Matteo Salvini, the Catholic Church, and Nigerian Organ-Traffickers

The following video shows excerpts from a TV appearance by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, juxtaposing them with a Catholic cardinal’s remarks about migrants, and an account of the Nigerian mafiosi in Italy who traffic in human body parts.

WARNING: Parts of this clip describe the actions of the Nigerian organ-harvesters in terms that sensitive viewers may find disturbing.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (times based on original uncut clip):

04:15   Your eminence, Matteo Salvini swears on the rosary, on the Gospel.
04:20   Is this enough for him to be a Catholic leader?
04:24   Well, I don’t have the [unintelligible] how to say, the way to measure, that is, the way to measure
04:28   the faith of a person. And therefore, if he
04:32   takes these attitudes, he will do so with an inner faith
04:36   that I don’t judge, but this isn’t enough.
04:40   But hasn’t your position on accepting immigrants caused you to lose harmony with public opinion?
04:46   Well, the gospel says, “I was a (stranger), and you welcomed me.”
04:50   How can I not say I welcome?
04:54   How can I not say, after having welcomed a migrant
04:58   integrate him, do everything I can,
05:02   and also, culturally, try to form him?
05:07   Because if one comes to live here and has the intention to stay,
05:12   it’s clear that he should enter into the culture.
05:15   He should follow a path, and we should also have the patience to help them,
05:20   to integrate them. And if there is a boat in the middle of the sea,
05:25   who takes the responsibility to let it sink?
05:33   How do you respond, Matteo Salvini, to Cardinal Bassetti?
05:36   Look, I am the last of the good Catholics, I won’t allow myself to judge or give moral lessons.
05:42   In addition, since divorcing, I haven’t confessed or taken communion for 15 years.
05:46   The rosary [unintelligible] you carry a rosary, right?
05:49   Uh, I have the joy when I travel in Italy, I travel often.
05:52   Sunday evening, I will be in Avezzano, Sulmona, and then Monday in Rome —
05:56   I meet so many people, so many women, so many men who bring me
06:00   a rosary, they bring me a small image, they bring me an altar candle
06:04   Also so many people in church because there is no “the church”.
06:08   There is, of course, the church (hierarchy), bishops, but the church is an infinite number
06:11   of parishes, of volunteer associations, youth groups, missionaries,
06:16   …friars, nuns. Therefore, there are so many things
06:20   In the church, and to some, I will be nicer; to someone else, I will be less nice.
06:24   Nobody will ever cause any ship to sink, if the cardinal will permit me to whisper,
06:30   to Cardinal Bassetti, that those boats…
06:34   those poor people put in those boats are transformed into money that the smugglers
06:38   invest in arms and drugs, and I don’t believe that it is generous
06:43   Christian solidarity and welcome to help smugglers of men, arms and drugs.
06:48   Another discussion is there are five million legal immigrants who are currently present in Italy,
06:51   well integrated, who are possibly watching us — who send their children to school, pay taxes,
06:55   respect the rules. They could be Christians, Muslims, Jews,
06:59   Buddhists, Waldensians, Protestants. But it’s not that. The problem is numbers. There are limits.
07:04   [Unintelligible] says, “I’m an immigrant. Take me in.”
07:07   My friends, we are sixty million (people). There are five million poor,
07:11   three million unemployed, one million Italian minors who live under the poverty line.
07:16   How many can we take in? One thousand, two thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand,
07:19   one hundred million? We are not there.
11:32   They take hearts, liver, and kidneys
11:36   After they have taken the types of organs, those that they need,
11:41   these people are always cut into pieces.
11:44   There is always a need for organs. There is always a need for drugs.
11:49   There is always a need for prostitutes.
11:54   This is the Nigerian mafia, a mafia capable of the most horrific violence
11:58   the fifth in Italy in terms of (strength) and spread.
12:04   And this is a collaborator with justice, an ex-member of “Eye”.
12:07   Eye would be in English, “Eye”. The eyes.
12:11   The eyes of the eagles that watch everything.
12:14   The former member has been a witness in the most [unintelligible]
12:18   all the organizations in northern Italy.
12:21   This type of blade is called the “secret arm”.
12:24   That is a very very dangerous secret arm,
12:28   and the major part of this fraternity have this thing in their hand or pocket.
12:33   If you are not careful, they’ll cut you in the face or they’ll cut your throat or in some part.
12:44   I’ve seen a courier, he had just arrived, was weak.
12:48   We transported him from Malesia to Palermo.
12:51   He wasn’t able to pass the (ingested balloons containing drugs).
12:55   The only way to make him disappear was to cut him in pieces and then to recover the drugs.
13:01   There are groups also within the same fraternity
13:05   That are involved in peoples’ organs.
13:08   They try to get close to these people, to become friends.
13:12   Then (these people) disappear —And who is it that extracts the organs, doctors?
13:16   There are African doctors who arrive on the ships —Who are the victims?
13:22   Some young men and women have problems with (their) documents, some also because of hunger.
13:27   How much do they sell a kidney for? Five thousand euros, some also free for a residence permit
13:33   There are so many victims of these things,
13:36   women, children, this is very easy. There is an organization that buys these children.
13:41   They raise these children and in the end sell them for the organs.
13:45   Which organs are taken? They take the heart, liver, and kidneys
13:51   It’s the money… that they care about.
14:31   60,000 Nigerians have arrived in the last three years, from one of the countries
14:35   with which it is most difficult to work with on expulsions.
14:38   We are working day and night. This is the first year after many years
14:42   that there are more expulsions than those who arrive
14:45   So we have reversed the trend. The (police) from north to south are working
14:49   on the Nigerian mafia. They have conducted very beautiful operations
14:52   in Sardinia, in Tuscany and in Lombardy.
14:55   And it is this out-of-control immigration that I am trying to —
14:59   I don’t say eliminate… limit… to combat
15:05   connections to drugs, trafficking of organs. They are things that are incredible to listen to.
15:10   Nigeria is one of the countries — on the other hand is one of the richest countries in raw material,
15:14   but it is also richer in the export of human beings,
15:18   more restrictive in accepting human beings.
15:21   Why is Europe important? I talked to the European Commission, because Europe has
15:24   commercial agreements with so many of these countries. I requested of them
15:28   that we should not renew or renegotiate if there is no willingness
15:31   to take back those who… cannot stay in Italy.

6 thoughts on “Matteo Salvini, the Catholic Church, and Nigerian Organ-Traffickers

  1. And they wonder why the “Church” is now so unpopular? I am a Bishop myself but I am totally against invasive hijra mass invasion. These interlopers are criminals trying to break into sovereign states. They cross continents through safe countries then expect to be hand fed welfare-not job, free housing when we have 2,000,000 destitute living on our streets and supping out of food kitchens? It makes my blood boil. I am trying to keep my language polite and seemly….

    The Bible says nothing about helping invaders steal your culture and country. Does this oaf not understand the lesson in the “Good Samaritan”? Hypocrite! A modern Scribe and Pharisaic bloated hypocrite! Give aid to a stranger certainly to get him on his way, then send him onward, not invite him and his criminal kind to steal anything and every thing not screwed down but also rape and pillage. Madness….

    These parasites are even causing major problems in tiny Israel! What the hell have Sub-Saharans to do with that tiny outpost? They abuse Jews in their own homeland and claim it is part of “East Africa”! Neither we nor brave Israel can suffer this madness any longer.

  2. The padre is ignorant, or blinded by his ‘faith’ concerning Islam. They come to conquer, they do not assimilate and cannot be changed from Islam to his faith. To do so is their death warrant. He will understand when his immigrants start wiping out the Catholics. But this will be too late for his flock and Italy.

    If we can get people who think like him, Italy might be salvaged.

  3. The biggest problem seems to be not the welfare-mooching, or even the political co-option of the state by organized Islam, bad as they are. The scariest problem is the mass importation of sociopath, organized Nigerian and other gangsters, who have no human empathy whatsoever, and have no compunction against cutting up a living person, selling a child for body parts, or murdering a random person on the streets to generate terror.

    Given a significant influx of refugees (I won’t bother putting “refugees” in quotes anymore), and the bureaucratic and judicial constraints on any action at all, it’s almost necessary to have a government-by-decree, or in other words, a limited dictatorship. A limited dictatorship has its dire dangers, but the polity long ago threw away the benefits of a representative government of checks and balances by allowing the dilution of the country with unassimilatable aliens.

    Trump with the wall is a good example. The wall won’t get built without using a state of emergency and peremptory decrees by the President. But, this is sliding into a dictatorship, which might be the only way to navigate the present waters. Benjamin Franklin, at the conclusion of the Constitutional convention, was supposed to have been asked “What kind of government have you given us?” His reply was “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    It seems we couldn’t keep it forever.

  4. Unwitting, desperate, deceived organ donors.

    Many migrants cramming into Europe carry diseases old and long thought-eradicated by the West, new hazards – and killer infections unrecognised by our medical practitioners that, when eventually diagnosed, require strict public health isolation. And enormous cost – worse after the infection has been incubated and hatched into the community and travelled all points of the compass. Syphilis, HIV, TB, bubonic plague, ebola ..
    And the paying organ recipient (via the unwitting, deceived – and sick – donor) will receive that diseased tissue and all that which follows.
    The diseased organ does not function in isolation of course, but it will rot the body politic sooner than later.
    It’s very bad fortune indeed for both the hapless donors and the go-getters

    • Right on. You deal with unscrupulous sociopaths to obtain body parts through murder, and expect these same sociopaths to deal honorably with you.

      It’s a good rule of thumb to assume that when you conspire with someone to defraud or injure, the person you’re conspiring with will do exactly the same to you.

      This will result in blow back on the political elites now conspiring with unscrupulous socialists/communists and fundamentalist Islamist billionaires to dilute Europe to enhance their own power. Unfortunately, the victims, the nationals, will be long gone by that time. Also, I’m not convinced the real socialist, globalist, Coudenhov fanatic ideologue will really care that much that the end result of his policies is his own death.

      The old Bolshevik in Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon” at the end almost voluntarily colludes in his own show trial conviction and execution.

      • Thank you. Yes, those elites and acolytes are creating and fostering chaos monsters on every front.
        That the chaos, as in Italy, would seem to be appropriating and buying power, and enforcing cultural and pathologically violent ‘rules’ of its own – whose unconstrained fatal tentacles are stretching into a perverse global business.

        Of course for the ideologues, “the end justifies the means”. Regardless of the millions of people at risk. Whether or not it’s even been contemplated, much less considered, that such “means” may come home to roost.
        Hubris being just one precursor to a fall in circumstances.
        As history shows and should teach us, if the victors weren’t the only readily available authors. And if censorship was not on the increase.
        One example being the EU internet regulations in 2018 that now ban access to many Google links, and websites outside the EU (or ‘Europe’).

        Meanwhile, the nascent EU military is gearing up, and will doubtless provide a personal bodyguard and enforcer service to fire fight for the elite cabal.

        And locally in Paris, where the EuroFor rapid operations insignia uniforms are present at the Yellow Vest protests.

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