By Your Actions So Shall You Survive

As we approach the dénouement (whatever it might turn out to be) of the Brexit fiasco, Seneca III offers his thoughts on predators, prey, and scavengers in Modern Multicultural Europe.

By Your Actions So Shall You Survive

By Seneca III

The predation by one group, species, or culture upon the territory and resources of another is as old as life itself. Human history is littered with examples, as is the animal kingdom.

Here and now the primary threat is, and has been for fourteen centuries, Islam. Yet it is axiomatic that it cannot succeed in taking over the UK, the USA and the Eurosphere as a whole and ethnically cleansing or enslaving us if we man-up, discard all this dissembling ‘multiculturalism’, ‘integration’, ‘altruism’, ‘human rights’ and ‘globalism’ garbage and learn hard lessons from our own and Europe’s past.

Essentially, there is only one way to deal with the Demented Slaves of Allah, and if we can’t be bothered to learn from our own histories then perhaps we could do so from Canis lupus. But be warned: the short video embedded below is not a safe space for snowflakes and their ilk — it is the real world, a world red in tooth and claw, not a tepid, pastel-coloured one that they yearn for in an elusive Elysium, an effete dream world in which, if it came about, they would be the first to die, no doubt screaming “But that’s not fair!”

It (the video) demonstrates a real-world solution that we could emulate to solve the Muslim problem, replacing the four-legged participants with two legged ones. Note what the world should hold for the likes of Shamima Begum and her fellow lovers of butchery in the name of Allah, and hopefully also for that of the to be unmissed and unlamented future little jihadis as is suggested at the end:

N.B. The Coyote, Canis latrans, is a predatory, scavenging species able to adapt to and expand into environments beneficially modified by humans. It is enlarging its range all the time, moving into urban areas and establishing territories in increasing numbers. So similar, that, to Islam’s modus operandi.

— Seneca III, on this 13th day of March 2019 as we close in on the Ides.

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17 thoughts on “By Your Actions So Shall You Survive

  1. “The Coyote, Canis latrans, is a predatory, scavenging species . . .”

    . . . and the native dominant canine species of America. It was displaced in numbers and territory by migratory invasions of the Eurasian canis lupus during the Rancholabrean period.

    Now that lupus numbers and territory have been pushed back by an even larger and more aggressive invasive species, latrans is expanding its population and territory back toward the historical norm.

    I’m afraid the analogy works rather better from a rather different angle.

    • In a recent volume of Genome Research, vonHoldt et al. (2011) analyzed 48,036 SNPs in wolves, coyotes, and dogs to develop a better understanding of admixture in wild canid populations. The paper provides an extensive amount of genomic data that contributes significantly to the field of canine genetics. The data do not,however, support the authors’ conclusion of a two-species model
      of Canis evolution in North America that relegates a third species, the eastern wolf (Canis lycaon) (referred to as ‘‘Great Lakes wolf’’by the authors), to the product of hybridization between gray wolves (C. lupus) and coyotes (C. latrans). The incorrect conclusions drawn by the authors contribute to the perceived lack of consensus regarding wolf taxonomy that has led the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to retract its original recognition of the eastern wolf as a distinct species, C. lycaon (USFWS, 2011a,b) and continue to treat it as a gray wolf subspecies (C. lupus lycaon) (USFWS, 2012), despite the lack of scientific evidence to support it as such. Here, we re-analyzed different subgroups of the 48 K SNP data and interpret the results within a broader genetic and ecological context. We conclude that a three-species model of Canis evolution that includes C. lycaon as a distinct North American evolved wolf is not rejected by the data and therefore deserves further investigation. Moreover, we demonstrate that the data presented by vonHoldt et al. (2011) are misconstrued due to flawed assumptions that bias the interpretation on various analytical levels, and because the authors fail to interpret their findings within the context of ecology, natural history, the fossil record, and other genetic markers.

      From Biological Conservation – “Conservation genomics in perspective: A holistic approach to understanding Canis evolution in North America”

      • Interesting, I’ll have to read that. Let’s see, 192 pages with references, which I will also have to track down and read. Like I didn’t have enough to do with a chunk of the roof gone with the 50 mph winds.

      • I recall visting my brother in Vancouver some years back, and seeing a coyote crossing the front lawn at dusk; can’t say I felt threatened.

        The real oddity here is the dog, canis canis (I believe); it seems to be a one-off among animal species, in that while descended from wolves, selective breeding by humans has produced the chihuwawa (revolting), greyhound (slightly less so), terriers and German Shepherds (both “proper” dogs). This must make it unique among animal species.

  2. In our rural area, a relatively poor place without the amenities one takes for granted in the cities, the county council has a small budget with which to work. However, a relatively large amount is set aside each year to deal with coyotes. They have become an expensive pest, running amuck through farm animals.

    Every year about sixty dollars a head* is paid out to bounty hunters to decrease the coyote population. Once the fund runs out (it may be a total of ~ four thousand dollars all told), there is no more funding till the following fiscal year. And every year it does indeed run out rather quickly. We always seem to have sufficient hunters to collect these bounties.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the ledger, heartless animal owners use our rural areas as a dumping ground for pets who’ve become an impediment. Their tender hearts and mean spirits can’t handle the idea of arranging euthanasia for their pets so they discard them here, “in the woods”. City folk seem to have no clue that those woods belong to others and aren’t meant for their animal/refuse dumping. Their leavings sure do attract the coyotes, though; a sad fact of which those urban dwellers remain resolutely ignorant.

    • Believe it or not, coyotes serve a useful function out here in Socal. Before white folk and red folk were here the wild rabbit, or brown hare as they are called, owned the hillsides and much of the flatlands. To say that they were pests is an understatement. They directly and somewhat successfully competed with the opossum. The coyotes helped the fan-tail hawks keep the rabbit population in check.
      However, the rabbits can defend themselves by clawing with their hind legs at the gut of their predators. We welcome the coyotes, brown bears, and hawks as partners in keeping the population of these pests under control.

  3. The one absolute thing you can rely upon when [things fall apart] is human nature, for one way or another, nature always finds a way to sort things out.

    This will be no different where the 3rd worlders are concerned; things are reaching critical mass and then watch as the anger reaches its inevitable conclusion and nature takes over. We are just about there. So hang on to your hats, it is going to be one heck of a very rough ride.

    • I dunno if we are close. It’ll take a 3 week nationwide power outage to set things straight.

  4. Something weird: I was looking at my post re chihuahuas, and Dymphna’s reply, and they vanished while I checked the wiki link.

    I guess I don’t like to see dogs used as substitute babies.

    • I still see your post.

      I have to admit that I’m a Chihuahua owner.

      Never had a dog before but we all fell in love with a little Chihuahua we had to watch for 2 weeks for friends.

      I never thought I’d ever own one as they always annoyed me.

      Our little guy is my total buddy. Chihuahuas do everything 110%. When they yap, it is 110% high decibel annoyance. They only have a few chosen pals and I’m one of them. A buddy 110%.

      “substitute babies” – lol

      This is true for me I must admit.

      I love kids and I deeply, deeply miss the little children my college kids used to be. I guess for myself, my buddy ‘Laddie’ is a substitute for some of what I have lost.

      I don’t have much of an inferiority complex so I have no problem walking through the neighbourhood wearing a leather motorcycle jacket and walking my little runt.

      • Great image of your daily stroll! 😉

        Those little dogs interest me because I have a little house. Harder to trip over than, say, a Lab.

        But at this stage of my life, the care and work would default to the B and he simply can’t take on any further work. Between Driving Ms. Dymphna, and the feeding of GoV plus the outside repairs, he has more on his plate than he’ll ever finish.

  5. Seneca III – I think it is true that most people here agree that violent conflict is very likely, if not inevitable, in the long run. I also think that the majority, including the management, still hope to find a way to preserve Western civilisation peacefully.

    You, on the other hand, appear to relish the prospect. This post, exhorting people to hunt Muslims down like wolves is your most explicit call to violence yet. I assume from this that you will applaud the attack in Christchurch as just the sort of action you hope to see become widespread.

    Have I interpreted you correctly?

    • ECAW, I do apologize but, there is no peaceful solution to this 3rd world invasion and leftist enforced policies in motion. The European man is civilized, until he is not, for he can only be pushed so far before his better nature comes out with a vengeance. So instead of wringing your hands in the vain hope that there is a peaceful solution(there isn’t), prepare for war, because the cold, cruel, harsh bottom line is thus, us or them, there is no longer any middle ground nor has there ever been in the 14 centuries of Islamic aggression. Violence is here, you just choose for some reason to ignore it in the hope it will all go away, it won’t. So I will leave you with this, Chance favors the prepared mind.

      • In that case I ask you the question I asked Seneca “Do you approve of the Christchurch attack?”

        If you don’t then what does your post mean?

        If you do then why aren’t you leading by example? There seem to be a lot of people calling for other people to man the barricades.

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