Vlad’s YouTube Channel Has Been Taken Down

For the last few days there has been a concerted push by Google to age-restrict dozens of videos on Vlad’s channel, some of them years old. He also got a “community guidelines” strike, which is more serious. When the second such strike came in early this morning, YouTube pulled his channel.

We don’t know what caused this sudden wave of persecution. His videos have become more popular lately, and have been embedded at several major sites, so that may be part of the reason — he grew so tall that his head had to be cut off.

Anyway, for many months everything he has posted on YouTube has been mirrored on his BitChute channel. I don’t have time to go back and replace all the YouTube embeds in our posts, but if you’re looking for a particular video, you can find it at the BitChute Channel. And visit Vlad Tepes for more information and updates.

11 thoughts on “Vlad’s YouTube Channel Has Been Taken Down

  1. FaceAche has the same fears about some of its pages:


    “We had a subsidiary project in English, In the Now. The project was wildly popular — 2.5 billion views and four million subscribers on Facebook alone!” RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said on her Telegram social network account.

    She said a report aired by CNN about the project being financed by the Russian state led to “Facebook immediately blocking us! Without presenting any of the accusations.”

    “We didn’t violate any Facebook rules,” she said.

    Ahh, the go-to expert, CNN. That truthy channel working hard for the American deep state. Of course!

        • MSM and Facebook going down in flames like the Hindenberg with Anderson Cooper screaming

          “Oh, the humanity!”

          • Le Bingo.

            The intramural cannibalism currently permeating almost all Leftist precincts (e.g., TERF vs Trans) has only just started within the MSM and houses of various Tech Titans™.

            Run-up electioneering and following 2020 presidential primaries will see the DNC’s already well-populated gutters (oil of snipe, anyone?) run incarnadine from fratricidal bloodshed.


  2. This is why I contribute to Gates of Vienna. The grossly-large tech corps have no interest in anything but their own existence and maintaining unimpeded access to the establishment levers of power., The supposedly free services we receive have a high cost.

    I’m coming to the conviction that there should be a limit to the horizontal integration of companies, perhaps enforced by government and legislation. This is across the board.

    By horizontal integration, I mean a company that gobbles up companies not related to its own business. For example, Google owns YouTube. The acquisition of YouTube doesn’t facilitate the mission of Google, which was originally more effective searches. Google has expanded to where it owns YouTube, that has no relation at all to Google’s mission.

    Google provides free mapping services, free mail services, free office products, free location services, free social interface services, and free browsers. I’m not saying these are bad products. They aren’t. They’re great products.

    But, we’re trading convenience and free services for our ability to have a stable information-providing environment. I don’t think huge companies are more innovative than smaller startups. They’re more integrated and convenient. You will have mail and locations services as good or better than what you get through Google. It simply won’t be free.

    I think a huge tech company like Facebook is too close to being like a government. It has extraordinary control, and there is no real appeal. By the way, I don’t see Facebook as having a lot of horizontal integration; interestingly enough, Facebook seems to the the huge tech company that people don’t put extraordinary trust in. What thinking person would allow Facebook to select his news access?

    • But we’re trading convenience and free services for our ability to have a stable information-providing environment

      That’s why we don’t use Google as a search engine. And I’ve let my Gmail lapse. No Facebook, no cell phone. However, I do use Chrome and that will have to change, much as I dislike Microsoft’s platform. I may have to learn to use a Mac, not a curve that appeals to me.

      Your idea re “horizontal integration” is thought-provoking.

  3. Too bad the US stopped enforcing anti-trust law decades ago. Nice to see some EU countries do enforce it.

    RT is much better than the US MSM. Much more informed and much more intelligent.

    I also contribute to GoV. Another youtube channel is worth watching, The Duran. They currently have a 2 hour long vlog reviewing the week. Lots of international news.

  4. Vlad’s YouTube Channel Has Been Taken Down

    In this case, it wasn’t so much a deplatforming as it was a YouTubal Ligation®.

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