Italian Parliament Votes Against the Global Pact on Migration

The Italian Chamber of Deputies has voted against signing the UN’s Global Pact on Migration, which means the government is forbidden to sign it. Interestingly enough, the two parties of the governing coalition — the Lega, led by Matteo Salvini, and the 5 Star Movement (M5S), led by Luigi di Maio — abstained from voting.

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Chamber of Deputies. In the following video recorded just after the vote, Ms. Meloni explains that the motion was carried by her party and Forza Italia, the party of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   The reason why I’m making this live video is to announce that today the parliament has finally succeeded in telling the government that Italy shall not sign the Global Compact.
00:12   You do know that Brothers of Italy had been struggling to convince the Italian government not to sign that UN document that states that migration is a fundamental human right.
00:24   Document that automatically annuls — if signed — states’ sovereignty and their border control.
00:31   We had tried for months to convince the government not to sign the Global Compact.
00:37   Until today, the government hasn’t yet clearly expressed its stance on signing the Global Compact.
00:43   The discussion of the topic had always been postponed.
00:45   Today we have asked to vote our resolution.
00:48   And you know what? It passed.
00:51   And do you know how it did?
00:52   The Democratic Party voted against.
00:55   We and Forza Italia voted in favor.
00:59   And the two parties in charge abstained.
01:03   The League abstained. The 5 Stars abstained. As usual they chose not to decide, but fortunately we decided.
01:10   We decided and this parliament has stated that the government shall absolutely not dare to sign the Global Compact, because there’s a specific parliamentarian decision.

2 thoughts on “Italian Parliament Votes Against the Global Pact on Migration

  1. Global compact . . . who came up with this terminology?

    immigration into western jihad/muslim-colonizable countries is a fundamental human right. Who dreamed up this idea? UN-jihad controlled organization?

    2 + 2 = 4 Some parties are not sure. Some parties abstained. Some parties voted against and some for.

    Thumbsucking: This global compact is actually whether some parties agree to surrender their women and nation to jihadis. or try to stop the final surrender that started in the 1970s.

    For Garibaldi’s sake : is sovereignty negotiable? Is honor negotiable?

    What has happened to Europe? General insanity.

  2. Cue the Pope.

    He needs to make a speech on this development after his large security entourage clears his path free of homicidal moslems who are attempting to climb the barriers of the Vatican, that great example of open borders.

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