Culture-Enriching Child Rape in Göppingen

I just posted an article from Barcelona about imams who sexually abused children in their care. Now comes this report from Germany. As with the Catalonian story, the lurid details have been placed below the jump to spare sensitive readers.

I think it’s worth noting that in both articles, the abused children seem to have been Muslims. In other words, the rule to follow with Muslim men is: Never allow them to care for children of any age or religion without infidel supervision. Given a chance, they will sexually exploit children of either sex.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this report from Bild:

Babysitter allegedly abused 6-year-old girl

Ulm/Göppingen — He was meant to look after her, to take her on trips, to play games with her. But instead the babysitter Ufuk E. (39) from Göppingen allegedly abused little Nicole (6) multiple times.

Over the span of months, from January to July, the girl spent the weekends together with her little brother (4) in the 50-square-meter apartment. Ufuk E. is employed as a courier driver.

There, according to the court indictment, horrible things happened in the apartment. The babysitter is accused of engaging in 13 different sexual acts with the six-year-old. And he forbade the children to tell anyone; it was supposed to be their mutual secret.

He is accused of enticing the girl [daughter] of a friend of his with candy and with trips to the local swimming pool. And if the girl refused to comply, the defendant threatened her.

The incidents came to light because the brother of the six-year-old girl was talking about things that happened in the shower. The prosecution is using the testimonies of both children, and they’re also in possession of traces of sperm DNA.

The babysitter could go to prison for four years, according to demands by the prosecution.

18 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Child Rape in Göppingen

  1. “go to prison for four years”

    Just FOUR years for raping a SIX year old child on THIRTEEN different occasions?

    One bullet for each rape is justice.

    • I would be shocked if the sub-human was convicted; four years is a fairy tale. The judge will make an excuse for the child rapist and if the stars and planets align, he might have to spend a year in a cushy scandinavian prison where he can proselytize and subvert the other inmates.

      • I would gladly donate bullets to such a worthy endeavour. I will even cast them myself in whatever caliber is required; lead made with wheel weights from vehicles operated on a hog farm, and lard to fill the grease grooves and lubricate the imam’s meeting with Allah.

        • Wheelweights is too good for them.
          Use that for target shooting, mixed with range lead.
          Just cast buckshot from the grubbiest good-for-nothing lead you can scrounge–mix with rock salt if you like.
          that will do the job, but slooooooooooooowly.


    • Well if they put different parts in different prisons it may be ok. I think we know which parts.

  2. Sadly this was predictable, muslim men are used to see little girls as sexual playthings and see nothing wrong in that, I daily see it when adult muslim men catcall and yell sexual vulgarities at little girls in the street, German girls as young as 7 or 8 are dealing with this in many cities every day. You cannot fix their low IQ and propensity to violence and rape just by putting them in a classroom, they don’t belong here, when I was 15 I travelled to Mexico with my father and my aunt who were a photographers and I remember getting catcalled all the time by the men, I was shocked and scared to death, men were not shy at all and some even tried to touch me, when I returned to Germany I felt relieved to live here where men don’t do that but sadly it’s happening here too now, it’s an unequivocal sign of third world society.

    • This is the insanity of virtue-signaling SJWs from the multi-culti-cult.
      Scientists have learned that it’s impossible to domesticate a wolf, even when placing a newborn wolf pup with a tame dog mother and her puppies. By age one, the wolf will try to tear your throat out if you attempt to prevent it from getting what it wants. There is no way to “train” it into behaving like a dog. Similarly, it’s madness to take a desert barbarian and place him in a civilized European setting. Like the wolf, he will just take what he wants.

  3. Just to give headsup, the police in finnish city of Oulu are investigating new rape cases. One of the victims is under 16, the other under 18.

  4. How apt that his first name is Ufuk. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself).

    Then there is the sad story of 14 year old Susanna Feldman from Mainz, Germany who was found raped and murdered 3 weeks after her disappearance. The suspect, 21-yr old Ali Bashar, is an Iraqi national and rejected asylum seeker. He also stands accused of raping an 11 year old, two months earlier.

    Bashar, who has a history of theft, violence, and sexual assault did admit to the murder, but denies having raped Susanna Feldman. Once officially charged with the rape of the 11 year old girl, he managed to elude justice by simply FLEEING BACK TO IRAQ UNHINDERED, together with SEVEN CLOSE FAMILY MEMBERS, presumably using false documents.

    The prosecution suspects him, his younger brother and a 14-yr old Afghan who also lived in the asylum seeker centre of having raped the 11 year old girl.

    The younger brother and 14 year old CAN NOT BE PUT ON TRIAL BECAUSE THEY ARE MINORS.

    Source :

  5. I wouldn’t leave a young child with a male friend in the first place, always preferably with a female or a couple and most definitely with grandparents or other relatives. I know, I know, it won’t delete the chances completely, but it certainly lowers them a lot more than leaving them with a single guy.
    And it’s extremely naive to leave a small girl alone with a muslim guy.
    The sentence he’s facing is just laughable! Four years for every attack might be more reasonable (in his case basically a life sentence), especially with a proper inmate to give him a good taste of his own medicine. I’m inclined to add the rope, as it would be cheaper than feeding him for years on end, but then again for them it’s definitely worse to rot away, instead of becomming what they call “martyrs”.

  6. It used to be that women in Germany did not have to be wary of men. But now you can not know critical aspects of another person’s upbringing, what they are communicating or how they will respond. This is a problem for the menfolk, as well, because of the possibly deadly consequences of stepping in when other men misbehave.

    This is starting to ruin the free and innocent play between the sexes that has made life fun for both. It will be a sad day when you can no longer flirt with strangers. This man has found that is already true with regards to his “recently arrived” neighbors. As to someone wearing a hijab – why risk a knife in the back?

  7. “[…] in both articles, the abused children seem to have been Muslims.” Why? The little girl from Göppingen is called Nicole, which is a common enough name in Germany.

    • It was a guess, based on the fact that she was said to be the daughter of a friend. I guess he must have infidel friends.

  8. Why on Earth someone would hire an almost 40 year old babysitter named Ufuk for a little girl?

    • EXACTLY! What the hell was wrong with those parents? I would never dream of leaving my grandchildren with a young, foreign male “babysitter” or even a female one that I didn’t know for a long time – just too paranoid at this point. There are perverts all over, in every country and of both sexes. Why take chances?

      • The naivete of the liberal, most of whom have no understanding of or ability to deal with reality.

  9. This happens all the time here in Sweden too, we imported millions of feral analphabets from Africa and middle east and now we are witnessing horrific and unknown forms of crime, customs and situations, child marriage, honour killing, female genital mutilation, polygamy, slavery, we Swedish people are finally exposed to the real third world people, not to the sugary academic view of those people.

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