“Mohammed’s Koran” is Now Available for Purchase on a Non-Amazon Site

The transatlantic Powers That Be are doing their mightiest to make Tommy Robinson into a non-person. Following his banishment by numerous social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and possibly others that I’m not familiar with), Amazon recently banned sales of Tommy’s book Mohammed’s Koran.

Peter McLoughlin, Tommy’s co-author, has now set up a website where people can purchase Mohammed’s Koran. He sends along this explanation of what happened, what he is doing now, and the significance of the affair in the larger scheme of things:

I’m sure you know that Tommy has been banned from Facebook and Instagram. In addition Amazon have banned Mohammed’s Koran and deleted it from their database (which means even second-hand copies cannot be sold).

Can you think of another scholarly book on Islam that has been banned by Amazon? Mein Kampf is for sale on Amazon. As are books like the terrorist manual called The Anarchist Cookbook.

My recent research shows that the content of Mohammed’s Koran is being taught in universities across the West; that is, they are teaching the chronological order of the Koran and what this means with respect to abrogation. However, the academics are using a 1953 book which is being reprinted every two years. Clearly they know this subject is important (or else an obscure scholarly book from 1953 would not be reprinted every two years).

Having spent far too many years doing research in universities, I know how they desperately scrabble around for subjects on which to write books and articles. So if this was any other subject than one which truthfully explains the pervasive and perennial problem of Islamic terrorism, then there would be half a dozen books published on it over a couple of decades. But I suspect no academic dares to write an updated account on this topic for fear that either a) Muslims will kill them or b) the general public might get wind of the importance of the issue.

We live in dark times. I suppose I should take some pride in having written a book with 600 footnotes that is worth banning.

I have asked Amazon for an explanation why they have banned the book, but I’ve no idea if any explanation will be forthcoming.

Now for the good news: I’ve made arrangements for a new site where people can place orders for Mohammed’s Koran. The direct address is www.mohammeds-koran.com/store/.

I haven’t given up the fight to put pressure on Amazon. At the very least I want a rationale from them why Mohammed’s Koran is banned whilst Mein Kampf, The Anarchist Cookbook and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are not. Of course, if Mohammed’s Koran is banned when it denounces the violence and hatred in the Koran, then all copies of the Koran should be banned, too.

Ironically, I’m not even sure I want the ban lifted. The ban itself demonstrates the argument of the book — that the elite know the truth about Islam but are systematically deceiving the public. If Mohammed’s Koran had not been banned I would have been disappointed, as the lack of a ban would indicate to me that the book was not as perfectly pitched as I had hoped. The book was intended to break through the barrier that seems to face all of the excellent books written critiquing Islam by people more expert and more capable than us.

I’ve lost count of the number of orders which have come in since the ban two weeks ago, but it is easily equivalent to the total orders for the preceding six months. One small bookshop in Britain has placed an order for 52 books, which is more than the total number of copies than they have ordered in the past 18 months.

Once again, Mohammed’s Koran may be purchased here. An ad for the book that includes this link is now on our sidebar.

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  1. Could we have Dr. Jay Smith as jsmith@dircon.co.uk take a look at this or let us know if he has reviewed it already. If Dr. Smith has reviewed it I would be interested in purchasing the book as soon as I figure out what the Pound sterling/Dollar exchange rate is.

  2. 1953 was the 500th anniversary of the fall of Constantinople, the capital of the Christian Byzantine (Rom) Empire, which fell to the Ottoman Islamic Empire. It’s a very important anniversary in Islam.

  3. Peter McLoughlin,

    I am happy to hear that any English bookstore wants a single copy, let alone multiples. Are you able to provide any of that info on your Amazon bio for “Easy Meat”? It might be helpful to those who read THAT book. (By the way, I LOVE your bio on Amazon. Most especially the part about not wanting your culture to be replaced by that of a 7th century desert tribe. Because that’s what’s on the table, isn’t it?)

  4. What a world.

    More like 1984, Brave New World, Brave New World Revisited, Animal Farm and We – the five great dystopian novels of the 20th century. One feels like escaping these horrors, but where do you go. It closes in on us year by year.

    • I find it interesting that a internet commenter going by the name John Galt didn’t mention, in a list of dystopian novels, We The Living. 🙂

  5. In view of recent events, I am very glad I purchased my copy of this book when I did. What worries me is how many more books will be affected by this form of censorship. I remember in the 60s, W.H.Smith behaved in a similar manner.

    • Agreed.

      It is concerning that Amazon has been caught secretly censoring ebooks that customers had downloaded.
      It was ruled in at least one court that purchasing an ebook does not constitute actual ownership of a book but rather is to be considered a ‘lease’ or ‘rental’.

      Considering this, we should certainly support those good books which are sold in printed form.

      The authorities cannot then censor or confiscate your books unless they send the ‘firemen’ to burn them, Fahrenheit 451 style.

      • I’ve always thought that was an outrageous policy on Amazon’s part. If you buy an e-book, you should have the same ownership of it that you do of a physical book.

        I too am glad that, in this case, I chose to purchase a hard copy of Mohammed’s Koran, but I make it a practice always to download all my Kindle books to my computer as well, and not to trust to Amazon’s Cloud storage for the security of my library.

        I haven’t checked yet to see if my Kindle copy of Mohammed’s Koran still exists in that cloud … but it is a single book.

        What if, rather than censoring a single book, Amazon decides that I am an undesirable … and locks me out of access to my entire Kindle library in the cloud?

        Having the e-book files actually on my computer means that, at worst, I will still have access to them – though the fancy Kindle wi-fi features and accessories may no longer work.

        (I also convert the files to more generic e-book formats, rather than the Amazon Kindle proprietary format, using the free e-book manager software 'Calibre.')

        • Thank you for this. I did not know there were converters available.

          I have a need to covert Kindle to Kobo (Epub). I hope that such a conversion can prevent Amazon from finding and touching any Kindle ebooks that I may purchase from them.

  6. Thank you for drawing attention to the fact the book is still available. The readership of this site were not the target audience. The target audience was those people who were confused by the terrorism from Islam and the lies from the elite about it being “a religion of peace”.

    Since the book went straight to No.1 on Amazon in July 2017, about 20,000 copies have been sold. During the market testing for the book, we found that even twenty copies in a town of 30,000 people would end up being shared around the town, in such demand that people were knocking on doors to see if the residents knew who had a copy. On that basis I’m quite confident the contents of the book have at least been skimmed by as many as 100,000 people. There are people who write to me to tell me they pass their copy round their extended family, and even those who take their copy into work to explain Islam to their colleagues (something I never expected to hear). One man who was imprisoned for his criticism of Islam has bought around 100 copies (naturally he was sold copies at a fraction of the normal price). The book went through several distillation processes (hence the market testing), until even the cover design enshrined the argument of the book. We didn’t want anyone to have to spend months reading the rancid tripe that is the Koran. The book needed to be multi-layered so that someone could skim it or could immerse themselves in it and yet the message would remain the same.

    The ban on the book shows that it is considered to be by far the most dangerous book on Islam ever written – well, since the days when the Koran was itself banned in the West. For most of the time that MK was still sold by Amazon, it was the No.1 best-selling Koran in the UK. That irked Muslims so much there was a to-and-fro battle with them getting Amazon to re-categorize it, and me getting Amazon to categorize the book for what it was – an annotated Koran with a 100 page Introduction. This Introduction, which denounces the violence and hatred in the Koran, marks this Koran out for being banned. All those Korans which incite violence and hatred are still on sale. Everything that is in a standard Koran is in MK, only in MK it is decoded and exposed, based on the best scholarly evidence available.

    From the 20,000 copies sold, I can think of fewer than five actual customers who registered any disappointment among the 1000 or so five star reviews which Amazon deleted. One can’t please all the people all of the time, but for a book of theological exegesis to be totally ignored by the media yet to meet with such approval by readers has been an extraordinary experience. Even after the soaring success of Enemy of the State, Tommy was amazed by the enthusiasm for MK. The market testing had given me some inkling of the demand for the information contained in the book.

    What most people don’t realise is that when MK first came out, during the first few weeks Amazon threatened to suspend sales because of complaints (presumably from Muslims) that it was “hate speech”. After a week Amazon found in our favour (I guess someone at Amazon had to read the book and determined that the only “hate speech” to be found in the book was contained with the Koran itself). Since in those first few weeks it looked like the book might be strangled at birth, the subsequent success came as a huge relief.

    In the 18 months before Amazon suspended it, not one serious refutation of MK was offered by any academic or Muslim (the battles to get it banned and to have it re-categorized demonstrated our enemies were fully aware of the book). The final ban is a demonstration that they did not think they could refute the book and the only option was to drop it down the memory hole. George Orwell was far more of a prophet than Mohammed ever was.

    As someone who never wanted to be an author, I’m very privileged to have had a No.1 best-seller and to have that best-selling book banned. Sometimes people ask me how to become an author, I tell them: stand close to the problems of Islam and multiculturalism and tell the truth, and you will write a book of historical importance. Even when all the websites critical of Islam have been taken down (and that day is coming soon), the books that exist in homes across the world are going to be like the texts taken to Ireland by St. Patrick, keeping the flame alive in the darkness that was to spread across Europe.

    Because I’ve spent 40 years working with computers I could see how technology would be used to suppress the truth. That was what prompted me to turn to writing books. Nearly all my past predictions about this technological censorship have already come true. Governments are even now funding projects which will automate the detection of “Islamophobia” on the internet, and such communications that are marked as such will disappear before arriving at their destination. I predicted in 2012 that this was coming. Naturally, Islamic terrorism won’t be affected by this censorship, as all over the world Muslims will still gather five times a day to collectively denounce Jews and Christians.

    • Can’t we get a new term going to replace Islamophobia? How about Islamocritical? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with fearing Islam; that’s not my point. A daily visit to the website http://www.thereligionofpeace should be enough to make one quake in terror at the horrors bearing down on us. But I’m sick of yielding to the censorship of CRITICISM. It flies in the face of everything the West has fought so long and so hard for.

  7. Buying MK through PayPal worked like a charm. Screw you and your attempted censorship, Bezos!

  8. It appears to me that Islam and elephants have something in common,

    Battle of Vienna
    12 September 1683

    World Trade Towers
    11 September 2001

    I have just purchased my copy.

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