If You Tow My Car, You’re a Racist!

The following video is from a ride-along police show on Dutch TV. In it you’ll see a “Dutch” culture enricher become somewhat out-of-sorts when his car gets towed away for being illegally parked.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   …a temporary bus stop. Some owners move their cars at just the last moment.
00:04   But as soon as it’s loaded onto, or attached to the towing truck, it’s too late.
00:08   This man objects. —If sir had paid 250 euro on the spot,
00:13   then we could have released the vehicle from the towing truck.
00:18   Those costs are of course not just a made-up number; the towing company has to show up; there’s a fee for the truck,
00:28   the labor costs of loading and unloading — that’s what the amount of €250 is based on.
00:33   The man refuses to accept his fate, and decides to take matters into his own hands.
00:38   I detach it myself! —You’re not detaching anything, or I’ll arrest you. OK, fine. Great!
00:48   Hey sir. no, no! —[in broken Dutch] Take it easy! [unintelligible] …of course not about paying the fine, not about you. —You won’t get fined, you’ll get the…
00:55   Don’t touch! You’re not allowed to touch me! —Yes I touch you, because you’re now…
01:00   You can’t touch me at all! — Yes I can. —That’s my car. —OK.
01:03   [?] police. —No, that’s not necessary yet. —You have to call police. You have to call police! —Then I’ll arrest you.
01:09   You won’t arrest me, you have no right! I did nothing wrong! —Yes you have.
01:13   I did nothing wrong. I’m standing here! I’m here! I’m here! I’m here! —This car is being towed and will now go.
01:19   Did the driver get in? —The driver is interfering. Hey! No!
01:24   This is my. I’m standing here! I’m standing here! That’s my car!
01:30   That’s my car!
01:31   Well, we tried to talk him out of the vehicle. But he completely refused to comply.
01:38   So, therefore, we arrested him.
01:42   [?] for no reason. I’m here, right? I explained it! I’m here [?] the others [owners] aren’t here! —I explained it to you.
01:48   Take those other cars who [whose owners] aren’t here. —Oh well, there’s no reasoning with you.
01:51   Don’t touch!
01:55   Don’t… —I’ll call police! You are…. —Listen, or we will use force!
02:01   Don’t. Listen for a moment! Listen for a moment! Listen! Listen! —Take the other side, Bo, other side.
02:05   What, other side!? You won’t arrest me!
02:11   Hey! Comply!
02:13   He resisted so forcefully, two drivers from the towing company stepped in to assist us.
02:18   Comply or we’ll use more force, do you understand!?
02:22   I’ll do it myself! I’ll do it myself! I do…
02:29   Upsadaisy!
02:31   I’ll do it myself, easy, easy! —Hands behind your back. Put your little hands behind your back! Thank you very much, sir.
02:39   There’s a good boy.
02:42   [dash]Is the van on its way? —I’ll ask.
02:46   Look [incomprehensible] for no reason, huh! —What did you say, sir? —For no reason! No reason! —No, there’s a reason.
02:51   [police woman, on radio] One arrest, I received no reaction, a transport van please. Over.
02:56   Sit and wait!
02:58   We had no transport van at our disposal, so we had to wait on it.
03:02   Sir became more and more, well, quarrelsome. Started to headbutt the window.
03:07   [muffled] Open it! Open it! —Cut it out! Cut it out!
03:12   [?] of this land [?] I will de-register [give up Dutch nationality]! But you are my target! —What!?
03:20   [muffled] Racist! Racist! —:Racist”, not that as well.
03:24   What’s that you’re saying to me? —I say you are racist! You are Hitler!
03:27   Ok. That’s great. —You are racist! You are racist! —Sure.
03:31   I use medicine, faggot! I use medicine! I use medicine! I am depressed!
03:37   [Arab swearing] You zemmel! [=homo]
03:41   I don’t appreciate it when you tell me you’ll kill me. —You are racist! You are racist! But you’ll see! You’ll see!
03:51   What will I see? —You will see because you are racist! You have to leave this job, I go to court! You have to GO!
03:57   You are dirty racist! You are racist! Racist! Hitler! Hitler! Racism! Racist! Racist! Racist!
04:07   Yes. We see such behavior more often, but never in this context.
04:12   I’ve never experienced such serious escalation before because a car had to be towed.
04:17   Law enforcer!? A dog, you are! [play on words] Not an enforcer!
04:21   Racist! Hitler! Racist, look an uglyface, look! Look!
04:25   Look an uglyface. Look how… look ugly… looks exactly like Hitler. You have to wear that little moustache!
04:31   After several minutes backup arrives. —More, more! Go call more police if you dare!
04:36   I kill you! —Yeah. You kill me, well, awesome.
04:39   Are they on their way? —Yes, they’re on their way, but… —[arrested driver] They’re on their way, yes!
04:42   Yes, it’s a drama.
04:45   Racism! Racist uglyface!
04:48   The transport arrives as well.
04:53   Hey, you are brother of Mustafa! Easy, easy, easy! —Grab him from the other side. Sit down.
05:00   I’ll sit down. You’re Mustafa’s brother, right? —No, no. —Look. I know you racist!
05:04   Racist! Racist! Look uglyface! Look! —Sir!
05:08   It’s really necessary for somebody to sit next to him, otherwise…
05:10   [Arabic swearing] I put you down!
05:12   You f***er! I put you down, faggot!
05:15   [?] I will de-register from this country [Netherlands] because of you!
05:18   Next Monday I’ll show you at city hall, I’ll be standing there [??], come!
05:21   [policewoman] I have no radio, my radio is busted.
05:23   Because of you! [Arabic swearing]
05:25   Sir has been brought before the assistant DA, and the Ministry of Justice will decide what will happen.
05:31   I think that sir will have to appear in court, where he’ll answer for his behavior towards a civil servant.

18 thoughts on “If You Tow My Car, You’re a Racist!

  1. The sense of entitlement is breath-taking to watch. No doubt he will huff into court spouting about his offended self. What a triflin’ piece of work.

    Cries of racism are the refuge of ignorant, unimaginative scoundrels.

  2. Can the police not take this miscreant somewhere quiet and secluded to administer some wall-to-wall counseling? Perhaps they could watch one of those videos put out by islamic scholars on how to beat their womenfolk without leaving bruises for some creative ideas. Certainly, that would be a more memorable lesson for this scoundrel than any fine, or short stint in a comfortable jail cell.

  3. This is common in the UK too. “Racist!” “Nazi!” “Islamophobe!” “I kill you!”… even more disturbingly overheard by me in my home town near Windsor “You cannot touch me! We control England now!” Sadly I think this is all too true with Begam and her ISIL chums on the way back to UK. The Rent-a-Gobs are at it 24 hours a day, God knows what it will take for the remains of the British to react to this calumny. London has gone with feral drug gangs (Somali) spreading out to the suburbs like Staines.

    The problem is not “Jews” but these feral imports and their supporters. They are flying them in at night to Heathrow too and right across Europe- all paid for by the taxpayer. Civil unrest and bloodshed cannot be far away.

    What have these imports to offer Europe? They are illiterate and expect everything free for life. How do I know all this? Personal observation at Heathrow. I also collect my daughter from there where she works as night staff. Her comments are telling “Scary”. Even she now “gets it” and agrees with me after 15 years of denial. Like me she now watches RT, not the lying BBC.

    • Well my Dear Bishop, Time to put away the clerical collar and pick up the sword and bring them the old ways. Find some Russians or eastern Europeans, they will get you what you need.

      • “eastern Europeans, they will get you what you need.”
        Forgive me my ignorance,but why Eastern Europeans ?
        I/m the one for the record…

  4. This happens here in Sweden all the time, I’ve seen non white children as young as 7 accusing teachers and schoolmates of racism/nazism whenever they dislike something, these people are sick with entitlement and malice. Their anti-white hatred is going to increase, no matter the appeasement or quantity of appeasement or lack of provocation. This is a natural function of the increasing numbers of feral invaders agitating for more privilege and power

  5. Nothing about the situation that a Rottweiler or a Malinois couldn’t sort out with a few “smiles” …

    • Correct in theory, but in actual practice by the time the natives finally get their heads out of their posteriors, Rottweilers and Malinois will be insufficient to the task. By that time the situation will need FN Minimis or Famas’s to properly sort.

    • Rasmussen, I prefer Glock, Walther, H&K and FN. They are far more effective, even though I love watching a German Sheperd work.

  6. “de-register from this country (Netherlands)” Promise ? I’d be right quick about taking him up on it…

  7. You know, if 100 million in the west viewed this video, in the first 10 seconds or so 99.9999 % of these viewers would be sympathetic to the dude because we have all had are car towed and understand the frustration, hassle and expense that this entails. But by the 30-40 second mark less than 0.000000001 % of viewers would be sympathetic to his situation because of his evident menace, hate, cowardice, madness and sense of entitlement. Muslims: making enemies wherever they go, for 1,500 years.

  8. Well, that is modern understanding society for you. Hope you like it. On one hand you have criminals who can call the police anything they want – including death threats. On the other hand you have the police who cannot do anything at all. Except to grin and bear it.

  9. The most surprising thing (and what a pleasant surprise) about this video is that the Dutch car towers didn’t give in to this person. They stood their ground and handed him over to the police. I would love to see more such videos

  10. It took four policemen to subdue this piece of filth. What a shemful scene! These [epithet] muslims always get away with their whining and complaining. I’m sure a sleaze-bag lawyer afterwards sued the whole police dept. on “racism” charges, only because the filthy perp was a filthy muslim who considers himself to be above the law of the land due to his supremacist ideology and the leftist abetters who provide for all his needs.

    Certainly a sad sight, witnessing in first row and full color the downfall of Europe by the muslim invasion. Hopefully the Americans will learn in due time from this pathetic experience and kick the muslims out of the U.S. before it is invaded by them as well.

  11. Hmmm. Definitively there is two Europe..West and East…
    War of Shame and Guilt stop on Oder river..
    I/m wondering why those “migrants” are not showing theirs “displeasure” and arrogance east of German borders ?
    Does some Historical accounts , memories and empirical experiences ,does contribute to theirs behavior ?

  12. – claims police are racist and like Hitler
    – makes multiple homophobic slurs in retaliation

    Arabs aren’t that smart, are they?

  13. When is the west going to learn ISLAM IS the rottenest so called religion and to many on the left are bringing our country back to the 7th century that Muslims seem to crave for,people need to be educated on what Islam means to life ,love, freedom, women ,just look at the yazidy people in Iraq and just think that will happen to a city near YOU.

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