Thank You, Schengen Rules — The Third Rapist Escapes Abroad

As a follow-up to last month’s post about a girl who was gang-raped by culture-enrichers in Barcelona, the article below discusses one of the suspected perps, who was released from custody and has now fled the country.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating this piece from El Nacional:

The alleged third rapist of Sabadell, Khalid Oukhlifa, escapes abroad

March 5, 2019

Regional police agents [‘Mossos d’Esquadra’] continue actively searching for Khalid Oukhlifa, one of the men arrested at the beginning of February for his connection to the rape of a girl in an industrial warehouse in Sabadell.

He, as well as the rest of the men arrested by town and regional police agents were brought before a judge and then released under precautionary measures. Only two of those arrested were jailed; they were the ones for whom the judge was able to find more evidence of their direct involvement as perpetrators of the gang rape of the 18 year-old girl. But the third rapist remains to be identified.

Khalid Oukhlifa, the alleged third rapist of Sabadell

Among the men he set free under precautionary measures, nevertheless, the judge is convinced that the third perpetrator of the sexual assault of Sabadell is included, although he could not gather enough evidence and had to order their release pending more evidence. And this missing third man is Khalid Oukhlifa, as explained to by police sources.

He was required to show up periodically in court in Sabadell on the judge’s orders, and a week ago, when required to report, he didn’t show up. The judge issued a warrant for his arrest, and now regional police are looking for him ‘actively’.

The police, when they received the order from the judge, tried to locate him where they believed he might be, but were not able to find him anymore; the other arrested men were there, but not Khalid Oukhlifa, who has now become one of the men most sought-after by the police.

His photo has been shared at the start-of-shift meetings in most of the police stations of the Barcelona metropolitan area. Anyway, and according to what has been able to discover, detectives believe that Oukhlifa has escaped from Catalonia and that he is no longer in Spain. As of today, there is no international order for his arrest, and it would be up to the judge in charge, Marcos Melendi López — who is up to date on the latest findings of the regional police — to activate it.

The man, of Moroccan nationality, was squatting in a warehouse in Sabadell, with no known income or occupation, a fact that leads the police to think that an escape abroad is possible.

About no pre-trial detention

Immediately after he was arrested by the police, Khalid Oukhlifa was brought in front of the judge, and it was the latter who ordered his release while awaiting new evidence. Concerning the judicial edict signed by the judge in charge, the head of court number 2 in Sabadell, even though he acknowledged the risk of escape — one of the three elements that can be taken into account to order pre-trial detention — he believed there was not enough evidence to order it. The prosecutor’s office, for its part, had indeed requested detention, also emphasizing a risk of escape, which in the end is what has occurred.

What the judge indeed did not envision at the time of his release was the possibility of his committing the same crime again, and the risk of destruction of evidence, the other two reasons judges can cite in order to jail the arrested person while a case is being investigated.

The family lives in fear

The prosecutor, as has been able to learn, also asked for the jailing of this man due to the social alarm, but the judge dismissed it. Right now Khalid Oukhlifa is beyond the control of the police, has disappeared, and is surely outside of Catalonia now. The complaint by the girl’s family, which claims the victim is living in fear of coming across her attackers out on the streets, is gaining consensus.

6 thoughts on “Thank You, Schengen Rules — The Third Rapist Escapes Abroad

  1. Is it a job requirement for judges that they must be dumber than a sub-saharan? Lack of common sense and street smarts coupled with blind adherence to the letter rather than the spirit of a law; seems like an occupation that is begging to be replaced by a software program.

    • They only adhere to the letter of the law when it suits their purpose.

      Otherwise, they find all sorts of “procedural” problems with the case.

      It seems that it’s all about the art of finding formal justifications for pre-set positions.

      • I could care less who writes it; the outcome (miscarriage of justice) will be the same but with the satisfaction of knowing that imbiciles such as Honorable Rapist Releaser will no longer be pulling down 100k+ or more every year at taxpayer expense.

  2. Free movement within the borders of the EU is one of the very few good things about the EU. If we end up without free movement, but with the Brussels bureaucracy, then we will lose what we want and get what we hate.

  3. Even outside of Schengen the police, prosecutors and judiciary are careless to the point of negligence when it comes to ensuring the criminals do not abscond. Dozens of Muslim rapists over the past 15 years have escaped justice, usually in the middle of the trial when they are told by their lawyer they are going to be going to prison.

    The authorities might confiscate their British passport, but they don’t confiscate their other passports to countries such as Pakistan, from which there is no extradition treaty.

    The brutal murderers of teenager Kris Donald absconded to Pakistan. The Muslim MP for Glasgow was instrumental in getting them back to the UK. This reasonable action on his part led to death threats for him from his fellow members of “the religion of peace”. He ended up resigning as a MP. In our totally non-nepotistic “democracy” his son took over as the MP for Glasgow central.

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