Stroll Around the Grounds Until You Feel at Home

A “sharia scholar” from the Salafist scene in the Netherlands caused consternation when he visited an Islamic school. School officials, however, have reassured Dutch infidels that they have nothing to worry about; the eminent scholar did not teach the students, but only walked around the place.

Many thanks to C for translating this TV news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   More and more facts about the Haga lyceum in Amsterdam are coming to light.
00:03   Allegedly, Dutch children at the Islamic school
00:06   were taught in secret by a very controversial sharia scholar.
00:10   According to the intelligence services, this was the Brit [Haitham] El-Haddad.
00:13   This man is very radical, and is known for his anti-Semitic statements.
00:18   He also feels that apostates deserve the death penalty.
00:21   He says that Muslim women in the West who committed adultery.
00:24   yearn to travel to an Islamic country to be stoned there.
00:29   The school itself denies that El-Haddad taught there; he only walked around the place.
00:37   Of course, the Haga lyceum is under pressure already
00:41   because of the board’s alleged ties with a terrorist organization [Chechnyan Emirate].
00:45   Today the newspaper NRC published a detailed report about this.
00:50   Mr. Ellian, how bad is it if this man, El-Haddad, just walked around the school?
00:55   That is very serious. If you incite violence, the stoning of women, killing of apostates.
01:04   Apostates are nothing but people who thought, I have a different opinion.
01:09   I don’t want to be Muslim, I want to be Christian, or to be nothing.
01:13   If you say that these people have to be killed, that is a serious felony.
01:17   That is in effect inciting terrorism in the Netherlands.
01:20   If, as a school, you invite such a person, a reprehensible, horrible man,
01:26   you lose your right to receive grants, support from government.
01:31   They just have to close such a school down. Very quickly.
01:34   Mr. Roelse, what is your opinion, I see you nod.
01:37   Yes, this is very worrying. A school should offer a safe environment for children.
01:41   Those children have to enter the big wide world at some point, as strong, beautiful citizens.
01:45   with a cosmopolitan outlook. And then they’re visited
01:48   by such a creep — that’s the only word that comes to mind.
01:51   It’s up to the inspector to intervene.

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  1. Stupid idiots , why You let them in in the first place ???, now You pay the consequences big time , and this is just a beginning.., Western countries are stupid and naive, that’s why they loosing..

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