Giorgia Meloni: “Italy is Treated Like the World’s Laughingstock”

As reported in last night’s news feed, the legal case against Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini will not proceed. A Sicilian prosecutor initiating a kidnapping case against Mr. Salvini for the impounding of the migrant transport ship Diciotti. In order for the case to proceed, the Italian Senate would have had to vote to lift the interior minister’s parliamentary immunity. The
outcome depended on whether or not senators of the 5-Star Movement (M5S), Mr. Salvini’s coalition partner, were willing to be seen as impeding the course of justice. Evidently they are, because they voted against lifting his immunity.

The issue of the Diciotti is not dead, however. Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. In the following video Ms. Meloni has a few choice words to say about the Diciotti and the coddling of ungrateful migrants.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   41 migrants from the ship Diciotti have sued the Italian Government
00:04   because they weren’t allowed to disembark immediately.
00:08   We let them disembark. We hosted them. We are taking care of them.
00:12   But we were supposed to let them disembark immediately, they say. We have become a joke.
00:16   Italy is treated like the world’s laughingstock. They laugh at us in the face.
00:22   These people were taught by the left that they have rights only, and zero duties.
00:28   After hundreds of thousands were allowed to arrive, to disembark, they were supported
00:32   on a budget of €37.50 per day. Then we found them jobs, we gave them everything they wanted.
00:36   Now they think things work like that! And they asked the government
00:40   for compensation amounting to 40,000 to 70,000 euros per head!
00:43   Money that millions of Italians have never seen!
00:47   Enough! We can’t stand this any more! We Brothers of Italy
00:51   want to solve the problem of illegal immigration for good.
00:55   We want a naval blockade off the coast of Libya to stop rafts from leaving.
00:59   So we’ll solve the problem of where they can be relocated.
01:03   We want centers to detain the illegals who arrive here,
01:07   and we want repatriations. Enough!

10 thoughts on “Giorgia Meloni: “Italy is Treated Like the World’s Laughingstock”

  1. Without mentioning any religion or group, liberal democracies’ immigration policies should be structured to strengthen liberal democratic institutions. So the chief characteristic of immigration policy should be that it institutes a moratorium on immigration from any nation that does not protect freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Obviously that would affect Islamic nations, but it would also put pressure on Europe to provide stronger protections for free speech, and it would pressure states like China to liberalize. Since the proposed immigration policy would not mention any particular religion, it would not provoke huge religious freedom controversies or First Amendment controversies. Yet such a policy would block Islamization in the West, and thus block what almost invariably accompanies Islamization, namely the erosion and eventual destruction of basic human rights. The immigration policy described could make exceptions for dissidents, oppressed minorities (if they respect freedom of religion and speech), and perhaps for scientists.

    • No. We’ve had enough immigration – too much immigration in fact! Immigration into Europe should be restricted to Europeans.

    • No, that would block minority groups, such as Christians and Yazzidis, which are subject to barbaric persecution and genocide at the hands of Muslims, from entering. These are the only people who should even be considered for asylum. Instead the only people we let in are their persecutors and deport the people who have a legitimate need for protection.

      What needs to happen is a complete ban on Muslims. We would not allow practitioner of the Aztec religion to enter the country and continue ripping the hearts out sacrificial victims that they capture. Why do we allow the practitioners of religion that calls for the killing, enslavement, and plundering of all non-Muslims to immigrate? Even if a particular Muslim does not like to practice such things, you never know when any Muslim or their children will start to practicing the religion according to what it teaches. (Muhammad chastised his followers who did not want to engage in Jihad against people who did them no harm.) Islam is evil and it should be kept out of any country that wants to be free.

  2. As reported in last night’s news feed, the legal case against Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini will not proceed.”

    There is a satanic and sinister minds in European countries to even come up with such an accusation, let alone the absurdity of taking it up to the senate to decide the removal of immunity from a parliament member in order to prosecute and persecute him/ her.

    Not joking. Probably some folks c an remember when one went to the court and sued God for causing destruction on earth. The case was was accepted with official papers seals and stamps. It was only rejected when he was asked to provide God’s dwelling place/address, which was unbeknownst to the Plaintiff.

    Democracies comedies of absurdities.

    • Imagine the surprise of the globalist elites should
      another Mussolini or Hitler emerge from the mist!

      Europeans have till now been very , surprisingly
      Patient, if not mistakenly, with the influx of
      Poorly educated 3rd world (illegal) migrants to the
      Detriment of their nations own way of lives.

      An imminent political backlash may morph into an over
      Reaction example WW11 largely caused by the perceived
      German Humiliation by the WW1 Treaty of Versailles.

      God forbid this should happen but until Europeans
      Put the interests of their own citizens FIRST
      This nightmarish situation could come to pass.

  3. Islam is a plague. Who would willingly allow the plague into their countries? Only corrupt officials whose pockets are lined with Saudi and Qatari blood money!

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