The Michael Coefficient

According to the German government’s statistics, 10.6% of the knife crimes in Saarland were perpetrated by Syrians and Afghans, yet no specifically migrant-related names could be found in the list of the top eleven first names of the perps.

My bet is that variant spellings of traditional Muslim names reduced the incidence of any specific first name — Mohammed, Mohamed, Muhammad, Mahmoud, Mehmet, Mahmud, etc. — whereas Michael is normally spelled only one way.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   A special analysis of knife attack statistics in Saarland
0:03   was released by the police in September.
0:06   According to the report, between January 2016
0:09   and April 2018,
0:12   1,490 crimes and public disturbances
0:15   were recorded in which knives were involved.
0:18   In 842 incidents the offender was
0:21   German, 122 incidents involved Syrians,
0:24   94 incidents involved EU residents,
0:27   36 incidents involved Afghans,
0:30   and in 289 incidents no perpetrator could be determined.
0:33   This report was not sufficient for Saarland AfD Landtag
0:36   representative Rudolf Mueller. The rightwing populist wanted to know
0:39   the first names of the individuals. The result: The most common names
0:42   of offenders were Michael (24 cases), Daniel (22 cases), Andreas (20 cases),
0:45   Sascha (15 cases) and Thomas (14 cases).
0:48   Among the eleven most common first names
0:51   not a single name could be found that would have
0:54   immediately pointed towards a migrant background.

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  1. I read a few years ago that they also simply change the names in reports, not only in Germany, but also in France. Sadly, I don’t remember the source, but it sounded plausible even back then (pre 2015).

  2. Hmm, remember Aylan mutated to Alan. I saw it spelled thus only a few weeks ago in a newspaper. Mohammed -Michael. Hosni -Henry, Artah – Arthur, Sinan -Simon, and so forth.

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