130 Mujahideen Expected to Return to France From Syria

Valérie Boyer is a member of the French National Assembly representing the department of Bouches-du-Rhône for Les Républicains (formerly the UMP), the party of Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy.

In the following video Ms. Boyer confronts Interior Minister Christophe Castaner about the reported imminent arrival in France of 130 “French” jihadis returning from the war in Syria.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The floor for Madame Valérie Boyer. —Thank you Mr. President.
00:05   Mr. Interior Minister. French people are imprisoned in foreign countries for the common law crimes
00:10   without being repatriated. But concerning jihadis, you have expressed support for their return
00:14   since 2018, while more than 500 individuals are allegedly detained in France
00:17   for terrorism, of whom 10% will be released at the end of 2019.
00:20   You informed us quietly this morning of the arrival of 130 additional jihadis.
00:25   The precautionary principle that you cherish so much should prevail at the least. Organizing
00:30   their return feels like treason for the victims. Those individuals should be judged in Iraq or
00:35   Syria where they are currently staying. It’s not about ordinary crimes, but crimes against humanity,
00:40   crimes of genocide, for which the witnesses who survived their abuse tell us
00:45   that those who spoke French were among the most cruel. You say that you know perfectly
00:50   those barbarians, therefore: how many, precisely, are bi-nationals, and why have them come back?
00:56   You consider the jihadis to be French, but we Republicans have been asking for years
01:01   the termination of their nationality. Still, you obstinately refuse the application
01:06   of book four of the penal code which “condemns any person guilty of espionage for the enemy”.
01:11   All the while our police officers and prison staff are in disarray; all the while our soldiers
01:15   and law enforcement risk their lives; all the while
01:18   there’s a shortage of prison space, because you haven’t built more,
01:21   contrary to your promises; all the while radicalization prospers, especially in prisons.
01:25   Why are you accepting their return helplessly? Why are you planning to
01:29   have those individuals come back, and at what price?
01:32   Security is the first of the liberties, the pillar of cohesion in our society. In order for France
01:37   to be great, she mustn’t tremble. “The state has to hold the reins.” as General de Gaulle said.
01:42   Protect French people, hold the reins, prevent those jihadis who betrayed France and attacked
01:47   our civilization from returning to France… that one day they have a French passport
01:52   Passport, which they burned, as a matter of fact. —Thank you, Madame Representative.
01:57   Monsieur Christophe Castaner, the Interior Minister, has the floor.
02:02   Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, representatives,
02:08   Madame Representative Boyer. Syrian democratic forces are detaining
02:13   or holding right now, in Rojava, foreign combatants,
02:18   among which there are French nationals. The number
02:23   of 130 jihadis — advanced by the national mass media — has never been confirmed.
02:28   How many? How many? —You know, Madame Representative, the evolution of the military situation.
02:33   Madame, take the time and listen to my answer, and it will prevent you from putting
02:39   in my mouth declarations that I didn’t make, this morning at the beginning of your question.
02:43   What I’ll tell you is that you know the evolution of the military situation in northeast Syria.
02:48   And especially the recent American decisions. You’ll understand that of course,
02:54   I won’t mention them today because they are being discussed on an international level that doesn’t
02:58   depend on the Interior Minister. But what I’m going to tell you, Madame Representative,
03:01   in a very simple way, very clearly,
03:04   is that if there are French people over there and
03:09   if they have to be deported, we know where they are, we know
03:14   who they are, and if they were to set foot in France they would be immediately arrested,
03:19   and they will be judged. —But you let them come? —Thank you, Mr. Minister.

10 thoughts on “130 Mujahideen Expected to Return to France From Syria

  1. ” > . . . if they were to set foot in France they would be immediately arrested, . . . ”

    and will be released immediately for we believe in human rights, or perhaps we are too cowardly to stop them from returning. After all they are French citizens Class 1 and muslim, just tell me how we can prevent them from coming back. If we do the 17 million muslims/ jihadis in The Republic of Muslims will demand that they return at once or burn France.

    We know something you stupid people you don’t know. Do you want France burnt? What are you shmoes?

    You see we are clever. We can postpone the Burning for 6 months at least.

  2. Aha, let the, in…we will going to follow them and after they bomb our cuties we will judge them
    Excellent thinking

  3. Someone earlier made the point that it is the responsibility of the country exporting terrorists to take them back and deal with them, rather than leaving a victim country, like Syria’s government, to deal with them. I think there’s merit to the argument, although I’m sure the legislative deadlock, like in the USA, would prevent France from creating any realistic laws to adequately deal with ruthless terrorists. And of course, they keep an eye out for the international courts like the European Court for Human Justice, which ensures any proceedings are as cumbersome, expensive, and ineffectual as possible.

    Possibly the best solution is to inform the government of Syria that France will not accept the prisoners, but won’t inquire too closely on their whereabouts in the future. And pay some reparations to the government of Syria for exporting these terrorists. I’m sure the reparations won’t be nearly as expensive as the total costs of dealing with the terrorists once they arrive in France.

  4. This comment is from France.

    First, thanks to Gates of Vienna for keeping its english speaking readers posted on what’s going on in France these days.

    Right now France is in dire straits. This man Castaner, chosen last year by Macron to head the Interior Ministry ( in reality the Police Ministry),is really something
    He started life as a professional gambler ( in Marseille, supposedly to help pay for his university years). Later on he flirted with the gangster life, without ever being caught. But he was known to be the favorite of one Marseille most notorious mafia bosses. Maybe as a “consiliere”. He was young, but already some people had notice his bright intelligence.
    Later on, he dabbled in politics for a while and was elected on a Socialist Party ticket as a local representative ( député).

    When Macron entered politics a few years ago, left the Socialists and joined the Macronite organisation. Then bingo! Macron was elected President. Clever Castaner kept moving up the ladder, joined the government and now he oversees all the Police ans Gendarmerie forces in France!
    Naturally lots of police officers and gendarmes don’t think much of him but mostly keep quiet.

    The most frightening thing for us French patriots, is that Castaner, for reasons known only to himself, is an out-and-out defender of Islam. He regularly sides with Muslims on every issue. He said on an interview that Islam ” is a religion of Happiness and Love” ( une religion de bonheur et d’amour)

    Last week he said on TV that the “French” jihadists captured in Syria/Irak ” are French before they are jihadists” and should therefore be allowed to return home, where they would be judged.

    For many French people, this is insane and criminal. Wa all have seen on TV , several years ago, how they had burnt their French passeports on camera upon arriving in the now defunct “Islamic State”. These renegates are not French. They are Islamic rubbish.

    Several of these returnees have already come back, have been judged ( by a usually complicit Justice) and been set free after serving a short jail term. This year , about a dozen more are going to be freed, sentence being served. This is awful. France is being sold to an all conquering Islam by its own government.
    We can of course expect more bombings and mayhem in the years to come.

    • “Naturally lots of police officers and gendarmes don’t think much of him but mostly keep quiet.”

      I’m going to use your very valuable post to platform my own view.

      Protests must be non-violent. Masked, violent protesters push police and the military into a no-win situation, where they have to take a side to save their lives.

      Every time police use violence against peaceful protesters, they create potential allies within the police itself for the protesters. This is invaluable for intelligence and strategy, not to mention that the police will begin to develop their own covert resistance networks.

      By the way, in no way am I suggesting demonstrators should not defend themselves, nor have organized defense. I’m saying they are vastly damaging their own cause by allowing unjustified violence against innocent police and other people to occur from within their ranks.

      • RonaldB, your point of view is interesting, but I don’t think it applies regarding the current situation in France. These attacks against the Police during the Yellow Vests protests do not come from Yellow Vests, but from people with a different agenda.

        These individuals are known here as “Casseurs” (breakers) who mingle with protesters to break shop windows and steal things. They have no ideology or beliefs: they just want to steal.

        We also have “BlackBlocks”, a kind of alt-left and communist miscreants who come to make trouble. They are our homegrown variety of Antifas.

        The Yellow Vests are by essence peaceful. The violence against private property and police come almost exclusively from “casseurs”, Black Blocks and other kinds of hooligans. Some of them are clever enough to don a yellow vest before taking to the streets…

        Macron and his henchman Castaner are quite happy to let these troublemakers wreak havoc during the Yellow Vests events. It gives the movement a bad name, and that’s what the government wants. These “Casseurs” are never arrested. Probably the Police have orders from above not to intervene. On some occasions, undercover cops are suspected of having themselves mingled with protesters to start trouble. We call them “agents provocateurs”!

        • I don’t have firsthand knowledge, but I totally agree with you. I mentioned on other threads, but not here, that protesters need to organize themselves, including security to expel from their presence violent troublemakers.

          This is for exactly the reason you mention: if protesters allow anyone to march with them, they will host agents provocateurs, violent rabble, and false flag implants. This is a technique of government and intelligence agencies: infiltrate a movement, and inject agents to give it a bad name and give the government an excuse for violent suppression.

          Organized, determined movement groups are very careful who they allow to associate with. Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, went to a survivalist group meeting once prior to his attack. They told him to not come back.

          The success of the yellow vests depend on their ejecting the Castaner and other agents from the demonstrations.

          • @ RonaldB
            I agree with you.
            Yellow Vests have started doing just that. They are organizing their own security service to eject troublemakers from their marches.
            Best Regards.

  5. I try to think about how this return is even possible and I feel a searing pain in my skull as my mental gears grind to a complete halt in disbelief.

  6. I’m speechless too. It’s so awful, for French young generations to come. Government allows to come back these animals who went to this hell hole, cut people heads off, raping, burning French passports, then to come back to France, for sauna!!, (probably very light sentences, “Human Rights” bull…)

    Good luck, French people, with these traitors. It’s terrible, just awful…

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