Rockets Over Sderot (Again)

As a follow-up to his earlier post, MC sends the latest on the rockets’ red glare in Sderot:

It is 21:06, and we have just had the first Iron Dome intercept of the night. A present from the religion of ‘peace’ (the piece around here tends to be shrapnel; we oftentimes hear it coming down on the roof).

Now another ‘seva adom’ and a big bang, no Iron Dome — it may have hit the open land over the road.

Islam really is a spiteful regime. Here comes another as I write, making three, and Iron Dome is roaring away, another multiple intercept…

It is nighttime, but I can see the smoke trails overhead. The rockets are just a dot of light as they go over, then a flash and a bang or two.

The ID battery is about half a mile away, so many of the intercepts happen almost overhead.

How do I feel about it? Tense, peeved and a bit anxious. Islam does something to a person; somehow it makes one inhuman. People try to help and accommodate Muslims, but they have no grace. To be helped is their Allah-given right. It is the duty of every kafir to serve them.

One cannot deal with Muslims; they have murder and treachery in the hearts. In return for our handing over Gaza, they make a battleground of the sky above our heads.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

4 thoughts on “Rockets Over Sderot (Again)

  1. Holy War Batman!!
    The Philistines of days gone by weren’t any better behaved.
    YAH vs. Allah, YAH wins, and that’s allah folks

    • “Palestine” was the Romans’ approximation of “Philistine”; they changed the name from “Judea and Samaria” to humiliate the remaining Jews after the sacking of Jerusalem in (I think) AD175, when the surviving inhabitants of the city were deported to central Europe.

  2. By the rules of war, universally held, if Hamas makes its headquarters in the basement of a a hospital and is using that as a base with which to attack Israel – Israel has a perfect right to obliterate said hospital and it is a war crime for HAMAS and not for Israel.

    • They know perfectly well that Israel won’t do that, even if fully justifiable. Israel would only do that in a “total war” scenario.

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