1st Day in Court: Police on Trial for a Change

Ezra Levant flew to England to report on the charges Tommy brought against the police for their persecution of him and his family. They planned this because neither of them believed the British press would cover it. Nor did I. Is there even a conservative press of any magnitude left in Britain?

Here is Ezra’s first report:

And here is Tommy’s take on the course he is pursuing because of what the police did to him and his children while he was in a pub after a football game. You’ll notice that when he is forced to leave this restaurant, he has to walk a bit to get to a stairway which leads eventually to the street – my point being that the Cambridgeshire police had to hunt him down; he wasn’t being public about his afternoon with his kids.

Tommy had done nothing wrong, but if the government decides you’re the enemy then they send their minions after you. This is one reason for my sadness at the low point to which the U.K. has fallen. When push comes to shove, the police aren’t going to give up their cushy jobs and pensions. Instead, they’ll bloody the heads they’re ordered to smash and dismiss the disaffected as “extremist trouble-makers”.

For those of us in the U.S., this mindset and behavior are similar to the attacks on well-known people on the Right by our entitled social justice warriors. But at least we are not as isolated and alone as British cultural defenders like Tommy.

Here’s Tommy’s page, with a link to donate to the cause. The MSM is saying he has lots of money, leaving you to infer he doesn’t need your help. Or so claims the disgusting BBC.

Here’s one of the few dissenters, Gerard Batten. Do watch, it’s very brief. But the important thing is the events Batten reveals, the amazing amounts of persecution and corruption being brought to bear on one man.

A reminder: during this penitential season of Lent, please keep Tommy and his family in your prayers.

5 thoughts on “1st Day in Court: Police on Trial for a Change

  1. Ezra Levant has been live-tweeting these proceedings yesterday and today. His running commentary, well-laced with his opinions, makes for interesting reading. However, yesterday the disgruntled Cambridge Police didn’t like some of his opinions so they asked the judge to rein Ezra in, which she did by asking him to tone down his rhetoric a bit. Ezra complied, but today following a break in proceedings she strongly hinted that Ezra should refrain from tweeting any opinion at all—in other words, just to report the objective facts. Ezra has agreed but says that’s not how he’s built.

    All in all, this live-tweeting is a dynamic process that brings the trial right into your computer, and Ezra is doing a great job.

  2. I am having a hard time finding Ezra’s twitter feed. Any links or info would be appreciated. THanks.

  3. Here’s the link to his Twitter page:


    You could also search for “Ezra Levant Twitter” – that’s how I usually find it. But I’m wondering if it’s somehow blocked in the UK (not sure if you’re in the UK, Seneca the Elder – maybe not if that’s a Sioux headdress you’re wearing!).

    His live feed from the court ended a few hours ago, but will resume tomorrow, albeit not up to his usual level of candid commentary.

  4. No man survives when freedom fails
    The best men rot in filthy jails
    And those who cry “Appease, Appease”
    Are slain by those they sought to please

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