Amy Mek Interviews Vlad Tepes About YouTube’s Jihad Against Him

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Vlad Tepes’ YouTube channel was abruptly shut down by Google.

He has other platforms, of course. The most recent one is BitTube. And his
BitChute channel has an archive of all his videos for the last couple of years, so nothing important has been lost.

But the YouTube channel had a huge number of subscribers, giving Vlad an enormous reach. Which, given the politically incorrect nature of his material, is probably why YouTube decided to take him down.

The following interview with Vlad by Amy Mek serves as an instructive sequel to Matt Bracken’s report on his latest Facebook suspension. This is the Brave New World that dissidents are forced to inhabit here in Techno-World.

NOTE: There are problems with the audio in this clip — Vlad’s voice is much quieter than Ms. Mek’s. I advise you to turn up the volume so you can hear Vlad properly, but be prepared to hear a much louder voice when Amy Mek speaks:

3 thoughts on “Amy Mek Interviews Vlad Tepes About YouTube’s Jihad Against Him

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  1. I’m in awe of the courage of people like Vlad and Amy, who put themselves out publicly, knowing there is not only an organized berserker out to stop their journalism, but to devastate their ability to plain make a living.

    Ok. I went to Vlad’s blogsite, and subscribed to both this and bitchute accounts. I hope this is getting us well along the way of staying independent of the technological duopoly/monopoly juggernaut. If we can ever get the government to enforce antitrust law, perhaps we can gain true freedom of speech without have to depend on the discretionary mercies of government regulatory bureaucrats.

    Nationalists and free marketers are as susceptible to the free lunch syndrome as corporatists and establishment conservatives, which will turn out to be every bit as fatal.

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