Matteo Salvini: “The Only Extremism That is Worth of Attention is the Islamic One”

In the following video, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini answers a question about “right-wing extremism” prompted by the recent massacre in New Zealand.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Gaia Martinetti, Fanpage.
00:03   Hello, Minister. —I’m right here. Speaking of what happened in New Zealand,
00:06   don’t you think that in Italy the problem of right-wing-extremism is being underrated lately?
00:13   Also thinking of the Traini case, which you and others labeled as isolated case,
00:18   but that deals with an ideology that is becoming more and more aggressive?
00:25   The only extremism that is worth of attention is the Islamic one.
00:30   The right-wing and left-wing extremisms remain nostalgic fringe groups outside of space and time,
00:38   which fortunately are monitored by intelligence agencies
00:44   we can count on, and provoke our moral condemnation.
00:51   Obviously any kind of violence from people of any political hue is stopped, sentenced and jailed.
00:59   But speaking of extremism, half of the acts I sign,
01:02   as Minister of the Interior, deal with fighting Islamic extremism.

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  1. Today just telling the truth renders you a martyr I mean a martyr to some and a criminal to others. Defenders of one’s nation is criminal today. Superficiality is antifascism and loyalty it is really hell when truth defender is one person the others brain dead

  2. love thy neighbor as thy self is not a tennet of islam , or have they ever helped their needy or neighbor after a tornado hurricane flood or mass shooting. but turn for our simpathy and laugh no different than communism facism

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