“It’s Just Racist, You Can’t Say Such Things Anyway!”

A few days ago H. Numan wrote about the latest scandal in the Netherlands, in which a teacher was suspended because Muslim students (who make up the bulk of the student body) complained about him. And what did he do to offend them? Well, it was the same thing that Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff did: He referred to Mohammed as a pedophile. The administration suspended him without even conducting an investigation, just on the say-so of the Mohammedan students.

The following video from PowNed TV (an adjunct of the state broadcaster) features a visit by an alderman and a reporter to that culturally enriched school in Hoofddorp. The two men attempt to interview the headmaster, who adamantly refuses to cooperate. However, they are able to talk to some of the young enrichers.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:10   We’re standing in front of the Hoofdvaart College in Hoofddorp. What’s going on here?
00:13   Apparently a teacher was suspended for allegedly insulting the prophet Mohammed.
00:19   He denies it, by the way, so it’s very odd he’s not allowed to work at the moment.
00:24   What is he supposed to have said about Mohammed? —That he’s a pedophile, that he lived together,
00:29   or did things with, with a 9-year-old girl. Well, he has a point there, of course.
00:34   Well, I think that’s the dean, shall we walk over there?
00:38   —Through the gate? —Yes of course. Hello, I’m Paul Meijer.
00:41   I am [a local] alderman, I tried to contact you, you don’t answer the phone.
00:45   Your spokesman doesn’t return my calls either. I called for fact-checking,
00:48   which isn’t being done. I find that very odd.
00:51   I would like you to. —Now that we’re here, wouldn’t it be easiest if you just tell us
00:55   what’s going on? —I’d like you to leave the school grounds. —You’ve closed all the gates here.
00:59   You could simply… why don’t you come along with us. —That’s not going to happen.
01:02   You have nothing to hide, so, you can talk to us about this for a moment?
01:05   I have nothing to hide, but I want you to leave the grounds.
01:08   You can’t have a conversation with us outside the gate? Harry, could you call the police?
01:11   These gentlemen don’t want to leave the school grounds.
01:14   Well, look. He can lie about it so this school takes him back, right, I’d do the same, but…
01:19   but he really said it because there were people present when he said it.
01:22   What did he say exactly? That Mohammed… uhh…. that the prophet, sorry…
01:27   the prophet, the prophet or something is a pedo,
01:30   and that’s not true, because uhh… it’s uhh… it’s just…
01:34   you just don’t have to talk like that about the prophet Mohammed because he is…
01:38   Uh… you just shouldn’t talk about Allah. But I’ve been told a student,
01:42   a girl, told a teacher that he is haram.
01:47   Because people say about him, that teacher, that he is a pedo or something.
01:51   And then he said that Mohammed is a pedo? —Yes, for no reason, because he doesn’t consider himself
01:55   a pedo or something? So he blames somebody else. Really racist! Saying prophet is pedophile
01:59   for no reason, they have to [??] them all [obscene gesture]
02:03   in the a** so hard until he bleeds. Period!
02:06   It’s just racist, you can’t say such things anyway!
02:09   But a mother of one of the pupils had said he is haram.
02:12   Yes, and she’s 100% right. —But should the teacher be allowed to return?
02:16   NOOO! [talking over each other] he can stay at home. Hey! [obscene gesture] Fat d**k!
02:22   You’re famous [now?] bro! Hello. So you came out from behind the gate now.
02:26   I want you to stop. This situation is not safe. But we’re allowed to be here.
02:30   This is an unsafe situation. Get that thing out of my face!
02:33   Can we then make an appointment so we can interview you? Because you caused this unsafe situation.
02:38   No I didn’t! I think you’re done. Turn off the camera and leave. —No, I’d really like
02:43   to speak to you. —No, that’s not going to happen. I’m not going to talk to you about it.
02:47   How can you be so sure he said something about the prophet? —I’m not going to talk about that.
02:51   Because he denies it. —We’re not going to talk about that.
02:54   Guys. Just go home. Come on, get off the bike lane.
02:57   You talked to the dean? —Yes.
03:00   What was the result? —Not much. He wanted to talk inside, but I’m still standing here, outside.
03:04   He doesn’t want to say anything? —No. He says it’s not true.
03:07   He’s outside now but he doesn’t want to make a statement. He only wants to chase people away.
03:11   Yes, well, that’s pretty weak, don’t you think? Why avoid a conversation?
03:16   So, the dean outside, police on the scene. Could this be described as panic?
03:20   Panic, yes, I think so. Absolutely.

3 thoughts on ““It’s Just Racist, You Can’t Say Such Things Anyway!”

  1. I suspect we will see this same situation repeated many many times in the near future.

    Moslems want their own people, or totally submissive kaffir, to teach their children. Accusations from students, whether true or not, are a quick and easy method to achieve this. Administrators will not offer support or defense to accused teachers.

    Both my children are in University to become teachers.

    I pray they receive positions at private schools full of well behaved East Asians.

  2. The Prophet Mohammed? No. He is the islamic prophet mohammed or the so-called prophet mohammed. Only islam regards this person as a prophet – always assuming he everexisted.

  3. Education has been the battleground for a long time.Do we have any idea how to protect our honest teachers?

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