The Twilight of Sweden

The two videos below illustrate different aspects of the migrant-embracing zeitgeist in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

The first shows various functionaries in the educational establishment talking about the increased level of violence and intimidation in Swedish schools. Well… at least they’re talking about it, even if they never ever mention cultural enrichment as a factor. One administrator acknowledges the increase, but thinks it’s possible that members of the public have simply become more alert and are reporting more of the problems.

So it goes in Sweden.

Many thanks to Kronanse Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Margot Wallström is Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister for the current Swedish government. In the following clip she is speaking about Islam in parliament in early January 2019.

Compare and contrast her laudatory statements about the Religion of Peace with the footage Vlad has appended to the video, which was recorded a year previously. In it you see Muslim demonstrators marching past the Israeli embassy in Sweden while chanting their hatred of the Jews — and also “Long live Margot Wallström!”

The translation and subtitling in the second part of this video were not done in-house, so I can’t credit them:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Lund: A student was threatened with a knife by two of his age-mates.
00:05   Sigtuna: A student was stabbed twice in the back with a sharp object and was taken to hospital.
00:10   Karlstad: A student stabbed a teacher with fruit knife
00:15   Leksand: Knife brawl Huddinge: Death threat by knife Stockholm: beating and death threat
00:18   Increase in reported violence offenses in school.
00:21   What do you think about violence and threats in school?
00:24   MARIA ELMÉR: Project leader, Swedish National Agency for Education
00:27   It is very serious when it is reported and we discover it.
00:30   We can’t say that it has increased overall, but we see
00:34   that the public is more aware of these issues,
00:37   Which leads to more people noticing them better and reporting them.
00:42   What is necessary to do so that schools become a safer environment for both students and teachers?
00:47   MARIA ELMÉR: There are general several things can be done.
00:51   Certainly one is partially the trust in relationships,
00:54   which leads to students talking with adults when they end up in hazardous situations.
01:01   Also, schools can start mapping school buildings
01:05   To mark possible locations for brawls, insult and discrimination.
01:10   For example, places like sport halls, narrow pathways, and the last locker at the back.
01:17   By doing this we can prevent serious situations which could
01:23   escalate to more dangerous situations.
01:26   But we always also have to evaluate each school in its local context,
01:30   and the way the charts look and which assessment should follow.
01:35   “I will kill you, I will decapitate you!”
01:39   JUDY JONSSON, Teacher: I brought knives to cut pumpkins at Halloween.
01:46   I went with the knives like this; it looks a little bizarre…
01:49   The students came into the classroom. When the second-to-last student came in
01:56   He grabbed the knife and pointed it…
02:00   And he took it up in front of my eyes, he pointed it at my neck and said:
02:04   “I will kill you, I will decapitate you!”
02:10   Her case is one of 3,000 cases of reported threats
02:14   or violent offenses in [Swedish] schools in the last five years.
02:17   Judy Jonsson is a drawing teacher. She was threatened to death by a student last fall.
02:25   This incident has caused a deep scar in Judy and changed her life.
02:31   I felt that my entire body…
02:35   was lacerated, wounded in a way. I really felt it.
02:40   Depression, thoughts of suicide
02:45   avoiding normal life,
02:50   avoiding the family, avoiding friends — everybody.
02:56   I felt like I shrank…

Video transcript #2:

00:00   I would like to talk about some claims that are circulating…
00:04   we have the greatest respect for Islam as a global religion
00:07   and its contribution to our common civilization.
00:11   Sweden also has a leading role in intercultural and interreligious dialogue.
00:16   Sweden appreciates its good relations with the Muslim world.
00:20   Many Swedes are Muslims, and that is, of course,
00:23   a precious contribution to our society.
00:26   Our policy that we have regarding this issue,
00:29   as I experience it, and as Allan Widman said also,
00:32   is supported strongly by the Swedish people and here in the parliament.
00:37   Nothing I have said here in the parliament,
00:40   nor in any other place, should or could be interpreted as criticism of Islam.
00:45   That would be a blatant fallacious claim!
00:48   The government has the greatest respect for Islam
00:51   as a religion and for its contribution for our common civilization.
00:55   We have worked for decades for tolerance and diversity.

29 thoughts on “The Twilight of Sweden

    • I think the advice the Boers would give would be to never allow the orcs to vote lest they wind up on the dinner menu.

  1. After the death threat by one of her students, I note that the drawing teacher said she ‘avoided life’ – but surely she was ‘avoiding life’ before that because she refused to acknowledge the reality of her and her country’s predicament.

    • It’s hard to tell in an individual case what’s happening.

      My guess is that one of the best antidotes to PTSD is the presence of a strong social group with which one can share experiences and perhaps get some support in countermeasures.

      Perhaps there is an implicit ban on discussing violence by immigrants or Muslims, such that offences such as the teacher suffered are kept in silence. Did she even report the offense, or was she aware that the school administration would simply cover it up as a counter-example to their meme of diversity and the benefits of immigration?

      The Swedes have a tendency to internalize conflict and guilt, which is why the very light criminal penalties, when compared to the West, actually functioned for them before the insanity of open borders.

  2. Interested to know if their cruise ship tourism has suffered in
    The last decade?

    I cannot imagine many people would risk shore trips under
    The current malaise that pervades the country, particularly
    The risk of travelling through the (denied) no go areas.

    Love the remark that more people are “noticing” attacks
    Which means they are reported more!

    How many teachers and students have been going home
    With undetected stab wounds I wonder?

    • In Britain we say the fear of crime is worse than the crime itself – ergo reduce the fear of crime and crime becomes less of a problem. Yes, the brits are as crazy as the swedes.
      You pose an interesting question. What effect is immigration having on the tourist industry in Stockholm, and Paris and London and Berlin. We hear nothing about it – but what does that say?

  3. Sweden is suffering a madness, the likes of which could only be described by Jonathan Swift. God help those poor fools.

  4. “We can’t say that it has increased overall, but we see that the public is more aware of these issues,…” oh yeah, I completely forgot how 15, 20 years ago Swedish students used to slice eachother’s throats all the time. Is she for real?!

    • It’s a line the bureaucrats and politicians use to buy themselves a few more years of inaction, which is their end goal.

      “We don’t know if crime actually increased, or we just have better methods for reporting it.”

      • Just goes to show how shortsighted they truly are; how will they get their pensions paid when the muslim hordes take over? And would they want those pensions if it meant having to live among those same hordes? Assuming that is, if the islamists allow the intermingling of their superior culture with that of the infidels…

        • How they will get their pensions?

          Selling the other swedish people, especially the bad nazis who were against muslims and of course the blond swedish women.
          But they forget that in a muslim society you are only as strong as the clan / family behind you.
          So, yes, those politicians will get some money, but when the muslims have taken over then they will get no more money. And lets not forget- nobody likes traitors. You cannot trust them. And normally you kill them before they can betray their new master.

      • That’s probably one of the biggest issues with democracy: people who only care for the +-5 years they’re going to be in power tend to flood in to make some quick money. If they end up being elected again they only plan for the next 5 years, sometimes even not that long. The only ones planning beyond are those who are effectively they’re country’s monarch, even though elected regularly: Putin, Lukashenko and Orbán.
        Don’t get me wrong, I still think democracy is a great system, it’s just that people aren’t really educated about what democracy is and so most think it’s done with throwing the ballot in every once in a while, without giving much thought into who they’re actually voting for. Or they refuse to accept they’re in a minority – Hillary supporters are a great example, saying things like “Trump isn’t my president!” Oh really? Have you forefeigted your US citizenship? Otherwise he is, whether you like it or not. Literally none of them work towards a democrat horse being elected the next time, instead they scream and kick around. It’s the same over here, our PM’s party won with 30% (give or take) and yet all the loosers kick around, instead of admitting defeat and work towards better results next time. Look, we have this liberal-conservative party that ended up second, they oppose the current PM in many ways. But instead of pulling the “we will form a coalition so that we can adjust their ideas” they immediatelly pulled the “we are NOT even going to consider working together with THEM”. That’s not democracy! Perhaps the way Switzerland does it is the most democratic system currently in practice anywhere in the world, though I wouldn’t know the details about the looser’s reaction (and I imagine agitators are at work there too).

        • I forget who said it: statesmen (statespeople?) think of the next generation, politicians of the next election.

  5. People constantly repeat the mantra “Islam has contributed so much to our common civilization.”
    I would like to know what they think they are referring to. Does anyone ever ask them, “Like what?”
    Play devil’s advocate: Like what? I really want to know.

    • Islam has contributed such masterpieces of culture to our common civilization. For example, consider the invention of the suicide bomber. Imagine how creative such a society must be to design an explosive vest, convince their young adolescent or mentally challenged members to wear it, and how strong their faith and how altruistic their motives must be to sacrifice their own lives in service to Allah in order to rid the world of infidels.

      Another example is the contribution of clitoral removal from young girls. Clearly, the islamic patriarchy recognizes the dangers of female sexuality and hypergamy to society, and have solved this with a very elegant solution of simply excising the clitoris, thereby ensuring that the female will never derive any enjoyment from sex and therefore will never be tempted to stray from her husband. This practice, if widely adopted, would stamp out divorce and the scourge that it has been to our western society.

      A third example of islamic contribution to our civilization is child marriage of young girls to much older males. Such a stalwart of islamic society as Mohammad himself heartily endorsed such a cultural contribution. Undoubtedly, he was being selfless by marrying such a young girl, since she would have been of dubious value and a liability because he would have had to feed and clothe and support her for many years before she would have been able to give him a child. This would have been quite a burden because he already had many other wives and all of their children to feed and clothe. He must have been truly concerned about her and her welfare, and those who in this modern era continue to follow his example of selflessness and benevolence for their young prepubescent charges have shown us what a blessing islam can be to modern society to alleviate child female poverty and future adult spinsterism.

      I could give many more examples, but for the sake of brevity I will cut it short with only these three.

    • I do ask that regularly to people, the answer is very simple, really: they will tell you about the Golden Age and how all inventions are islamic. That’s the way they’ve been educated and don’t know any better. Most people aren’t interested in history on a deeper level and finding the truth isn’t easy even when you are interested.
      So then just educated them, tell them the truth about the Crusades, about how muslims stole most of their knowledge from other nations (“arabic” numerals are a great example) or put the “Golden Age” into perspective (how muslims did great only because they actively forced Europe into ruin).
      They might not believe you at first, but most who take that sort of discussion seriously will have a seed of doubt sprout in them and they will eventually research it themselves. Or you can always link them to some nice sources, like Bill Warner’s (and I hope I haven’t butchered his name) famous video on the history of islam.

      The same can be done with anyone claiming islam is the religion of peace. People only parrot what they’re told by the media and education system. Cite a few lines. Counter the “but in the Bible there’s a lot violence too” argument with “of course, but we moved past that, islam doesn’t allow theology, so they never did” and cite it (I don’t remember where exactly it’s mentioned, but it goes along the lines of “if you think something in the quran isn’t right, you’re a bad muslim and you need to pray more to leave such thoughts.”
      Again, most people won’t go and read it, all religious books aren’t exactly a fun read, but they might research some more on their own. Or they will dismiss your arguments as being hateful. Then you just have to stay firm and tell them you’ve done all that research and formed an educated opinion. “I dunno, man, I just don’t feel so good about their holy book saying how I’m the lowest of the low because I’m a Christian/atheist/what have you,” that sort of thing.

  6. No. She’s terrified. The world that she’s invested everything in is falling down around her ears.

    • She like her ilk is mortally terrified. Everything she has learned all her entire life now turns out to be a lie. That is unacceptable, she resists. Otherwise her personality would disintegrate.
      Not until she is laying on the proverbial Moroccan hillside having her head sawn off will she realize the horrible mistake she made.
      She suffers from cognitive dissonance,

  7. Ach well – A couple years ago we had a situation in a kindergarden in Stockholm: An “African” 5 year old would beat all the other boys in the kindergarten, and to my surprise – this was a problem without solution in Sweden… Female Feminnist teachers would refuse any kind of punishment and were just stuck with a little black beating all the other kids – for at least two years – and I repeat what they said: “punishments don’t work, we have to teach by examples, etc…”

    These women seem absolutely unaware of the real world, they try to be nice to death.

    • Chances are that black boy will repay their kindness with some raping, or raping of their children, in a few years time…

      I’m surprised the other boys didn’t gang up on him though. Don’t tell me Swedish kids are indoctrinated that early in life?

      • yes, the female motherly mindset in Sweden is that hitting someone is like killing someone, and they would punish the Swedish boys for any retaliatory attempt

  8. .
    Perhaps last, but not least.

    The angry foreigner, that is according to Gogle:
    the wog / blatte / babbe / nigger,
    about an aspect of the political
    game in Sweden.

    How Sweden Embraced Terrorism

    After the terror attack in Stockholm, Sweden responded with cliches about unconditional love, just like some hippie-cult or bad christian stereotype. Follow me in this perverse journey through the filthy moist underbowels of a nation corrupted by political correctness.

    We’ll take a look at some absurd Swedish reactions towards islamist terror, examine how things got this bad, and make some suggestions on how to fix this perverted mess.

    1 – 01:55 – Fighting terrorism with love and hugs
    2 – 09:54 – ISIS are offended by politically correct leftists
    3 – 15:20 – Politicians who enabled the terror attack participated in a silent minute for the victims
    4 – 23:37 – Illegal immigrants are treated better than Swedish citizens. This incentivizes crime and terrorism
    5 – 31:50 – Saudi Arabia are a major player in terrorism
    6 – 37:11 – End mass surveillance. It makes it harder to fight terrorism
    7 – 39:02 Terrorists are not the friends of muslims

    The FREE HUGS terrorist celebration video can be found here, it went viral in Sweden racking up almost 1 million views and 11’000 likes:

    Love did not beat terror. Those who are dead are still dead, and preaching love hasn’t changed anything in the fight against terror.
    If you think ”love is a weapon” then travel down to Syria and ask people what worked better, love or guns.
    Love hasn’t stopped any dictator nor serial killer throughout history.
    We don’t need more love.
    We need uncompromised hatred towards tyranny.

    Sources used in video:
    The Danish model: * * *
    Worth noting is that it might seem as pussy as Sweden, but Denmark actually targets people in the risk zone and coordinate efforts to deradicalize on a large front, with good cooperation between different authorities. Sweden doesn’t even do that much.

    Angry Foreigner
    7 maj 2017

  9. The problem in Sweden, and most of the West, is the unspoken assertion that the human rights of foreigners take precedence over the human rights of the native born. All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others.

    The human right of people to violate the borders of someone else’s country and game their immigration / welfare system takes precedence over the human right of people to live safely and securely in a stable country and not be forced to pay taxes to support an invasion by hostile foreigners with an alien culture who live as a criminal leisure class.

    The core of the problem lies in the fact that the above statement makes me ‘right-wing extremist’, etc. etc. in the eyes of Western governments. I am none of those things. I am simply intelligent, aware and capable of logical thought.

    In the relationship between a parasite and its host, there is no win / win. The parasite wins, the host loses. That is simply how nature works. Politics cannot change that natural asymmetry.

  10. “an alien culture who live as a criminal leisure class”

    That’s it.

    They are the new aristocracy, but without the good education and refined manners.

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