The Art of the Deal in Action!

When Nash Montana isn’t translating German videos and articles, she’s wearing her MAGA hat and doing battle on forums and on Twitter and on various other battlefields of the Intertubes. Nash likes to propagate meme pics. You may not realize it, but some of the funniest meme pics you’ve seen originated with Nash Montana. She’s the Queen of Meme.

In the following essay, Nash gives us a progress report on President Trump’s efforts to get the wall built on our border with Mexico.

The Art of the Deal in Action!

by Nash Montana

So I promised a calm analysis of Trump’s border wall deal. Here it is.

Trump’s Rose Garden announcement was a stroke of genius. I just love a plan coming together. If you like the full Trump experience, he delivered, and you got it all.

You laughed, you cried, most of all you were generally entertained. And somewhere along the way, a stroke of brilliance shone through. The plan was coming together. The pieces of the puzzle started to make sense to me.

Sure there is a lot of bull[ordure] and a lot of wasteful spending in that deal. But what do you expect? It’s a Democrat spending plan, after all. They wrote in a bunch of restrictions, so, yes yes yes, we all know. But what did you expect? And did you really think the President didn’t see this coming, too?

Trump got everything, he got absolutely everything he needed, with that deal. You’re gonna ask me now,: what do you mean? He had to sign an Executive Action, he’s gonna be sued, yada yada, courts, etc. How can you say Trump got everything he needed?

Let’s. Take. A. Step. Back. Let’s spend a little time looking at this with a clear MAGA art-of-the-deal mind.

In the grand scheme of this entire process, it’s important to look at the stage where we’re at with the border wall, and I can tell you with complete certainty we are absolutely on target.

In other words, up to this point everything that has needed to happen, has happened. I mean, look at it this way: You can’t build a house starting with the roof. You gotta build everything else before you get to the roof.

That being the case, if you had one trillion dollars in unlimited resources for building the border wall, what do you have to do and where do you start?

The first thing is, you have to take what’s already there, and make sure that it’s where it needs to be. So over the past year and a half, with the first two appropriations that the President received, he was able to take that money, and use it to modernize and fix the existing border wall.

So let’s take a look at how much border wall already is there:

There are exactly 654 miles of border wall, most of which was voted on by Creepy Chuck Schumer and Clapping Nancy Pelosi once upon a not-so-distant time.

We have 654 miles along the Mexican border that are covered with a variety of barriers, which is roughly 33% of the entire border with Mexico. And that is according to the VERY accurate fake news New York Times. So don’t blame me if I got a number wrong.

However, at the onset of the Trump administration, a review by border patrol army engineers found that about 280 miles of the 654 miles are nothing short of a hot mess. There’s stuff on the ground, broken through, metal was scrapped: it’s a mess, and they found that we gotta do some work there.

So that’s what happened up to this point. Slight expansions were built at certain parts of the border wall, but for the most part, it’s been the fixing of the existing 280 miles that the border patrol found to be in need of fixing.

Now, the stroke of brilliance is $1.375 billion. Here’s what that number represents:

Sure, if you hear that number, all you hear is that it’s not the $5.7 billion originally asked for by Trump. But the question is: What the heck is that $5.7 billion?

Did you ever even know what it was, where it came from, or was that the number that our VeryStableGenius Trump threw out there saying, “Hey that’s what we need, that’s what the border patrol needs!”?

That’s all we all ever knew about that number.

That number is actually very specific. The 5.7 billion represents what it WOULD take to get to exactly 50% of the entire southern border covered. 977 miles to be exact. We are just under 34% right now. The 5.7 billion will get us to 50%.

But even then, is it gonna happen over night? No, of course not. You have to have contractors to pick up the jobs and then build the wall, and there might be 20 different contracting firms from all over the country, working on different places on the border, hoping that eventually it’ll all end up meeting the middle.

You gotta start somewhere. So where do you start?

Well, the number one priority of the border patrol, NUMBER ONE, is this 55-mile stretch in Rio Grande. That is what the $1.375 billion represents.

If you look at government contracts, (CM Ross, Casey Ross, whichever profile you use currently, you can probably back me up on this), and try to figure out how long for the type of wall and fencing it will take for them to do 55 miles along the southern border.

And guess what I found out. Using the information from previous contract work for the southern border, you know what the answer is? Six to eight months.

Now, take a calendar and walk down it a little bit, and see where that takes you. Six to eight months down the calendar will take you to September of 2019. And what’s so interesting about that? That’s when this funding deal ends. The funding deal funds us through the fiscal year of the federal government, which runs through September.

So here it is, the stroke of genius. The art of the deal by your President of the Estados Unidos:

He got as much money as was needed to accomplish the highest priority, to not miss a beat with making progress on the southern border, just in time to have another negotiation at the next budget-funding deal.

So, in other words, it doesn’t matter if he had $1.375 billion or one trillion dollars. Everything is absolutely on track, no matter what now, with this signing of the budget deal.

That’s point number one. Point number two is this:

By going ahead and signing the Executive Order, as he laid it out in a very entertaining way, there is going to be a lawsuit. There are a lot of variables concerning where this lawsuit is going to be filed. Will it be Hawaii, California, Oregon… Washington? You know it’s coming, and it’s going to be in a state that’s stacked with Obama-appointed activist judges. You just know it.

And then, eventually, it’ll get to the Supreme Court, and maybe there’ll be a slight delay there because RBG is gonna bite the dust soon, but it’ll be okay. That is most likely going to be the case.

In the grand scheme of things, the long end of the curve, is about nine months that this could be tied up in the courts, but it could be shorter than that.

So look what the president has done: He has given himself a parallel path.

If by chance he wins on this Executive action before we get to the end of September, he doesn’t even need to negotiate with the democrats on the border wall anymore, does he?

He has the money he needs to get from here to there, for the rest of the term of his presidency. And you know it’s going to be a landslide victory in 2020 when even Nigerian princes chant “This is MAGA country” in the middle of the night in Chicago while wearing red hats!

But if it doesn’t work, what is he gonna do? Well he’ll go back and get the next piece of funding to keep the border wall on track. Piece by piece. He has at least six years’ time.

The president of the United States won. He won bigly. Yugely. And I know it’s not being disseminated that way for two reasons, besides the fact that THEY just want to discourage Trump’s support. People like TDS Anne Coulter will ALWAYS want you to believe that Trump is betraying you.

But here are the two main reasons:

One: Democrats have to save face with their constituency. So what are they doing? They’re going to go back and say, “Trump didn’t get his $5.7 billion.” Yet again, remember that nobody really knows what the hell that number even means.

Nancy Pelosi, who said, “Let me be clear, how many times do I have to say it, he’s not gonna get one dollar, not one dollar for that wall.” Uh, well, she was wrong. First he clubbed her over the head at the SOTUS, but then he managed to get $1.375 billion for that wall out of her dried up old [nether aperture].

So she has to account to her base for that, and from what I’ve seen so far, her “base” is NOT pleased, LOL. But still the Democrats can say, “We won more, because he got less than even half of what he was asking for.”


Two, the Republicans, from a strategic standpoint, are not going to lay out what I am just laying out here. Nor is the president going to do that so specifically. I doubt that most Republicans are even aware of what Trump has done here.

If Trump were specific about this deal, and if the Republicans did make it clear how much they won with this deal for the border wall, the Democrats would never have any motivation to ever negotiate with them ever again for the remainder of this Congress.

So it’s best to keep the idiots in the dark. On both sides of the aisle.

And as for the President, he gets to win playing to the base with the Executive Action, AND he gets to have a 2020 issue with the Democrats fighting against security of the southern border.

I mean, any way you take a look at this, it is a win politically fore the president. And most importantly, who is the biggest win for? It’s for the border patrol.

This isn’t about Donald Trump’s wall. This is the border patrol’s wall! They just simply weren’t getting the attention and the support they needed.

But the President went and listened to them on the trail and he made them a promise that he has followed through on. As he has pretty much on everything else that he has promised.

This is the art of the deal coming to fruition. But it’s a really funny thing:

You know how those on the left, and the Trump haters on the right, just love making fun of Trump and the way he speaks and tweets to us. They call him a moron and much much worse.

But let me tell you something: What we have to remember is, this guy didn’t manage to moron his way into a company that produces 10 billion dollars in revenue per year and operates in dozens of countries around the world.

You don’t moron your way into that kind of international success.

The guy is wicked smart. Even if he doesn’t always come across that way according to a lot of people. Not to me, I disagree. I never doubted his intelligence. The firehouse twinkle in his eyes shows me just how wickedly StableGenius brilliant the man is.

So the art of the deal was struck yet again, and he’s won, and he’s got parallel paths. It doesn’t get anymore strategically successful than that.

We all win, and I ain’t tired of winning yet. How about you?

12 thoughts on “The Art of the Deal in Action!

  1. I love the 3-D chess game Trump is playing. Most of the action is taking place in the invisible third dimension, so naturally, we can’t see it.

    It was a stroke of genius for Trump to repair pre-existing sections of the wall with funds largely allocated during the Obama administration. We now have 1/3 of the US border safely behind a wall. That means we’re only getting 2/3 of the immigrant flow we would otherwise be getting; right?

    Now, we’re the beneficiaries of a brilliant Trump move to put a 55-mile wall on the Rio Grande, in only 8 months. At this rate, it will only take 8 years to erect the wall. There’s the small matter of having to gain the approval of the largely Mexican mayors and officials of the border towns, and also the minor detail that the modern prototypes of a functioning wall can’t be used in the planning. But, those are minor details.

    The $5.7 billion is floating around somewhere in the third dimension. For numerologists, it is enough money to complete half the needed wall, at which point in the third dimension, half the potential migrants will be stopped.

    But Trump is allowing the Democrats their delusions. They think that simply because they put an impermeable barrier to political approval for the wall, have limited the effectiveness of the design of the wall, and have put an ironclad barrier to using budgeted money for any more wall building, that they have won. The genius of Trump is that both his allies and his enemies think that Trump has been outmaneuvered. Brilliant!

    But, for us normal-brained mortals, the focus will be whether, by 2020, the wall will come out of the third-dimension ether, and actually appear along the border. We might also take a gander at whether the wall is thoroughly antiquated by that time by virtue of every single border-crosser carrying a rent-a-child supplied by their friendly drug and smuggling cartel. That is also a provision of the bill that Trump has maneuvered both his allies and his enemies into thinking is a smashing defeat for his vaunted deal-making ability.

    • I still think President Trump needs to break the DemoNazis over his knee. This is a malevolent Party at war with America and the American people. The DemoNazis have now given the Taliban and Hamas seats in our government! What more proof of treason do you need?

      The reason the DemoNazis don’t want a Wall, is they want the complete and utter evisceration of America!

    • I agree when you write,”But, for us normal-brained mortals, the focus will be whether, by 2020, the wall will come out of the third-dimension ether, and actually appear along the border. We might also take a gander at whether the wall is thoroughly antiquated by that time by virtue of every single border-crosser carrying a rent-a-child supplied by their friendly drug and smuggling cartel. That is also a provision of the bill that Trump has maneuvered both his allies and his enemies into thinking is a smashing defeat for his vaunted deal-making ability.”

  2. The real enemy is not the migrant, they are only hapless stooges in this fight. The real enemy is the moneyed elite who imagine themselves as lords of the realm and the rest of us as serfs and chattel. Though Ronald Reagan is worshipped by many of the conservative sector of the political spectrum he is vilified by those of us in the trades. his amnesty deal of 1986 opened the floodgates for the half and one-third wage, hitherto illegally present, immigrant population and allowed them to flood and thereby take over the construction trades. A five year apprenticeship and more than five year’s experience counted for nothing. Even the unions of which I was a member stood idly by, probably sensing an opportunity for increased membership, as the elite of Bel-Air had their way in exchange for not commencing impeachment proceedings against Reagan for the Iran-Contra affair, which according to some was arranged by the Democrats, Kerry included.
    The elite have all but abandoned Feinstein, who has already made her money impoverishing San Juaquin Valley farmers by diverting their water to the San Francisco Bay and then selling the foreclosed land to the Chinese, but failed to deliver on her promises to them to keep the flow of cheap labor coming so the native citizens will enjoy the same lifestyle as those in Mexico do and are reminded of their place before the elite. Rather, they have placed their money on the young and up and coming radical left, who as the dogs of war that they are, will continue to hound Trump until he is impeached, not re-elected, or suffers a ‘heart attack’ while in office.
    The ‘war’ you describe is now in the third dimension you referred to and is soon to hit the streets if the Lord lets the elite off of their leash. I would say that the same people who paid for Rome’s burning are those who have already paid for this Rome’s burning.

  3. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Thank you, Nash, for all of your work. Although I’d never heard of you before, it sounds like you are a tireless supporter of the guy who simply wants to GET [ordure] DONE! (Sorry Dymphna.)

    By the way, what IS up with Ann Coulter? I just don’t get it.

    • I think Ann Coulter believes Trump failed by not moving fast enough or big enough on The Wall. I’m not sure that’s the sum of her dissatisfaction, though.

      If you do a search on A.C. and President Trump, you’ll see her being quoted and interviewed from the brow to the stern of the Good Ship Lefty Fools. They love her now.

    • “…what IS up with Ann Coulter?…”

      You seem to have answered your own question.

      Let me summarize it straight.

      There is a sense of urgency. Trump won by a thin margin in multiple states, Texas for example. A small shift in the voting patterns of these states would give the Democratic candidate candidate the victory. You saw an example of this dynamic in the House elections. In particular, an unknown empty suit, Robert Francis O’Rourke, came very close to beating Ted Cruz, an admittedly weak candidate. But the Hispanic component of Texas is significant, and growing.

      Immigrants coming in and voting from south of the border, from India, China, and almost every place except parts of Europe, vote heavily Democratic and socialist. More important, their children do, and their children’s children. So, the more uncontrolled immigration, the stronger the likelihood of a Democratic administration and Congress. And the shift is stable. It won’t change.

      A Democratic administration will remove all controls on immigration, and the country will become another California: solidly Democratic.

      Two factors greatly exacerbate the problem: birthright citizenship and chain migration. With birthright citizenship, a pregnant migrant can slip over the border, have a baby, and thereafter both she and her child have a universal claim on residency and welfare services. Her child has a right to vote when of age. Her child also has the right to bring in all his relatives. This is chain migration.

      So, a workable migration policy is not simply something to be balanced off against trade tariffs, lower taxes, a better economy, or the ability to bludgeon Iran or North Korea.

      With the continuing budget resolution, not only is the building of even the wall along the Rio Grande severely limited; the stage is set for exploding child trafficking. The law specifically prevents the deportation of illegals who are living with an illegal child, or who say they might live with an illegal child. This is in the law. Coulter is saying, how can you sign a bill, and then totally ignore its provisions?

      What illegals are doing now is carrying a child with them, coming onto US territory, and then sitting down and waiting for the US customs officials, who are obligated to either house them in comfort or release them into the interior. Any children they have while inside the US are immediate US citizens.

      The pull factors bringing in migrants are not touched: no e-verify, no cessation of welfare benefits, no denial of public services or mandated medical care.

      But, the bottom line is, the rate of immigration is the same now as under Obama. The demographic is shifting, and once it tips, it will not tip back. So, a sense of urgency is justified. What Trump did with his executive order, he could have done one or two years ago.

      I’m sure the left, and the Democratic funders, are slipping funds to people wanting to primary Trump. Their strongest appeal will come through playing the campaign videos of Trump where he explicitly describes the wall, its benefits, and his unqualified promise to build it. But, if the demographic tips the critical states, it will matter very little what the excuses or maneuvers are.

      • “But, if the demographic tips the critical states, it will matter very little what the excuses or maneuvers are.”

        Exactly and that’s why whatever nonsense or unworkable deals the Dems spout is immaterial. Too many believe their insanity will sink them and who needs a soft coup to work if you have the numbers ? By 2020 they will have the numbers.

  4. With all of the new DNA testing available for ancestries, etc. Why can’t they develop a fast DNA test that would indicate whether the accompanying adult has enough DNA in common with the child to be its parent? That would decidedly put a damper on the rent-a-kid market.

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