The Kinetic Suppression of Yellow Vest Protesters by the French Police

The two videos below are in French, and were originally subtitled in German. MissPiggy has translated the German to create the English version. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

WARNING: The first video shows a somewhat graphic image of the injury sustained by a protester who lost an eye to a police flashball. Sensitive viewers may want to skip this clip:

In the second video, a journalist named David Dufresne describes the serious injuries sustained by Yellow Vest protesters at the hands of police since the demonstrations began last November:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   I am a horticulturalist. —You can’t do your job anymore? —No, I can’t do my job
00:04   anymore. I can no longer touch the soil because the slightest dust might go into
00:08   my eye. Here, have a look. —Oh f**k!
00:12   Do you know the power of what you received?
00:16   Yes, it’s 220 joules, that’s about 320km / h.(199mph)
00:21   That’s right, and y’know, a boxer’s punch to the face is 100 joules.
00:25   Yes, we call that a Mike Tyson punch. —Sorry, Mike Tyson doesn’t punch like that.
00:30   Correct, Jean-Marc in the video you explain that you feel hatred? —Yes.
00:36   Who do you want? —The son of a bitch who did this to me!
00:41   I’m sorry to talk like that, but I’m so filled with hate that I can’t put it any other way.
00:46   For me that person is a son of a bitch. Just like Olivier, who was shot in the back
00:50   last week while walking. I’m not returning, the same thing will happen to me.
00:57   We give tools to people who don’t know how to use them, who don’t possess
01:03   the capacity, who aim at the head on purpose. It looks like we gave toys to kids
01:09   at Christmas, and they’re playing cowboys and Indians. It’s not normal, it’s not normal
01:16   to do that to a people. To me or anyone else, in the head, it’s not normal…

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Since the beginning of the Yellow Vest movement, journalist David Dufresne
00:06   has been collecting video footage of police attacks on Twitter.
00:14   He has posted over 250 incidents.
00:20   Dozens have been mutilated, lost an eye or a hand. They suffer for a lifetime.
00:25   They suffer for a lifetime. They don’t just stay home for a few days because
00:29   they were beaten at a demonstration. My video collection testifies
00:33   to a new dimension of violence that has not existed since the protests of 1968.
00:42   Especially questionable are the rubber bullets.
00:46   As early as 2017, Dufresne wanted a ban on the flashball weapon.
00:50   The government has just ordered 1,500 units of it for the police.
00:57   These “non-lethal” weapons are used disproportionately.
01:03   They don’t kill, but they wound and mutilate.
01:12   The face is the target here, and that on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the city.
01:19   They’re threatened by this man who’s filming with his mobile phone. And aim at his head.
01:28   Aiming at the head is forbidden, but dozens were hit on the head.
01:35   The civilian “Anti-Crime Brigade” is often to blame.
01:40   You shot a woman! —A grandma! —You don’t do that!
01:46   The police unions are also worried.
01:49   They simply use the Anti-Crime Brigade, which is not
01:52   specialised in maintaining public order.
01:55   There are specially trained security forces of the CRS.
01:59   For weeks, we fear that there will be a disaster
02:04   on the Yellow Vest side or the police side.
02:09   Trade unionists demand a political response to the crisis, not just a security-related one.
02:16   The president and the prime minister must deliver the solutions quickly.
02:21   It’s outrageous that someone who takes to the streets on Saturday
02:25   in France, could lose an eye at a demonstration.
02:31   In order to break the spiral of violence, the entire security force concept must be revamped.

9 thoughts on “The Kinetic Suppression of Yellow Vest Protesters by the French Police

  1. The civilian “Anti-Crime Brigade”

    That’s what I was worried about. When the gov’t and the police employ such ‘security’ cowboys, it is difficult for the public to prosecute when people are injured. Reminds me of the British army in the War of 1812 here in Canada.
    They employed natives to help them battle the Americans. Most US soldiers were terrified of the natives and their ‘take-no-prisoner’ style of battle.
    After several atrocities against US soldiers, the British would simply state:

    “We cannot be responsible for what the natives do.”

    What the British didn’t take into account though was the effect this would have on the US public. There was a massive rise of anger and desire to fight this instilled in the US. American recruitment soared and the British army and Canada were nearly lost.

  2. This is turning into a full blown civil war now and it will not stay in France. The British “Fuzz” would love to be able to do this if we rebel over May’s failure to carry out the democratic instruction of the British People. Eurogend Units are also to be seen deployed in Paris and Nantes. In Ireland people died from use of “rubber bullets”- they are dangerous yes but also lethal. The Fuzz in UK have undergone reprogramming through Neurolinguistic training programming in order to despise the public. This is all Common Purpose…The Frankist (Sabbatean NWO).


  3. “The president and the prime minister must deliver the solutions quickly. ”

    They cannot deliver a solution: They are the product of the zeitgeist. They are broght to think this way. Solutions come from brain — mature brains. Mature brains have studied all events of history, Roman, history, islamic history and their “gifts” to humanity. studies the Bible from Genesis to The Revelation and heed it, known all about geography, where is Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and why there are wars there.

    They must know why muslims are invited here: not because they admire democracy and love us for our atheism, naivete and ignorance but because they feel that we are ready to surrender while we are providing them with knives.

    One lost one eye….. sensitive— cannot bear looking at his horrible wound: Ok what about thousands of people go hungry for months in Yemen, Syria, and torture and death in other countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan , Yemen, Libya, Iraq. . . and torn to pieces. What if the problems of all those countries spring up in our midst and we suffer like them: We invite them, we invite their problems, that simple. Look at Aussie.

    Already in Sweden and France there are native refugees engendered by the invitees and our special guests of whom we are so fascinated by their beards and attire.

    If these simpletons think that they have authority and for ever be treading on the oppressed natives and wasting and lavishing money on invaders, they are mistaken.

    Merkel is the mama of muslims
    Macron is the father of . . . Heavens! Policies like these accumulate until they cause horrible wars: We are too stupid to avoid wars.

    I remember Billy Graham in the sixties when he went to a college to preach asking the students to pray to avoid wars because we cannot stop them with our perverted way of thinking:

    A student had a different idea: He said that we wage wars so why don’t we stop them?

    We make plastic why cannot we stop poisoning our oceans?
    We are “by nature good ” why did we use and are ready to use Nukes.

    Man is evil and is designed to stay evil unless man embraces the religion of peace. Cursed be the liars, the hypocrites and the superficials.

  4. The police introduce violence into crowd control only when those they are seeking to control are members of the indigenous people. They never use violence of this fashion against minorities/immigrant groups.

    To illustrate my point I recall the ‘Countryside March’ in London in 2002 – a peaceful demonstration promoting rural Britain – which was attacked with extreme violence by the police for no reason whereas whenever minorities of whatever description riot the British police always retreat.

    • The British military and police have a long history of violence and atrocities against civilians, beginning long before mass Muslim and African immigration.

  5. Western police use violence in crowd control only when those they are seeking to control are members of the ethnic population.

  6. The French police should read up on how members of the Hungarian AVH were treated by the mobs during the Hungaeian revolution of 56.

  7. The French Police ( and Army) are ” Legalists” by tradition, which mean they will obey blindly any legal government in power. Macron was elected legally( albeit through many tricks and deception ). Thee French Police will therefore obey Macron orders, even if they are criminal and illegal.
    Macron gave orders to the police hierarchy to be “firm”. In fact, he wants to scare and terrorise the Yellow vests so they disapear from the scene The police probably has orders to hit the leaders harder. The latest case is the wounding or one of aleader of the movement, Jerome Rodrigues, who was hit in the face by a rubber bullet at close rane and may loose one eye…

    In France we don’t hate or love the police. We just know who they are. Many remember that when the Nazis were occupîed France in WW2, the French Police and Gendarmerie obeyed German orders to round up all the French Jews they could find. They deliverd thousand of Jews to their Nazis masters. The French Police and Gendarmerie even arrested Jewish children, that the German had not asked for. All the captives,including the CHILDREN, were taken to Germany and killed in Auschwitz and other camps.
    At the end of the Algerian War, in 1961/62, the French Police and “Gendarmes Mobiles” and also some soldiers shot and killed many French “Pieds Noirs”. The worst massacre occured at Alger , in the Rue d’Isly, were 62 people, including women and children, were killed by french bullets.
    Recently Sebastien Jallamion, a French policeman who had the courage to protest against the Muslim invasion of France and the complicity of the government, was expelled from the force ( and was later on almost killed one night by several attackers while he was walking home… The culprits were never found)
    Let’s say in France our love for police is moderate.

    Signed : a Yellow Vest fan.

    • Thank you for your invaluable information.

      On the other hand, when police are confronted by masked protesters throwing stones, one can’t be surprised at violence in return. If you’re going to protest, you have a choice: peaceful or not peaceful. You can’t be a little bit violent, any more than you can be a little bit pregnant.

      If you’re going to be peaceful, a large part of your efforts have got to be devoted to, in effect, policing the demonstration. Have marshals, and keep out the agents-provocateur. If you let anyone do anything, you will have in effect a violent protest, and will have to live with the consequences. Even if you win, the most violent, unscrupulous faction will predominate.

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