Walled in by Antifa in Dresden

The following video shows an appearance by members of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) on the street in Dresden. They and their display were surrounded and blocked in by masked Antifa operatives in an attempt to keep them from interacting with the citizenry.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Hey! Tell me, are you from the AfD? Have they walled you in here now or what?
00:10   It is just a little bit of cloth. This is not walled in properly. —Sh***y Nazi? Are you a Nazi?
00:15   What would you say? —No, I’m no Nazi. This is a mistake. —A mistake?
00:18   No, I’m not a Nazi. —Nevertheless, they are calling you a Nazi. —That’s irrelevant.
00:22   They are all covered up. —My goal here is share information about
00:28   municipal-level topics. —What do you say to having been walled in?
00:32   That doesn’t matter, but if you want to talk about the citizens’ budget, may I interest you?
00:38   I’d rather do an event with you together. —Very good. —But right now, first of course here,
00:43   let’s show how freedom of expression works in Germany. —I’m not pleased and would prefer
00:47   to have a democratic approach. I wanted to inform the citizens about what we are about.
00:52   I would like to give you a few printouts of our municipal election program, and the topic
00:58   of the citizen’s budget is in the content. With this we would like to get into a conversation
01:02   with the political opponent as well, because there are different points of view.
01:05   They don’t want to talk. As you can see. I’ll step back a bit to get it all. So he’s an
01:10   AfD guy and the other AfD guys are walled off by… No one is going to believe this.
01:19   Did you belong to AfD or not? OK. But they do not want to show their faces, so to speak.
01:26   Well that’s cowardly. We’ll try to ask them. The masked mob. Here’s one. There it’s blocked.
01:32   Now this one too. But why don’t you want to voice your opinion? May I ask this?
01:40   Nope, you may not. —Why? But it doesn’t make any sense. Why you are here?
01:44   If you don’t voice your opinion, then it doesn’t make sense that you are here. May I ask?
01:49   No. —They do not want… So I’ll step back again so that you really see. In Dresden.
01:54   Some people want to give their opinion and the others are there to prevent that.
02:02   They don’t even want to show their faces, but play at class war. —We also want to present
02:06   our opinion. You can read there. —You too? Are you one of them? —Yes. I belong to this group.
02:11   OK. So you really think there are two Nazis behind you? —Yes. —Honestly? Why do you
02:16   think that? What do you think? —It’s just a guess. —Who is this Nazi? —What do you think?
02:19   But why? —That’s just a guess. —A guess? You can’t assume both are Nazis. It’s a strong
02:24   allegation that you’re making, and you don’t even know why? How come?
02:29   Nah, I just don’t want to talk to you. —But why not? We’ re in a democracy, so we should
02:34   be talking to each other. —Democracy doesn’t mean that everyone has to talk to you, you idiot.
02:38   What’s wrong with you? —But democracy certainly doesn’t mean that some people
02:42   are allowed to prevent others from giving their opinion. What do you say to that?
02:47   Was your democracy endangered? —Perhaps. That seems pretty much right. —Who is
02:52   endangering democracy? Those who want to state their opinion? Or those who prevent others
02:56   from saying what they think? —The AfD! —What do you think? Well, they just want to have their
03:00   say, and you’re stopping it? —Maybe you should think about it a bit, maybe you will come up with
03:06   the answer yourself. —You should stop the chatter. Why are you preventing people from expressing
03:10   their opinions? Is there no answer? And here again? —Don’t ask the others around here, too?
03:18   Again, why do you prevent people from expressing their opinions? Can you explain,
03:23   just to conclude? Or over here? The first one to say something. So why are people prevented
03:29   from expressing their opinions here? Who gives you the right to do that? From where do you
03:33   get this right? —I’ll be the first to say that today I got a real training here. —Well, there is
03:40   no answer. But it is actually illegal. —Why don’t you just get it through your head. You’re really
03:45   getting on my nerves. —Don’t you think that you annoy these people here first? Constantly
03:50   hindering their right to express their opinion? You have to give an answer to that?
03:55   Oh, you’re really loud in my ear. —OK, I’ll step a bit back so I’m quieter now.
03:59   Why are you hindering people from saying what they think? —No one wants to talk to you.
04:03   Can you stop? —But it is part of democracy. I’ll ask again. —Not with you.
04:07   Isn’t this embarrassing for you all? You stand here like in kindergarten. No? OK, good.
04:15   OK, so I’ll take a step back again, so you can have a look at this again. The victims have the
04:19   last word, so to speak. What do you say about all of this to conclude? What does this say
04:23   about the understanding of democracy from the left? —Well, it is not being implemented here.
04:28   Are you annoyed? —Yes. —What do you think? What can you do about it? What can be
04:36   done about it? —Find a dialog that will be acceptable to the other side. Well, OK.
04:42   Well those were nice closing words. Or did you guys want to say something?
04:45   Oh, he’s covering himself up again. OK, that’s it.

2 thoughts on “Walled in by Antifa in Dresden

  1. At least these Antifa were not violent, at least not at the point where the numbers were roughly equal and their victims didn’t seem afraid of them.

    From the beginning, my experience with leftists is that they don’t want to engage in discussion or debate once they find themselves pitted against someone not moved by slogans or emotional appeals. Those few leftists who engage in debate are shown on the Carlson Tucker show, where even a majority of them simply refuse to answer direct questions. That’s one of Carlson’s most interesting techniques. He asks a question over and over, and explicitly points out where the person refuses a simple answer or even an answer in the ballpark of the question.

    A very few of them, like Austen Goolsby or Kris Hahn actually appear to enjoy pitting their reasoning against that of Carlson. But, on the whole, I think they appear on the show to recruit potential leftists, rather than dissuade those on the right.

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