A Moment of Clarity

You’re driving down a winding country road late at night. Up ahead, just barely within range of your headlights, you catch a glimpse of a moving shape. Uh-oh — could it be another one of those #@%&?!# deer? After a split second your guess is confirmed: you see the twin red pinpoints of its eyes. And then another pair, and another — the little red winking lights of four or five deer, looking like a row of error codes on a modem. The creatures leap into the road, eager to throw themselves in front of your car and send it to the body shop, and possibly you to the hospital. You brake hard and swerve… Phew! Your luck holds — you miss them by a couple of yards.

Yes, we denizens of the Virginia Outback are all too familiar with the awful moment when the view ahead becomes well-lit and clear enough to see that another close encounter with a deer is on the way. It’s a moment of ghastly clarity.

That’s what the last four years at Gates of Vienna have been like for me. Beginning with the Great Migration Crisis in the summer of 2015, some of the previously obscure underpinnings of currently unfolding events have sprung clearly into view, as if a row of light switches by the door to reality were being flipped on, one by one.

I could list any number of processes that make up this ongoing moment of clarity, but for simplicity of exposition, I’ll condense them into three major categories:

1.   The coordinated, planned invasion of Europe by masses of third-world migrants.
2.   The election of Donald Trump, and the consequent events that followed it.
3.   The global de-platforming of Tommy Robinson.

What these events have in common is that they reveal the otherwise occluded machinations of the international elite who strive to manage global affairs to suit their plans. The interference and manipulation have become so obvious that even non-paranoid people can’t help but notice them.

In the following analysis I’ll draw on vast quantities of data that I’ve absorbed over the past few years, without including any links. However, anything that is speculation will be clearly marked as such.

1. The Great Migration Crisis

When the columns of (mostly young male) migrants marched into Europe through the Balkans in the summer and fall of 2015, it quickly became clear that the whole operation had been planned in advance. Yes, Angela Merkel took advantage of the Dead Baby Moment when the corpse of little Ayan was carefully arranged and then “found” on a beach in Anatolia. No good socialist lets a crisis go to waste. Yet the logistical process that followed was far too large, complex, and expensive not to have been arranged ahead of time. Endless caravans of buses were lined up at various national borders to carry the migrants from one photo-op to the next, when they took those brief walks across the frontier that created such good visuals for the media.

And the culture-enrichers were carrying €500 notes to spend at their first stops in the European Union. Where did they get that kind of cash? Almost nobody uses that denomination of banknote in the EU.

A couple of years later it became clear that the EU itself was the cash cow for the migrants, when a credit card company acknowledged that it had partnered with the EU — which had guaranteed repayment of the debt — to hand out prepaid cards to migrants when they arrived in Europe.

Early in the game it became clear that George Soros was heavily involved in the process of migration. His NGOs ferried the “refugees” across the Med, handed out maps and instruction booklets, and chartered the buses that carried them onward towards Germany. But Mr. Soros wasn’t playing the philanthropist — he made that explicit when he told an interviewer that he expected to turn a profit on all his dealings.

Governments across Europe fell into line with the plan. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stood alone against the migration, and has become the sworn enemy of Brussels as a result. Until Matteo Salvini became Italian interior minister last year, Mr. Orbán was the sole governmental leader on the continent to actively resist what was happening.

Mass migration into Europe is not intrinsically profitable for anyone except the culture-enrichers themselves. Yet lots of people — people-smugglers, businesses, NGOs, and local governments — have been making money off the process. So who is paying for the population transfer?

Somebody wanted those migrants to get to Europe, and was willing to pay billions of dollars to make it happen.

Three years later, an exactly analogue of the process could be observed in the migrant “caravans” traveling from Central America through Mexico to the southern border of the USA. That was also a complex logistical process costing a lot of money. The trek overland through several countries had to be organized and supplied. Local officials had to be paid off to allow it through.

Who bankrolled all of that?

I don’t have any definitive answers to these questions, just speculations. I’ll get into those later.

2. The election of Donald Trump

Twenty-five years or so before the 2016 election I noticed how unpopular mass immigration was with American voters. Polls routinely showed that somewhere between 60% and 80% of the population said they opposed immigration, and some considered it an important issue. It seemed that an aspiring presidential candidate could do well if he included a prominent anti-immigration plank in his platform. Yet no one ever did, and that seemed peculiar. How could a pragmatic politician resist such an electoral advantage? Yes, it was considered a “populist” position, and everyone knew that populism was bad. Still… the issue could have helped a candidate win an election because it was, well, popular.

Fast-forward to 2016. As the campaign progressed, and Donald Trump deftly picked off all his opponents during the primaries, it became clear that the reason no one ever took up opposition to mass immigration was because they were not allowed to. The intense vitriol aimed at Mr. Trump from both parties — what we now refer to as the Uniparty — made it clear that primaries were designed to weed out any opponents of immigration. And that was OK with the Republican establishment — they didn’t really want to win elections that much anyway, as their rush to join #NeverTrump proved.

The events since January 20, 2017 have provided more evidence that the political establishment (a.k.a. the Swamp) in Washington D.C. is prepared to use all its wealth and power and influence to push Donald Trump out of the Oval Office. And the major issue that makes Mr. Trump so popular is his staunch opposition to mass immigration.

Why do all those wealthy, powerful members of the entrenched elite want so badly to bring millions of illiterate immigrants into the United States?

3. The de-platforming of Tommy Robinson

The British government has been vilifying, harassing, and prosecuting Tommy Robinson for almost ten years. He is, as the title of his book put it, an “Enemy of the State”. Her Majesty’s government shut down his bank accounts and put him in prison on ludicrous charges, under conditions where he might well have faced death at the hands of Muslim fellow inmates.

But that was only in the UK. In late 2018 and early 2019 the crackdown on Tommy went global, and did so very quickly. He was banned from almost all major social media, one after the other — I don’t know social media very well, but I think the platforms that shut him out included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. For some strange reason he still had a YouTube channel the last time I checked, but just about every other tech conglomerate has designated him a non-person.

Across the entire Western world his name has become anathema, a synonym for “racism”, “fascism”, and “hate”. From Portland to Sydney he evokes loathing from the political, media, and academic establishments.

And all of this happened almost simultaneously. All the media platforms and organizations and governments that banned Tommy took action at virtually the same time, as if they were acting on orders from a higher authority. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are independent of governments, but they are evidently responsive to a whisper in the ear from state authorities. Perhaps they have been made offers they can’t refuse. Or perhaps their owners are simply committed ideologues. Who knows?

Tommy Robinson became an enemy by opposing Islamization. Immigration per se was not his cause, just Muslim immigration. Yet stopping Muslim immigration would mean stopping almost all immigration into the UK and Europe. Therefore Tommy was an obstacle standing athwart the great migration, just like Viktor Orbán.

Are you beginning to sense the common thread in all of this?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The events described above (and many others too numerous to mention here) have provided a moment of clarity for anyone predisposed to look beneath the surface and seek out the deeper causes behind the turbulent events of our time. People who wield enormous power and command virtually unlimited resources want millions of third-world immigrants to flood the West, and they are willing to do anything, no matter how illegal, immoral, or unethical it may be, to make sure the migration happens.

Since the majority of those migrants are Muslims, it is expedient to support, protect, and nurture Islam in the West. That’s why freedom of speech has to be curtailed: Islam must be placated, so criticism of Islam must be outlawed.

This is speculation: The push and funding for mass migration emanate from governments and the international banking system. The money used to pay for the relocation and population replacement comes not just from taxing Western citizens, but also from creating money. That is: sufficient funding could not be obtained without access to fiat money created by the central banks, especially the Federal Reserve.

This is more speculation: The collective power that moves the migrants is not primarily made up of elected politicians, who are simply the useful tools of those who fund the operation. The people who want the migration to take place remain largely occluded from public view. They are variously known as the Permanent Government, the Deep State, the New World Order, and the Powers That Be. It’s easy to spot some of the members of this clique, but harder to see exactly how they make their decisions and plan their operations.

This is also speculation: The original impetus for arranging the migration was to fill the vacuum created by the catastrophic demographic implosion of the West. The population disaster that faces us now has been clear for at least forty years, and migration was the obvious solution for those who wish to maintain the status quo of the socialist welfare state.

However, the entire operation has morphed into something else, something that is indifferent to the obvious fact that migrants are not going to provide the necessary tax base to extend the existing system.

An idea of the ideological matrix that undergirds what is happening now may be found in comment left on a news feed post a few weeks ago:

re: Green New Deal and Agenda 21

Agenda 21, and its successor, Agenda 2030 the so-called Sustainability Agenda, are driving forces behind the scenes far more than we realise. One of the reasons why politicians have become so arrogant and aggressive with their socialist agendas, including migration issues, is that they have a strong consensus and written and un-written agreements among themselves to push all the goals of these Agendas. This is true for all Western governments and also among those parties and politicians not in power at the moment. However, nations such as Hungary simply haven’t signed on to some of the goals, such as those for migration.

It cannot be overstated that Agenda 21 / 2030 is a very powerful force in the UN and the EU and it provides a total and totalitarian framework to regulate nearly every single aspect of the life of a nation and its people down to the level of each individual person. For instance, it specifies that education is to be altered to produce children who will become ‘partners’ of these sinister visions.

There was and still is talk among elites of creating or at least promoting a single religion for the entire earth. That is, a religion or semi-religious movement which will be ‘sustainable’ in its ability to provide people with a minimum of spirituality and religious based morality which will not become a threat to world stability and peace. Again, the focus is on ‘sustainability’.

The Pope and his push for migration and partnership with Islam is of itself an extension of the Agenda. The goal, no doubt, is to produce a new form of Catholicism which will be more ‘sustainable’ than the Catholicism of the past which posed a greater threat to Islam and to the migration goals of the Agenda. Again, that all pervasive focus on ‘sustainability’. Such a religion is threatening to the stability of the Agenda. It cannot be allowed to continue. Of course, Islam and its disruptive powers are ignored, possibly in favour of its ability to enforce a peace of its own with enforced compliance and fake community unity and cohesion.

Perhaps this is what the Biblical writer Paul was alluding to when he stated in 2 Timothy concerning the End Times: “They will hold onto a form of godliness while denying its power .” Is this ‘power’ that of Christianity which has often displayed its ability to reform individuals and their communities to bring greater productivity and decency? Viewed in this light, a UN approved and guided new form of Catholicism and even standard Islam itself makes sense to those who want religions which will pose little threat to the goals of the Agenda. So far, moslems have been some of the most fortunate beneficiaries of the Agenda with its goals of greater migration and massive increases in social benefits. Islam has posed virtually no threat to these goals. Anyone and anything which chooses to partner itself with the Agenda will be protected and perhaps supported financially along with police and military force if necessary.

The basic idea of the Agenda is to regulate all main parts of all nations on the earth in such a manner as to create permanent sustainability in every system. For example, a permanent supply of clean water for every human and enough food for all. These are good goals but the methods proposed to achieve them is where the devil lies.

Among those Western politicians who are dedicated to the Agenda there is a very strong sense of belonging to an elite and very powerful club. One bloke likened it to belonging to a mafia in which its members gain a sense of security against their enemies as there is great power guarding them in the mafia’s ability to inflict physical and financial violence. Apparently, this sense of power and consensus behind each liberal and socialist politician now leads to a new arrogance and aggressiveness in their current drives to create and enforce policies which are designed to meet the goals of the Agenda.

Ocasio-Cortez’s arrogance and aggressiveness with the visions and policies she wishes to enforce upon people should not come as a surprise. Given the almost secret and massive power of this new UN elitist club, any politician can gain a sense of invincibility, even in the face of great opposition in their home nations. Knowing that the Agenda demands control of the mass media to further its goals, politicians have less to worry about when the Agenda’s policies are rolled out for the public to view and criticise. The Universities are certainly ensuring that there will be generations of kids who will support, violently if necessary, the Agenda politicians and their goals.

I have been told this very thing by several people who work in the Agricultural industry in government. They emphasised that the agendas are driven by people who are generally well meaning and who attempt to keep the good of the people in mind. However, as these insiders state, it is the outcomes which are not so good and the effects of some of the policies are now currently and will in the future hurt many people for whom such policies are meant to help.

The phrase, ‘The ends justify the means’ is truly a guiding idea of Agenda 21/2030. The violence which our governments are now willing and will be willing to use to enforce the Agendas policies, has only now begun to be shown. This is the tip of the iceberg, I am certain.

The commitment many in government feel towards the Agenda is very powerful and deep and dark indeed.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Much more could be said about these matters, and I hope to return to the topic at a later date.

As food for thought, consider an additional process that is only now beginning to emerge. There is a push for a “cashless society” underway, and Sweden may be the first country that actually bans the use of cash. Buyers and sellers will have to use credit cards, debit cards, EBT, and similar financial instruments — no other transactions will be permitted.

Coupled with this we see the beginnings of another ominous trend: the shutdown of bank accounts and credit cards for political reasons. Only the earliest murmurings of this innovation can be detected now, but it is coming.

Taken together, these two trends — the cashless society and the suppression of dissent through the electronic financial system — portend a world that was prophetically forecast by the science fiction writer Robert Silverberg in his novel The World Inside. The book was published in 1971, and I read it the following year. It was compelling enough to make me remember it more than forty-five years later, when some of what it prophesied seemed to be coming true.

I looked up the wiki on the book to refresh my memory, and some of its ideas seem off-target. But one of Mr. Silverberg’s primary plot devices concerned the use of electronic money, which was the only means of exchange available to the denizens of the Urban Monads, which were gigantic high-rises packed with people like bees in a hive. Anyone who in any way opposed the existing system was simply cut off from his financial account. He could no longer use his electronic token to obtain the necessities of life, and would face destitution and starvation as a result.

The protagonist of the novel ends up in that dire situation, and is forced to leave the Urbmon and enter the vast agricultural area outside that is farmed by robots. There are enclaves of humanity that exist in little pockets within that expanse, and he joins them…

But I don’t want to give the plot away. I recommend reading the book, if you can find a copy.

I’ll close with a final thought. There are committed ideologues among the shadowy powers that drive the diabolical process of what is happening now, but they do not make up the majority. Most of the people involved in the praxis that is destroying Western Civilization participate because they are paid to do so. Men are generally weak and venal, and many of them have a price. This is the engine of our destruction.

It brings to mind the conclusion of a poem by Edwin Muir entitled “The Castle” (the entire poem is here):

How can this shameful tale be told?
I will maintain until my death
We could do nothing, being sold;
Our only enemy was gold,
And we had no arms to fight it with.

32 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity

  1. If you want to see how old this threat is in America, I strongly recommend Diana West’s new book:

    The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy


    Mind-boggling, how many in the Deep State are Marxists or fellow-travelers.

  2. I agree.

    I’ll say this, though: if they ban cash, gold will replace it.

    Indeed, I suspect that this is just around the corner.

    Gold is, effectively, a currency with no central bank. It’s not totally convenient, in that it doesn’t split well into small chunks, and there are authentication problems on a small-scale, but it’s likely where things will go if “they” push this too far.

    They may try to ban gold ownership. After all, “they” have tried this before in the USA…

    • Mike, I think you’re correct about gold. I was astonished to learn several decades ago that the country with the largest (in terms of total troy ounces) private gold hoardings is … India. Plainly, the Indians don’t trust their own currency.

    • That’s the purpose of coins. Coins were originally a way to standardize easily the amount of gold in a transaction. Coins were issued by governments (I don’t know how prevalent the private issuance of coins were, but my bet is, quite prevalent until governments granted themselves the monopoly). The government put its reputation and seal on line to certify the coin contained a known amount of gold.

      Of course, governments being governments, they incurred debts and attempted to expand their revenues out of thin air. They did this by clipping the edges of the coin and keeping the remains for themselves. This was the first form of inflation: a coin certified to contain, say, 3 grains of gold actually only contained 2.5 (made-up figures).

      There is a whole market for gold and silver coins from years where the content is known. They’re known as “junk” silver, meaning they have value not for their collector value, but for the known amount of precious metal they contain. In a pinch, they would serve quite well in a “paperless” economy.

      My own logic tells me that ammunition will hold its value as well, or better than, coins of precious metal. You think a totalitarian, socialist government will permit anyone to have ammunition?

      We’re going places I never wanted to go, but I think the fears are entirely justified. I may write more on this later, but I now consider Trump to be a Manchurian candidate for the Deep State. His campaign promises and his actions are totally, 100% different, with the possible exception of cutting back on clearly stupid regulations and the appointment of judges roughly constitutional rather than political.

  3. I still scratch my head wondering what the angle is for the elites pushing the dregs of Africa and the scum of the middle eastern islamic paradises onto Western civilization. Certainly it is not financial profit, since every imbicile thus imported will cost the state far more than can ever be recovered from them or their inumerable spawn. And while western females might be induced to fornicate with such scum out of boredom or curiosity, they are not likely to procreate with them in any kind of meaningful numbers to significantly dilute the Western genetic heritage. The only reason I can think of that makes any kind of sense is to dilute Western populations through the ballot box, and overwhelm the modern welfare state so a more direct form of redistribution and control becomes possible.

    While this is the only reason that makes sense to me, I don’t understand how the elites can miss all of the unintended consequences that will arise from such a course of action. Western populations who are being replaced will not sit idly by as the more advanced stages approach, and historically, a seriously aggrieved and aggravated population of working class subjects tend to have few qualms about slaughtering their elites wholesale when they inevitably decide to fight back or are induced to revolt by provocateurs.

    The population distribution of elites, their leftist supporters, and the imported culture enrichers will work against an effective defense since all three groups tend to concentrate in cities which are very vulnerable to supply disruptions caused by a countryside in revolt, as well as interruptions to electricity, water, sanitation, and fuel. And this pattern is the same in every western country. Rural interests vs urban interests is a very old source of conflict but never in history has there been such a treachery perpetrated by the urban elites against it’s own people on such a vast – indeed global – scale, while being so much at the mercy of it’s rural subjects should they ever decide to fight back.

    • In asking “what is the angle” you are taking the long-term perspective… probably because you are a responsible person, capable of looking past today and weigh up the consequences of your actions.
      Most people, however, take the view uttered by Keynes: “In the long run, we’ll all be dead.” It’s all about getting maximum return on investment, today and tomorrow, and don’t bother me with what’s going to happen after.
      The rich and super-rich are no different.
      Human ingenuity has generated so much surplus in Western countries since the end of WW II, attracting so many greedy rent-seekers. Privatize profits, socialize losses. I’ll give but one example. Stagnant or shrinking populations in the West depress the housing market. Importing millions of warm bodies boosts demand. This is good for landlords and property investors, so they have a profit motive to support mass immigration. Rents for the avg. 85 IQ migrants will have to be paid out of the state budget (i.e., taxpayer money) and society will suffer, but for a number of years the landlord benefits by enriching himself.
      That was one example, but you should be able to identify dozens of special interests, all busily feeding at the trough, helping themselves to generous chunks of the public wealth. And later on? “In the long run, we’ll all be dead.”

      • Addressing your very narrow point of the housing market, Stefan Molyneux has detailed the dynamics.

        Thanks to government subsidy, there is a vast oversupply of housing in the market. These houses are being bought by immigrants, legal and probably illegal, who take out big mortgages. Think 2008 on steroids. Any crackdown on illegal aliens would leave huge numbers of houses empty and large numbers of mortgages worthless. Many banks uses mortgage papers as part of their reserves, so a collapse of mortgages would radically shrink the money supply, resulting in deflation and slowdown of investment and business expansion.

        So, we’re looking at an intense recession if the deportation laws are followed. Chances are, if the borders are effectively sealed at this point, there would be a shrinkage, but probably not a collapse, of the housing market. Bankers wouldn’t like that.

        I don’t know if the mortgages currently held by aliens are sustainable or not. I don’t know if they’re balloon mortgages or straight mortgages. The point is, there is a definite dynamic from the financial community driving continued immigration, both legal and illegal.

    • I applaud your looking for underlying reasons. I can make my own formulations, but you’re right: from a long-term perspective, it doesn’t make any sense.

      I tend to look at things from the genetic viewpoint. I think the rich may be influential and well-connected, but they have deteriorated in intelligence and survival instincts as fast, or faster, than any other segment. Letting in millions of low-IQ immigrants will hasten the decline of our civilization, but without some frankly eugenic pressures, it will decline nevertheless.

      I know eugenics has a bad rap, but it is what it is. The Nazis instituted programs of government-enforced murder in the name of “purity”, and this is the argument used against eugenics. The US in the early 1900’s had a program of sterilizing welfare recipients unable to care for themselves, whose dependency extended for generations. I don’t think the federal government ought to be involved in such welfare. At worst, it should be local governments and at best, private charities.

      My point is that I think it quite likely the “rich” have neither the intelligence to understand the genetic currents they are affecting, nor the long-term consequences for their children.

  4. Insanely well-written, Baron. Insanely, in that over the next decade or three, such as you’ve scribbled here will earn you either a hero’s laurels or a gnickschuss (without a lot of latitude betwixt them). As in, either people will look back with insane gratitude for you sharing such, “A Moment of Clarity” or: End up considering you certifiably insane for having put your head in the noose by publishing such dangerously expository (i.e., truthful) content.

    At this point, a brief giving of thanks is in order that America still has its precious Second Amendment. At present, this Constitutional bedrock stands as one of the very last solid deterrents to those who, like Occasional-Cortex, are “always just one more execution away from utopia.”

    Again, hats off to you and, no, you’re not being paranoid. Well, at least not paranoid enough. Human consciousness is a pinnacle of pattern recognition and things have gotten rather vivid of late. Even with all the smoke and mirrors being arrayed by Deep State apparatchiks, some AI running on an underclocked Intel 8080 could decode this modulo UN21 progression faster than a tunnel diode.

    • I agree that Baron, Dymphna, and their translators and collaborators deserve a vote of thanks. Baron wrote me privately once that the sheer trend of modern events is taking a toll on himself and the translators. It’s just plain disturbing to chronicle the stupidity and recklessness of our current leaders.

      Europe is, in effect, the canary in the mine, although it’s more like a huge dodo bird. We see in Europe our own future in a few years: radical deterioration of free speech and the right to protect yourself, with or without firearms; massive immigration, Muslim and otherwise, making every nook and cranny of communities unsafe; and the explosion of huge, unaccountable, all-powerful bureaucracies generating rules covering every aspect of life.

      I should mention as a special category the insane rush to get into a war with Russia. I just heard a town meeting with Howard Schultz, the potential independent candidate for the Presidency. Schultz obviously represents the traditional base of the Democrats, which is why he upsets the primary candidates so much.

      Schultz declared emphatically, and several times, our real number one enemy is Russia; China is just a strong competitor. I don’t know if its gratifying or disturbing to see such a shallow thinker as a self-made multi-billionaire. But, it’s true that if we continue to push Russia, and ring its borders with missile emplacements and troop bases, Russia will present a deadly threat to us. But the fact that Putin uses thuggish measures to consolidate his powers in Russia does not make him an inherent or immediate enemy. Apparently, part of the Deep State has an interest in generating military expenditures and again, they’re too stupid in looking at the future to realize their children are just as much at risk.

  5. Certainly I agree with the perspective here. We’re living in an era where the old “endless growth” economic model is failing. Instead of adapting to the inevitable changes of the real world, our economic captains are trying to FORCE their flawed model to keep functioning by unnaturally flooding the west with non-western people, with the idea that this will continue to feed the “endless growth” engine and keep it going.

    It is not.

    We are living in the dying days of globalism, or socialism, or communism, or whatever word the idiots attach to it this week. Will it come down to bloody conflicts? Maybe. I would rather see the third-worlders rounded up and sent home. I would rather see the usurpers of occidental economics frog-marched into prison cells for the rest of their wretched, psychotic lives. But I think we all know enough of human history to know what the likely outcome will be in the years ahead.

    So for those of you who are only just beginning to wake up to the ugliness of the world, don’t play games with your survival. Be conscious of who wants the best for you and your society, and who wants to be a parasite, willing to hurt and kill in order to take what you have and move on. Be ready to defend yourself and others from the parasites.

  6. “People who wield enormous power are willing to do anything, to make sure migration happens and since the majority of those migrants are Muslims, it is expedient to nurture Islam in the West. That’s why freedom of speech has to be curtailed: criticism of Islam must be outlawed.”

    There is an additional angle to this. After World War II, Islam has become the number one proxy to wage war against Israel and so against the Jews.

    Antisemitism has become unfashionable, but it persists and afflicts a chunk of society at any time period. Supporting Islam, the enemy of the ‘evil Israel’, is a welcome alternative.

    That is one more reason our establishment is willing to whitewash any atrocity committed in the name of Islam. That is why Christians will parrot the absurd claim that ‘Jesus was a Palestinian’. Christians are willing to denounce their heritage and roots even at the cost of abrogating the foundation of existence of their religion. And it doesn’t matter, inasmuch as they increasingly reject religion anyhow. That is why seemingly sane Western nations join in the condemnation of Israel at any international forum such as the UN, the International Court of Law, you name it.

    In the process of Antisemetitism turned Philoislamism, Western societies are willing to sacrifice their civilization, the well-being of their womenfolk, personal freedoms, free speech, their very physical security and integrity.

    As a consequence of the hate of Israel, anything Islam is glorified and abetted. Against any logic, hostel Muslim invaders are welcomed into the realm. Elites protected in gated communities, absent from public mass transport and insulated through private schools wouldn’t notice the effect this has on society at large, and they have a deep disdain for the unwashed masses anyhow.

    Sometimes, punishment through the fate of destiny strikes back quick and hard, and Karma can be a bitch. In this case, the downfall follows directly with expedience.

    • I don’t agree with you that antisemitism is the driver of the current immigration insanity. There is certainly enough antisemitism to go around on both the right and the left (and anti-antisemitism also, on the right) but it doesn’t serve as the driver. In fact, organized Jewish communities often strongly support open immigration and the admission and protection of Muslims and other immigrants. Sad, but true.

      I think one driver of the hostility towards Israel is its unabashed nationalism. Israel has declared itself a homeland and haven in particular for Jews and Jewish culture, and enforces this principle. The cultural-Marxist socialists hate nationalism and nationalist expression. Even the primary organization of American Jews has declared itself against the expression of Jewish nationalism by the government of Israel. By the way, the Jewish organization is thoroughly cultural-Marxist. I’m not bothering to give links, but will if anyone asks.

      Hungary is probably the second strongest advocate of cultural and ethnic nationalism in the West. The hostility towards Hungary ( a friend of Israel by the way) is almost as great, with constant implied threats of sanctions and even invasion by the EU bureaucracy.

  7. I’ve often wondered if it has something to do with oil. It will reduce in output and eventually run out. Meanwhile by relocating a lot of moslems, they get a foothold in an area that can be lucrative for them. IF we don’t comply, they turn off the taps.

  8. Merkel: “We can do it!”
    Cameron: Britain has “too many white Christian faces.”
    Sarkozy: People “HAVE TO make mixed-race marriages.”

    Same hymn-sheet, anyone?

  9. The sweeping through of same sex unions or upgraded to full rights of marriage.

    The harmonizing of “white privilege” or colonist oppression, still in this day and age.

    Reparations for slavery, indigenous rights, or loss of land.

    Freedom of speech, and the difference prior Trump to after Trump. The shock jock of Milo, was an opening salvo, but now banned.
    New Zealand had its battles in recent years, but a push back seemed to be occurring against deplatforming.
    Canada also had a push back, via Jordan Peterson on its speech laws, helped by Erza Levant.

    The Branton Tarrant killer has made it a major battle now.
    The only thing is to come out of it is the “Free Speech Coalition” that was set up last year, is firing on all cylinders, and good donations are flowing through to make it a full on debate, and to bring knowledge and value of free speech to every one.

    New Zealand being a small country is one place where some trial of cashless society would be pushed.
    I am a bit old fashioned, and do everything by cheques, despite pressure to do everything for business with internet invoices and statements and to internet banking or auto payments etc.
    Banks and companies are making this more and more costly with fees.
    Banks have stopped giving out the large cheque books which worked well for me, so now it is always sending out new cheque books. At least that is automatically done.
    My accountant for the past few years has told me that banks are soon going to stop cheque books. Not yet, as the old people, though many are up to computer systems, do not trust, as companies, governments, banks, have not always been so secure.
    So thanks to hackers, spammers, scanners, though costly for some, has made many old people not want to make the change or are too far from good computer systems yet.

    Thanks Baron & Dymphna, as you put up good posts.

    • Tarrant was just an excuse.

      Moslems have done far worse over an extended period of time with nothing detrimental happening to them as a community. You even have the Moslems in that UK city protesting against homosexuality content at the local school – and being allowed to protest against it.

      Tarrant is a non issue, it’s just the smoking gun the left was WANTING. Trump talked about reducing Moslem immigration from countries with strong ties to terrorism and was called a racist and islamophobe and this was after thousands of people had been killed, raped and otherwise assaulted. Someone attacks a few Moslems and suddenly restrictions on behaviour have to be enacted.

      There are monumental double standards at play here.

      • “Trump talked about reducing Moslem immigration from countries with strong ties to terrorism…”

        Actually, Trump was attempting to restrict immigration from countries unable to substantiate the non-criminal, non-terrorist background of potential visitors. There were non-Muslim countries on the no-travel list, and many Muslim countries were not on the no-travel list. So, any association of Muslims with the travel ban was purely made up. I will say the policy release of the Union for Reform Judaism, the largest Jewish organization in the US, thoroughly confounded this distinction.

        The tilting towards Muslims is an example of the social psychology finding that a small group of exclusively focused people can steer the policy of a far larger group of people not focused on a single issue. In other words, better to allow no Muslims at all for immigration, and be very suspicious of allowing any immigrants at all in, knowing they will probably form identity groups.

  10. The corporations get more consumers and more renters funded by the taxpayer. They get cheap labour at the expense of indigenous whites whose wages go down if they are not forced out of the labour market altogether. If one in a thousand immigrants is employable, the other 999 become a charge on the state.

    That’s how profits are made in this game. Thanks to ZH for the insight.

    • It’s called private profit, public liability. Or private enterprise for profits, socialism for the costs.

  11. I cant fathom the reason outside of stupidity but one thing that I will predict is that western standards of living will cease. Those at the top will maintain lavish lifestyles but the masses will become no different to the masses that exist in India, Brazil, and Mexico and I should add most of Africa given the huge rising population there.

    What those masses all have in common is that they care nothing for green issues so the whole cleaner living goals of the green movement will amount to nothing. Those of us living in places where plastic bags have already been banned look on in wonder as non western nations continue to dump all their synthetics on the ground because they just don’t care. That is one glimpse of Europe’s future I see and we saw a snapshot of the piles of rubbish left by the invading hordes wherever they pass and wherever they camp.

    Talking about rubbish might appear trivial but it is all about lifestyle and what civilisation can do to enhance or detract from that. Lifestyle, as in communal patterns of behaviour, determine if it’s safe to use local parks, walk for fitness, use public transport and interact with those around us and also determines things like stress on infrastructure and therefore resource efficiency. If your council budget has to constantly repair things destroyed by vandalism and theft then that is going to affect everyone longterm due to the waste in resources. The same with crime leading to costly medical and law enforcement bills plus time off work, less trust, less productivity. It’s all connected.

    • they care nothing for green issues so the whole cleaner living goals of the green movement will amount to nothing.

      “Green” is neo-Marxist hype and distraction. Look at the facts re their clean energy solutions:

      “Clean” Energy:


      Or this one, demonstrating creative ideas for removing (and using) ocean plastics:


      The “vandalism and theft” you mention is quite real. Having experienced it several times in my life, I see how it leads to “less trust and less productivity”. Then again, you can drink at the well of hope and ingenuity, which hasn’t run dry in the West. Be sure to keep your optimism topped up. Here’s a place I’ve mentioned before, a site where you can get a good serving of hope:


      • The issues of the day, feminism, racism, reparations, green living, inequality of education and income are all front issues for the central theology of cultural Marxism. The organizations are formed and discarded as needed in service of the objective of destroying Western civilization and culture.

        Logical discussions are valuable for discussions with members of the right, but serve no purpose with members of the left. In fact, leftists generally don’t engage in logical discussions. Most of my friends from high school days don’t speak with me, once they find out my viewpoints. But, it’s valuable to listen to Tucker Carlson’s interviews. He does debate with leftists, and if you listen, you see they simply have a different reality. Logic passes through them like quark particles: invisible and without effect.

  12. Slightly off- topic I have just read a book by Howell Woltz titled “The Lawyers Guild”. A rollicking good read and contemporary with current events. Makes one think about the topics on this exemplary site. Maybe there is a ray of hope now, time will tell if the push back gains steam and rolls over the “progressives” (a lovely euphemism for totalitarianism).


    • Hmmm. “Rollicking” sounds about right…Here’s the precis from Amazon:

      George Soros has been arrested. Paris is in flames and Angela Merkel has been deposed. The American Spring has begun and the Globalists are finally on the run, worldwide. Thousands of Deep State operatives are at Ft. Belvoir in the U.S. awaiting trial and the man who started the fall of Globalism–Donald Trump–and his unlikely band of “deplorables” known as The Lawyers Guild, are the only ones left standing. NOTE- This novel is historical fiction, but every fact, legal cite and historical note regarding Progressivism and its roots have been rigorously vetted by The International Center for Justice for veracity, which wrote, “This novel is not only innovative in style but content and robs the Progressives of their figleaves—with fact wrapped in a rollicking good story.”

      Here’s the Amazon link:


      There doesn’t seem to be a Kindle version, but there is a 99 cents Kindle version of the author’s book,

      Justice Restored: 10 steps to end mass incarceration in America.


      I look forward to reading it as we need to do something other than what Congress and the President are planning.

      I’d rather read that satire, but it’s pricey.

      • ” the man who started the fall of Globalism–Donald Trump–and his unlikely band of “deplorables” known as The Lawyers Guild …”

        Sadly, I fail to see any difference at this point between Trump and the neocon, establishment Republicans. I can be argued out of this viewpoint with facts.

  13. So what IS the Agenda?

    I’ll tell you what it is: the HUMILIATION of the human race.

    Sounds too abstract? Humiliation has been at the center of every communist regime. Humiliation is the point of power, absolute power. The point is to impose dreck on people. Dreck which must be suffered in silence, or better yet, praised. Then THEY, ordinary human beings, live in a state of constant and unending humiliation. Imposed by YOU, the elite, the vanguard, the anointed.

    And this is a great pleasure. Possibly the greatest. Yes, this is the hideous truth of our nature, human nature. As we approach absolute power, the possibility of absolute power, what completes it? What is the cherry on top? Humiliating mere men.

    And now that God is dead?…………………

  14. I know that if i want high quality discussions on this subject, with great contributors, GoV is the place to come to. Just wanted to say that, that i appreciate you all.

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