Christianophobia and Islamophilia Among Catalonian Marxists

The two articles below discuss the anti-Christian and pro-Islamic activities of a Catalonian Marxist youth organization called Arran. The group targets Christian churches with vandalism and graffiti, but objects to those who treat mosques in a similar manner.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for the translations. The first article is recent; the second, from 2017, is added to provide background on Arran’s activities.

First, from El Nacional:

Arran hangs a banner under Our Lady of Montserrat to denounce sexual abuses by the Church

Photo: Arran Juventut

Barcelona, February 10 2019

Arran, the youth organization of the Catalan pro-independence Left[1], has hung a banner at the feet of Our Lady of Montserrat[2] to denounce ‘the avalanche of sexual abuse cases within the Catholic Church’.

On the sign can be seen the faces of Montserrat’s abbot, Josep Maria Soler, Girona’s bishop, Francesc Pardo, and Tarragona’s archbishop, Jaume Pujol, and it reads: “May your God forgive you. The Church is abuse, ‘machismo’ (male supremacy) and regime’.[3]

Arran has uploaded a video on social networks where they can be seen hanging the banner on the choir of Montserrat abbey and it’s explained there that this action ‘wants to point the finger at those guilty of sexual abuses in the Church’.

[Twitter embed]

Via a public statement released this Sunday, the youth organization of the pro-independence Left has denounced ‘the sexual abuses and their cover-up afterwards, the role of the Church as a fundamental pillar of the patriarchal system, with misogynistic and male-supremacist discourses, and the Catholic Church as an indispensable piece for the machinery of the “régimen del 78” and the perpetuation of it’.

The second article is from Actuall:

After attacking Catholic and Evangelical churches, the hard Left comes out in support of a mosque

Catalan separatists of the CUP, Candidatura d’Unitat Popular, and one of the groups that form that party, youth organization Arran, have demonstrated their double standards when the time comes to relate to believers.

Author: elentir
August 24, 2017

Caption: Arran and CUP protest Islamophobia and encourage Christianophobia.

This Sunday CUP denounced insulting graffiti painted on a mosque in Sant Celoni (Barcelona) with the text ‘f***ing dead Moors’, announcing that in 12 hours the wall would be repainted, and ending with the slogan ‘love against barbarism’.

[Twitter embed: ‘Indisputable condemnation of the racist graffiti today on c. Dr Barri mosque. Tomorrow at 12 noon they’ll be painted over, love against barbarism.’]

As indicated by Fernando Díaz Villanueva, on Monday CUP was showing two pictures of members of its organization helping paint over the graffiti on the mosque, stating: ‘We condemn any display of fascism’.

[Twitter embed: ‘All together we repainted the mosque’s wall. We condemn any display of fascism. #NoPassaran’]

The attack on the mosque is without doubt immoral, but the CUP’s attitude can only be described as a colossal display of hypocrisy. And that’s because one of the groups that form CUP is Arran, a hard-Left pro-independence youth org that has taken part in violent acts of vandalism in different places.

As a sample of that, in November 2013 Arran attacked Sant Ot’s Catholic church in Barcelona, covering in purple paint its front and leaving a graffiti signed by the group, which even boasted about the attack on its website, displaying a video of the cowardly assault, carried out in the middle of the night.

Caption: Photo published by Arran of its attack on Sant Ot’s Catholic church in Barcelona, in November 2013.

A few months later, in March of 2014, Arran attacked an Evangelical church in Torredembarra (Tarragona), throwing purple paint bombs against the first two floors of the front of the building, for the simple reason that Evangelical churches defend the right to life from conception, while Arran argues that killing babies that are still unborn is a ‘right’. Once more, far from hiding, Arran defended the attack on its website.

Caption: The Christian Biblical Baptist Church of Torredembarra (Tarragona),after the attack by Arran against this Evangelical temple. (Photo: Protestante Digital)

In November 2015 the far-left organization once again proudly displayed its Christianophobia, painting a graffito signed by Arran in Premiá del Mar (Barcelona) with the text ‘The only church that lights up is the one that burns’, written in Catalan (picture which can be seen at the top of this post). Once more, on its local Facebook page Arran claimed for itself the authorship of the Christianophobic graffiti, and even justified it when faced with the huge amount of criticism it received.

Caption: Arran graffiti on Manresa’s collegiate church, a Gothic temple declared a historical monument. (Picture:

In September 2016 the hard-leftist org tried again, this time attacking the Basilica of Santa María de la Aurora’s College in Manresa (Barcelona) with pro-abortion graffiti, not caring in the least that it’s a Gothic building and declared a historical monument, an artistic treasure that merits special protection.

That these Christianophobes come out now protesting Islamophobia and brag about being defenders of ‘love’ is the last straw. An organization that openly defends criminal attacks as described above against Christians of multiple persuasions and even crimes against public property should be made illegal on the spot.


1.   Arran is defined as a Marxist youth organization that “is committed to political and economic independence and reunification of the Catalan Countries, the attainment of socialism and overcoming patriarchy from a feminist perspective.” The group also promotes other issues such as environmentalism, decent housing and work, anti-fascism, anti-racism, internationalist solidarity and the defense of public and people’s education.
2.   “La Moreneta”: Our Lady of Montserrat, Patron Saint of Catalonia together with Saint George.
3.   Regime means here the status quo of Spanish political parties that was established after 1978, once the dictator Franco was dead and he had designated the King as guarantor of political transition and national unity.

16 thoughts on “Christianophobia and Islamophilia Among Catalonian Marxists

  1. In an address given during that 1976 Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia for the bicentennial celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla (later Pope John Paul II) spoke these prophetic words:

    “We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. I do not think that the wide circle of the American Society, or the whole wide circle of the Christian Community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the antichrist. The confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence. It is, therefore, in God’s Plan, and it must be a trial which the Church must take up, and face courageously.”

  2. I like the photo of the graffiti: Putos Moros Muertos

    It’s good to see the Spanish youth still retain a knowledge of their history.

  3. “L’unica esglesia que illumina es la que crema”

    english: “the only church that illuminates is the one that burns up”

    I have to admit, I find Spanish graffiti more poetic than North American graffiti. If only my alley fence could be adorned with “The Daffodils” by Wordsworth, I’d share a pint with such a lad.

  4. Not defending Aran’s actions in general, but the banner in Our Lady of Montserrat (which I had the good fortune to visit in 2015) did no damage, and drew attention to the Catholic Church’s lamentable and inexcusable failure to properly address abuse of minors by clerics, by contacting the secular authorities and handing over any evidence.

    • Agreed.

      The Lord will reform those who claim to be His followers by force of the secular State, when necessary, when His supposed followers try to hide behind Him.

    • another [person] that has been mislead by the democrat party-media complex. if you have a religion other then catholicism sexual abuse occurs more among your clergy. if you are a non-believer sexual abuse occurs more among non-believers then any religion. the only place sexual abuse occurs the most among catholic PRIESTS is in the number of stories about it in the democrat party-media complex.

    • “the banner in Our Lady of Montserrat (…) did no damage”:

      Not permanent, for sure, but is it ok to desecrate for everyone, visitors included, even if temporarily, the inside of a church and especially its altar?

      This is 100% unnecessary – I might even be willing to debate vandalism on the outside of a temple, but inside of it? Really?
      Notice that there’s not a single victim of abuses, or group of them, involved in this stunt: Arran is extremely selective in its outrage, and worse, they acted exclusively by proxy, self-appointedly – while doing absolutely nothing good and of consequence for real material or psychological reparations to the victims (at least not that we know, and they publicize every-single-thing they do).
      There’s no need to “draw attention” to clerical abuses in this manner, because the Spanish and Catalan mainstream media are as Christianophobic and Islamophiliac as Arran itself, and this crime/scandal has been receiving massive coverage daily.

    • Sure, but given their other activities and the female sign that they seem to use too you have to wonder if they really care about the victims who are probably all boys.
      This is more likely just a convenient excuse to attack the church as given the widespread abuse of women in Islam I see no similar remonstrations against mosques.
      It should also be remembered that during the Spanish Civil war the marxists and their anarchist allies murdered almost 7000 priests, monks and nuns as well as burning down churches and other religious buildings.
      These people have a shameful pedigree.

  5. This clearly shows the Red-Green or Left-Islam axis in action.
    So what can be done to upset this unstable temporary truce among villains, and turn them against one another? What are their mutually exclusive red lines that we can use against each side, to break up this unholy alliance?

  6. communists desecrating catholic churches, I wonder if francis put them up to it?
    do people know in all the professions that sexual abuse occurs least among the catholic clergy? sexual abuse in all the professions occurs least in the clergy and among the clergy it occurs least among the catholic clergy. the only place the catholic clergy leads in sexual abuse is in the media.

    • “do people know in all the professions that sexual abuse occurs least among the catholic clergy? sexual abuse in all the professions occurs least in the clergy and among the clergy it occurs least among the catholic clergy”:

      Would you be so kind as to provide links/stats/source that lead you to assert such a thing?

      I’d like to know what some rabidly anti-Christian, militant-atheist acquaintances of mine think about that, if it so… (I’m a non-observant Catholic and anti-clerical myself, and one single clerical abuse is one clerical abuse too many – but these acquaintances of mine basically equate being a priest with being a paedo… and they do it on the same sentence where they recite the mantra “not all muslims” if you describe anything slightly bad about the Religion Of Peace)…

    • To start with, the Lotus Land of Sexual Abuse that was the flower child world of hippie communes and ‘free love’ communities that became the perfect cover for hipster child rapists. It certainly goes back to ‘the beats’. Allen Ginsberg, the poet of ‘liberation’ belonged to NAMBLA and abused HUNDREDS of underaged boys. His friend William S. Burroughs as well.

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