A United Europe… Or Else

Long-time readers are familiar with Heiko Maas (center in the photo above). Mr. Maas is a Social Democratic politician who has been serving in cabinets under Chancellor Angela Merkel since 2013. He was Justice Minister during the Great Migration Crisis of 2015, and on Groping and Raping night in Cologne on New Year’s Eve of 2015. Now he is Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In the following political commercial for the upcoming European parliamentary elections, Heiko Maas lays out the case against nationalism and in favor of a warm, fuzzy, diverse, and compulsory United Europe.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. If I understand it correctly, the martial music you hear in the soundtrack was not included in the original video:

Video transcript:

00:00   At the end of May we will be voting for a new European Parliament.
00:03   Unfortunately some forecasts predict
00:06   that populists and nationalists could win.
00:09   That should set off some alarms for us.
00:12   Right-wing populism is a direct attack on
00:15   the values that we hold dear in our hearts.
00:18   Our liberal democracy, our culture, our prosperity depend on
00:24   open borders and free trade. The enormous challenges of
00:28   climate change, digitisation and migration can’t be solved
00:32   by countries standing alone in Europe.
00:36   Isolation and nationalism are a false path that leads to
00:40   political helplessness.
00:43   Our country has a difficult past. Nevertheless, our parents’
00:47   generation managed to create a modern Germany
00:51   in the heart of Europe. Cosmopolitan with a liberal inner
00:55   essence, and neighbourly, peaceful partner outwardly.
00:59   To maintain and develop this further must be our mission now.
01:05   Yes, the European Union may not be perfect, but it is absolutely
01:11   indispensable. When everywhere in the world we hear:
01:15   “America First”, “Russia First”, or “China First”,
01:18   then our clear answer can only be:
01:21   Europe Untied.
01:24   We must not abandon the field to those who make people frightened
01:28   of Europe. We must speak about reform ideas that strengthen the
01:32   European Union.
01:36   Europe is the answer, not nationalism.

25 thoughts on “A United Europe… Or Else

  1. This Mass is another traitor, disgusting useless idiot, one of the Merkel best employee, what kind of world We are living today? God help Us all ..

    • Himmler ran the SS.

      Maas is the new Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda. He even looks a bit like him if he’d pucker his lips a bit more! 🙂

        • Himmler presided over death camps, the SS and the extermination of people. Goebbels controlled the flow of information to the German nation. If you’re conflating them, you’re wrong.

          To conflate Maas and Himmler is also wrong. Promoting the party line and program is a far cry from being a mass murderer. The only thing in common is that they’re both German.

          • …”Promoting the party line and program is a far cry from being a mass murderer”….
            Really ??? German fascist didn’t start from mass murders..it took a few years to come to this point..
            Give Maas time and circumstances and he will arrive in the same point..Ideology he already has..
            He is German..[blanket condemnation of Germans redacted].

  2. Heiko mass, is on the card pack of most wanted traitors!

    He is the jack of spades!

    Its vital [redacted] Asap so he can be detained, and dealt with.

  3. “Our liberal democracy”- which allows for no opposing opinion is the first problem.
    “The enormous challenge(s) of…migration can’t be solved by countries standing alone in Europe.”- Depends on what the central diktat requires. Had the EU been strong on border defense the invasion of migrants would have had a different outcome. If individual nations had had the control of their own borders and the desire to do so, there would have been no mass invasion. Hungary was successful in curtailing the flow. Imagine if others had done the same thing.

    “.. a modern Germany in the heart of Europe. Cosmopolitan with a liberal inner essence, and neighbourly, peaceful partner outwardly. To maintain and develop this further must be our mission now. ”

    Now Germany has taken all the hard work of the post ww2 generations and is throwing it down the toilet in the interests of globalization and mass migration and atonement. If it wants to have such a liberal essence to include a deterioration of its society in the name of inclusiveness, if it wants to dilute its culture in the name of diversity, if it wants to create ghettos (it is good at forming ghettos) in its own cities with those who have no desire to assimilate, then fine. Wonderful. For Germans. Do what they want in their own country. It is THEIR country. They have voted for the leadership giving them this result.
    But there are other countries who are not willing to give up their thousand year histories, who want to maintain the cultures of their ancestors, who are not trying to atone for the sins of the past by sacrificing the children of the present on the altar of diversity or die. There those citizens have decided: they are not willing to pay the price for the folly of others. Nor should they.
    In the interest of national survival is it not natural to resist the invasion of a force which visibly brings with it turmoil, strife, a drain on national resources; which inculcates a belief system which oppresses women, persecutes non believers, has as its central core the domination of all other beliefs and cultures and freely uses violence to further its cause?
    Common sense and independent objective thinking ought to come to the conclusion that this does not bode well for a country on the receiving end of such ‘liberality’. And so in the interest of its survival a country takes the first steps to defend itself. Not by military force or violence but by lawful methods.
    And what happens.
    It is excoriated for this natural desire for self preservation; vilified, threatened and bullied by the central power of Brussels. It is obvious: there is no room for this kind of independence within the liberal, tolerant EU. One must toe the line even it it means the gradual erosion of a country’s identity and increased turmoil within it. Citizens’ desires be damned.
    If this is the way of the future, how can countries such as the V4 remain or be permitted to remain a part of the EU without submitting?

    People are not afraid of Europe.
    They are afraid of the European Union.

    • You’re presenting a logical empirical argument.

      In fact, the real loci of the EU question is the “who – whom” of Lenin: who wields power and who is subject to power?

      The question of collective guilt, ethics, liberalism, redistribution, are all handles which the Stalinists use to amass power. There is a Stalin(ist) inside of every socialist, waiting to come out. The model of socialism, as an economic structure, was definitely refuted almost a century ago as a logical contradiction. Socialism cannot stand on its own. The socialist, once in power, must either give up his socialism, or employ ever-harsher measures to suppress opposition and criticism. Hence, you can have attractive socialists wearing bright red lipstick, but the Stalinist is still inside.

      I think in the case of Germany, the former East Germany will have to break away from Germany and form its own province. I have no Stalinists like Maas and Juncker will explore using military force, but perhaps the only benefit of Trump as President, since he deep sixed his campaign planks, is that he cannot be counted on for NATO support of an EU military invasion of breakaway European states.

    • …”Now Germany has taken all the hard work of the post ww2 generations”…
      Wrong..They still have and never give up after II World War, their Herrenvolk mentality…

      You don’t know who they really are…We Poles by 1000 years being their “neighbors” know them very well.

      • You Poles also know very well the Russians and Ukranians and Latvians, etc., etc.

        Poland struggled for real freedom over countless generations.

        • I hope you are not sarcastic on Poles in your opinion Dymnhna ?
          I counted 17 people in my immediate family who give theirs life for Sovereignty of Poland since 1900’s..I wouldn’t hesitate to give mine if time would come..This is a deference between Us vs hypocritical and cowardly West..
          If you are not ready to spell the blood for your Freedom then you aren’t deserve it…
          6 000000 mln of our fathers and mothers prove it, just in II World War..
          Perhaps it’s meaningless for your Westerners but this Testament of Sacrifices by past generations make who we are..God,Honor,Motherland are virtues we base our life on..

          • I hope you are not sarcastic on Poles in your opinion, Dymphna?

            Not at all! If you look at my comment, there is no sarcasm in it.

            With the papacy of Jan Paweł II, I became very interested in his life, and that led me to his early life in Poland, which in turn led me to his writings and then to histories of Poland.

            I want to read John Paul’s Memory and Identity but have to wait until my eye surgery is finished. It’s not available in Kindle so I am stuck with whatever font the publisher decided to use for the book.


            For anyone who hasn’t read about the sweeping history of Poland, I recommend starting with Michener’s Poland. It’s historical fiction, but the research is thorough.


            There are non-fiction histories, too, but that is a good place to begin.

            The Baron loved Warsaw. In his adolescence he went all over Europe, but couldn’t travel behind the Iron Curtain. That ‘wall’ eventually rotted away, so it was a thrill for him to travel to Warsaw several times.

      • I recently was watching some wartime film from the Die Deutsche Wochenschau which are propaganda newsreels from WW2. Looking at all the destruction, carnage, obliteration, it is hard to comprehend how in 10 to 20 years (West)Germany (and Europe) rose from the ashes. Granted with a lot of help from the Marshall plan. Nevertheless it took hard work. On a physical level as well as economic one. Whatever their mentality.
        Germany has instigated many wars over the last century and more. One wonders if this predilection for conflict is a national instinct which is so deeply ingrained it will always and eventually manifest itself in one manner or another whether militarily or economically or politically.

        • …” One wonders if this predilection for conflict is a national instinct which is so deeply ingrained it will always and eventually manifest itself in one manner or another whether militarily or economically or politically.”
          Right and valid question…
          In History we can find a lot of answer..After all ..”historia est magistra vitae “..
          Base on historical accounts ,personally and professionally i tend to be convince that Germany predilection for conflict is a national instinct…
          Latest German attempt to “diversified” Europe ethnically,racially and ideologically is just an other form of German “predilection for conflict “..
          Another current example is German hijack of EU…& creating from it a political tool for German Ideological and economical expansion within Europe and Worldwide ..
          Germany wants US out of Europe and claim US space in Europe..
          This will lead to confrontation …

  4. A United Europe that continue to panders mainly to the continuos chaos coming from the demanding nonwhite migrants community would be just as useless even with an European Union. That is why Brexit (even though it may means less cooperation within Europe), may help to delay or prevent further mass invasions from nonwhites who are invading from other parts of Europe or near Europe.

    • “Brexit … may help to delay or prevent further mass invasions from nonwhites …”

      In your dreams. Look at the Prime Minister, “hijab” May. The English government is more than capable of destroying England all by itself, with no assistance from the EU. The EU, however, makes it more convenient by allowing British politicians to hide behind the cover of idiotic regulations and proclamations from unaccountable EU bureaucrats.

      • Quite agree with you. On hindsight, I guess Brexit may or may not help much given the present scenario, unless more people wake up and do something effective to reverse the situation. But being in the EU might make it worse given the equally large numbers of infiltration from incompatible nonwhite migrants from third world already in EU and the less satisfactory EU governance at the moment.

  5. Unfortunately most of the videos on this site have now been disabled at least in the UK
    This country is rapidly going the full totalitarian roiute.

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