A Yellow Vest Leader Takes on Danny the Red

Jérôme Rodrigues is a French activist who is prominent in the Yellow Vest movement. Last month Mr. Rodrigues was blinded in one eye at a demonstration when he was hit by a flashball fired by police.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a.k.a. Danny the Red, is a notorious French/German revolutionary anarchist and pedophile. In the following video, taken from a panel discussion on French TV, Mr. Rodrigues debates Mr. Cohn-Bendit and holds his own admirably.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

04:15   OK. —Now, people are offended by plenty of things.
04:19   You may be offended by what happened to Mr. Finkielkraut [anti-Semitic slurs during the rally],
04:22   but are they offended by mosques with graffiti, churches with graffiti. So they always
04:27   concentrate on one particular person, because unfortunately — or fortunately — he is
04:31   publicized, but there are plenty of other people who are suffering from those anti-Semitic acts or
04:35   other racist acts that might be committed in France. And we are always there to concentrate on one
04:40   person, but there are plenty of people who are victims of that . —Because this event was recorded,
04:43   and you can show it and he is a famous person. —Because this event was recorded, but are you now
04:46   going to show the event where one person, whose name I don’t know, and incidentally whom I would
04:51   like to contact to talk to, a person who was wearing a kippah, and who was facing
04:55   the Arc de Triomphe [in Paris] and who was making a speech while specifying that Yellow Vests
04:59   aren’t anti-Semitic. Nobody is talking about that person. They talk about the aggressive person,
05:02   but they don’t talk about the Jewish person who is a Yellow Vest at the same time, wearing
05:06   the kippah in the rally, and who is insisting that the Yellow Vest movement isn’t anti-Semitic.
05:11   They don’t talk about that person. They always talk about the bad. — But I would say
05:16   they don’t talk about the good. —Wait, Danny will answer you?
05:20   Wait, first. I would never say that a movement
05:24   could be anti-Semitic. I said this movement [the Yellow Vests] from the beginning
05:28   was a movement very HEINOUS and AGGRESSIVE. —And why?
05:32   But… —Who was cultivating this hatred for forty years? Who was cultivating this garden in
05:36   sowing the grains of hate? Today you have France that is expressing herself, who was
05:40   oppressed for forty years and who couldn’t express herself. Please, sir,
05:44   Mr. Cohn-Bendit, I don’t know your particular story, but I’m lucky enough to have a grandfather,
05:48   who told me about you, OK? It wasn’t that nice in 1968 [communist youth riots in France].
05:52   You weren’t fighting using flowers. Because if I mention the Portuguese Revolution, where people
05:55   were fighting with carnations in 1968 — on the other hand —
05:58   it was with pickaxes. You aren’t going to tell me that… —I was going to tell you about 1968,
06:01   and I wanted to talk to you about the problems —It’s easy to denounce violence
06:05   when violence took place in 1968 as well.

7 thoughts on “A Yellow Vest Leader Takes on Danny the Red

  1. Fantastic comeback. I had never heard of the 1968 riots or the Carnation revolution. Rodrigues made him look very uncomfortable like a criminal who has lived a long and normal life and suddenly his backyard is dug up and they find the body of his murdered wife that he claimed had run off. Happening around the place a bit lately. These people seem so respectable and normal and we trust their views. We make assumptions based on people’s appearances that they can be trusted and their views should be listened to, we should be more careful.

    • …” people’s appearances that they can be trusted and their views should be listened to, we should be more careful.”

      Exactly !! Me, you and others presenting here on this site, “unorthodox” nonconformist opinions and views, with our mail addresses attached to them. Big Brother is watching and slowly building our political profile and dossier. They already know our names, addresses, life, etc.

      Most of the known “populist” sides are infiltrated like “Voice of Europe”

      I was living and being imprisoned (“detained”) 1980 in Poland, so I know first hand how the system works..and what’s behind the “curtain”.


      I’m just wondering what steps are taken by the current owners of GOV to ensure privacy and security people posting here? (no offence Byron & Dymphna)

      Also, I like to know who financially sponsor GOV now, regarding you change formula financing your site…Regards.

      • Also, I like to know who financially sponsor GOV now

        Well, stay tuned for our next Quarterly Fundraiser. Now that winter is slowly passing as afternoons return, we’ll be having our Spring event in the not-too-distant future. We don’t post our donors’ names, but we do let readers know where our generous, individual givers reside – except for those who send cash and post no address.

  2. More background info: The Carnation Revolution was a peaceful revolution in Portugal in 1974, which toppled dictator Caetano and installed the democratically elected president Spinola.
    Jérôme Rodrigues is of Portugese descent, so his grandfather was probably involved there.
    He then compared it to the neo-marxist pseudo-revolution 0f 1968, in which Cohn-Bendit played a significant role in Paris, and which was not peaceful at all.
    Interesting to see how those so-called “idealists” from 1968, like Cohn-Bendit, show their true selfish self now, after they have become part of the affluent and privileged establishment.
    By refusing to debate about the valid points that Rodrigues mentioned, while making denigrating remarks about the Yellow Vest Movement as “violent”(which it mostly isn’t) and “hateful” (which it definitely isn’t, justified anger isn’t “hate”), he only reveals his own hypocrisy and moral futility.
    It’s time that we finally rid ourselves of the dominance of this perverted left-winged elite from post 1968. In May this year is our chance! Don’t miss it!

    • “We Greens must ensure to bring as many foreigners as possible into Germany. If they are in Germany, we have to fight for their right to vote. When we have achieved that, we will have the share of votes that we need to change this republic.”
      Daniel Cohn-Bendit

      • In other words they can’t get the support of the people so they want to bring in foreigners to replace the people.

        What happens when the foreigners don’t vote for them in the future but their own candidates?

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