Samizdat on a $5 Bill

It seems that forbidden information is circulating on paper currency in Canada:

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Samizdat on loonies! Who’da thunk it?

Our long-time reader and commenter leCanadien, who sent us the photo of the bill, explains how he came by it:

I just received this interesting $5 Canadian bill from a bank machine.

You could call it: ‘News Dissemination Iron Curtain Style’

It says: Senate Committee on the Trudeau Regime Letting ISIS Terrorist into Canada

On the left side it says: Google You Tube

Just think of the ramifications of this remarkable new medium for expressing dissent. In the Soviet Union, the government inhibited the production of samizdat by (among other methods) making paper difficult to obtain. But there’s no shortage of loonies in circulation — in fact, as the value of the Canadian dollar drops, more of them will be printed. As long as the government continues pretending to pay people, there will be plenty of paper for dissidents.

I suppose the government could always restrict the supply of felt-tip pens, however. In that case the dedicated producer of samizdat will have to draw his own blood and scratch his message on a (CAD) $1,000,000 bill using a toothpick or torn-off piece of fingernail…

6 thoughts on “Samizdat on a $5 Bill

  1. I tried to find this on YouTube, but no luck. Do any Canadians have suggestions for search terms.

    The videos I found using “Canadian Senate Trudeau Isis” are all more than a year old and don’t address this subject.

    Maybe a search of Vlad Tepes will yield more results…

  2. This bill is several years old and who knows how old the message is.

    Senate Committee or Senate Commission work is not often widely publicised in Canada. I would imagine that if any such work puts Trudeau and his Liberals in a bad light, it would not be easily found and has now probably been expunged from all media.

    Fortunately, the basic message is clear as is.

    Also fortunate is the fact that our currency notes use a form of plastic paper that is nearly indestructible. So, such Samizdat should circulate for quite a time.

  3. How ironic that a $5 bill, which now has so little purchasing power due to government malfeasance, be used to buy a modicum of freedom.

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