countries I assume, sad

    • Ah, but it does happen in Germany, you just never hear about it, for believe it or not there are villages and towns in Germany where they are no go zones for anything 3rd world.

  4. The Soldiers of Odin have a much simpler route to identifying the child-rapers – I suggest they park up discreetly outside whatever Finnish institutions are tasked with the ‘care’ of the most vulnerable young Finnish girls and wait for the rapers to arrive.

  5. “According to criminal commissioner Pekka Hätönen, the new video by the Soldiers of Odin can be classified as an instigation to hatred toward ethnic groups”

    So paedophiles are an ethnic group?

    • Racism based on ethnicity is passe these days. Cultural racism is all the rage.

      The UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Muslims, after much deliberation, have come to the conclusion that “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness” (that type of racism being specifically “cultural racism”):

      Here is a sample of the reasoning which allowed them to bridge the race-culture barrier:

      “Muslim appearances, behaviours and assumed practices are taken as a sign of inferiority – this is the process of racialisation. If ‘race’ is a fiction created when certain ethnic heritage or cultural practices attach to social advantage or disadvantage, it is hard to see religious identity as ontologically distinct from ‘race’. For good reason then, racialisation is increasingly used to explain Islamophobia as a form of racism.”

      It works to their satisfaction regarding Muslims but it has opened a Pandora’s Box because it can be equally applied to any racially heterogeneous group united by a specific cultural identity.

      So ill feeling toward paedophiles, homosexuals, Tories, counter-jihadists or members of the Womens’ Institute can now be classified as cultural racism. I wonder how long it will take before the penny drops.

      • “…taken as a sign of inferiority…”

        It is interesting that the word ‘inferiority’ is used in this context.

        We all know the main concern we have with islamisation and many moslems is the danger they represent and not that we may believe they are inferior.

        This again proves how clever the left is. By using this term they are attempting to produce a sense of shame in us for believing we are superior; a supposedly sort of nazi sentiment that is evil and must be eradicated.

        If they had correctly used the phrase: “…taken as a sign of danger…” then the argument against us becomes weak since there are many legitimate concerns of the dangers islam and moslems pose to the West. Many liberal groups share these fears with us, therefore the argument against us would become a mine field.

        • Savagery is indeed inferior to civilization. No apologies req’d from the civilized.

  6. Since when is sending a warning to paedophiles, that they should keep their dirty hands away from children, or else they’ll have to face the deserved consequences, an “instigation of hatred”?
    Some over-sensitive souls may question the form in which it is presented, but experience has shown that this is the only language that perverts with a so-called “enriching” background understand, so in order to be effective, this form is the right one.

    Good to see that the Finns are still able to defend their most vulnerable fellow-citizens, unlike f.ex. the PC and feminized Swedes, over-tolerant Dutch or guilt-ridden Germans.
    In that way, the Finns are still “Eastern European”, which is increasingly a positive quality, in the light of the threat we are facing worldwide, but especially in Europe.

    Maybe this is another positive sign, that a roll-back to normal may have started from Eastern Europe, initiated in Russia, the Baltic, the Balkan and the Visegrad countries, because Austria, Italy and Denmark have also started to wake up recently, and France may be the next country.
    Hope there will be enough time for the rest to wake up as well (although I have my serious concerns about Finland’s direct neighbour Sweden).

  7. Well if the political elite is too PC to understand what their obligation is in defending their young native people from some of those westernised oriental gentlemen and their sexual proclivities, then let those patriots deal with the problem their way.

    As long as they leave Jewish people alone, who has a problem with white men defending white children from muslim rapists ? Is grooming and forced prostitution not violence?

  8. Pekka Hätönen should be investigated for assuming the immigrant status of people based on their names. Finland is a multi-cultural country right? I suspect Pekka harbours unsound views of people with certain names not being Finnish which I believe counts as discrimination based on a biased understanding of what is and isn’t Finnish.

    It’s also discriminatory to associate every member of a given group with criminal elements from that group as Pekka has done.

    This video, which could easily be a hoax created by bored youth, mentions targeting predators of underage girls, not Moslems or members of foreign groups. For people like Pekka to claim a general threat against foreigners it would suggest Pekka believes that such criminal activity is part of foreign culture.

    Can’t have that now Pekka, your biases are evident, perhaps you should resign.

  9. This modus operandi is not unusual at all in South America:

    I’m sure you can find examples for other countries too. The police could do the work if they had the moral conscience and the initiative (you only need a smartphone or a computer, basically) – and punish the offenders *within* the law. Since the police won’t, and although public lynching sets a dangerous precedent, (male) citizens do it themselves: kudos to them.

  10. Looking at how Finns pushed back on all sides during WWII, I suspect that it’s a society where quiet understandings of what is right can displace formal government processes and lead to these types of “results”.

    Sobieski points out that Finland is “still Eastern European” – it’s indeed quite interesting to note that they weren’t firmly in the Western camp during the cold war. I suspect that it’s related to the fact that they’re not now firmly in the PC camp, either!

    I also suspect that a few “altered” pedophiles later, and there won’t be so many trying their luck.

    Now, the question is, why the police aren’t setting up stings like this?

    • The Finns didn’t have many options. Having been subjects (more or less) of the Swedes and the Russians, they were invaded by the Bolsheviks, and the Germans helped drive them out.

      In WW2, they had Dutch, British and American aircraft (which carried swastikas, though not Nazi style), and were loosely allied with Germany, but still lost the vast northeastern province of Karelia to the Russians. In the Cold War, they were indeed neutral, but who can blame them, with the Bear breathing down their necks?

      • Finnish guarantees of neutrality were the price paid for not having a Soviet occupation army on their soil.

  11. It’s sad that the government gives these rapists a slap on the wrist. If they keep ignoring all these violent crimes toward their citizens, there will be civil war.

  12. If the state will not protect its women and children, what are self-respecting citizens supposed to do? So, here the state is losing its monopoly on violence and will soon be replaced by a government that will address the problems of the citizens. It is hoped that the new government will form a military to address the causes of the disruptions in their culture. If not, say goodbye to Western Civilization.

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