The Elites At Work: A Cordon Sanitaire

Prompted by my recent post on Vlaams Belang, our Dutch correspondent H. Numan discusses the cordon sanitaire and related matters in the Low Countries.

The elites at work: a cordon sanitaire

by H. Numan

In Belgium, officially, there exists a cordon sanitaire around Vlaams Belang. This boycott — for it really is a boycott — is very successful. Almost as successful as Belgian pralines. No matter what VB proposes, it will be voted down or ignored. Then, another politician from a different party proposes exactly the same thing, word for word. That motion will be accepted. Effectively, this killed VB. Plus the near-total media boycott. Something Dutch politicians would love to do to the PVV party. The Dutch elites copied the boycott. It is in effect as we speak, has been for years.

Unlike in America, there are no independent media that support the PVV or VB. Openly stating you vote for the PVV or VB can hurt your career or even end it. You can’t be fired for that directly, but indirectly: not a problem. Just be creative. That is the cordon sanitaire at work. It’s not only in parliament; it’s everywhere.

There are two large and powerful political groups who need this boycott. First of all the Left. Because the Left is losing. They’re losing on so many levels; it’s hard to describe them all. Politically, they are wildly lashing around at anything in the most absurd manner. Make no mistake: social justice warriors really are the Sturm Abteilung of the left. Even uniformed, in some sort of way. It’s quite easy to spot a SJW from a mile. If male, it usually has a full grown beard, wears skin-tight trousers, a lumberjack shirt and is covered with tattoos. The female variant differs a bit, but very often they excel in looking as unattractive as possible. With tattoos, of course. A young woman without tattoos cannot be a feminist nowadays. They even make unattractiveness into a virtue: being vastly overweight is their personal choice and it has no health risks. It’s the male patriarchy that says so!

Be serious: allowing men to urinate in the ladies’ bog or vice versa is something to fight for? Do women really want that? Something a president should stoop low enough for to sign as a bill? Apparently, it is. If your president is named Hussein.

Now back to the Low Countries. The left absolutely needs a boycott of VB and the PVV, for they have lost all credibility. Everything they stood for they abandoned. Yes, everything. The lower social classes — which is the sole electoral reason for their existence — they dropped to woo the mohammedan vote.

After the collapse of communism they dropped the red banner and picked up a green flag. Koran green and environmentally green. Remember Pim Fortuyn wasn’t murdered by a mohammedan, but by an environmental activist. Who is now a free man, after serving a brief sentence in which he got a law degree, free of charge. He continues his struggle and his free degree and fights in court to have all the restrictions revoked which granted him his early release.

The environment and ‘social justice’ are their new tools to take over the capitalist world. Make no mistake about it: communism isn’t dead. Or withering in Venezuela, Laos, Cuba and North Korea. It’s alive and kicking. Busily destroying the economy of the Western world. They want only one source of sustainable energy: wind and solar power. Sheer ranting nonsense, as that is simply not possible. In Holland the government announced they want to ban internal combustion cars (diesel, gas and petrol) from 2030 onward. It doesn’t matter that those cars emit less pollutants. They have to go. Because the progressive elites demand it.

Not only that, our gas supply has been withered away, and must be replaced in an environmentally friendly manner by heat exchange systems. So we are told by progressive elites. Which will set the average family back $40,000. Those systems aren’t exactly cheap. They are also not very efficient, so you have to add extra insulation your house to the tune of another $40,000 to $60,000.

Can you imagine how defunct a “workers” party must be in order to do that? They accuse their old now discarded electorate of racism, patriarchy, homophobia and god knows what else. “Whitey did it!” is their current mantra.

No wonder Vlaams Belang and the PVV are the most popular parties among younger voters. When I was in high school my school (3,000 students) had two extreme right-wing voters: my buddy and me. Extreme right-wing? That’s relatively speaking, as we only said we’d be voting for… the VVD (conservatives). Hardly an extreme racist party. Right now most students would vote PVV or VB, not for communist or progressive parties. So what do you do if you’re a powerful left-wing party? You start a boycott.

Now we look at the other side of the political spectrum. The sort of conservative end. Sort of, because it’s no longer black and white. Someone tossed all the colors in one bucket and stirred it. With red paint. In Europe every party — left, center and right — is comparable to America’s extreme left wing. Even the PVV and VB are comparable to Bernie Saunders left wing parties.

In Holland and in Belgium no parties exist that do not have a strong social program. Few parties openly flout old age pension programs. They do, but not openly. The Dutch pension funds are an immense pot of gold that are waiting to be milked. Why pay old geezers the money they were forced to save for their retirement? Let those old fools die quickly, and if possible quietly, so our conscience won’t bother us too much. We want our entitlements now. Not in 40 years.

Why is the conservative party all of a sudden against internal combustion engines and in favor of heat exchange systems? Money. That’s all. They can make a ton of money from it. Make that a couple of tons of money. The name VVD stands for Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie. In English: People’s party for freedom and democracy. That’s a bit gross, as it has never ever been a people’s party to begin with. The VVD was a conservative middle class party mainly focused on shopkeepers. They have dropped the little shop owners for big business.

For example, Unilever wanted no dividend tax. So our premier Mark Rutte of course obliged and abolished the dividend tax. Against strong opposition, but he was able to pull it off. Unfortunately for him, the very next day Unilever had a change of heart and dropped their support for his bill. Which makes Rutte looking like a kid caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. Don’t worry. He will giggle his way out of it.

I’ve written extensively in the past about gaffes made by the Christian Democrat Party (CDA) and D66, which is liberal left-wing. Also about our socialist party, the PvdA. Being insincere doesn’t pay long-term dividends. All politicians lie, that’s a given. But you have to lie convincingly. Once people know your promises are worth less than Adolf Hitler’s, the party will pay for it. The first party to hit the chopping block was the CDA. Prime minister Balkenende (nicknamed Balkan Bende or gang of the Balkans, a pun on his name) ruled as long as Rutte did and was just as insincere. The party got hammered, and basically went out of business for decades. They are now slowly recovering, but are still a dim shadow (or nightmare) of the past. That CDA ruled every cabinet for over a century. Now, they are a middle-tier party. At best.

The next party was the socialist party. Their disgrace was even worse. They dropped from 33 seats to only 9 in one election. Why did they drop so dramatically? Because they lost all credibility. What used to be a party by the people for the people (if you were a strong socialist, that is) turned into an elite party where ancestry and education mattered. You’d become someone in the party if you grandfather and father were card-carrying party members. If your ancestors were more sensible and you aren’t, not a problem. You would need to be a university graduate, as we don’t want dock workers. Hans Spekman had both: correct ancestry and higher education. He kept his ‘lower-class worker appearance’ by never wearing a shirt and tie, and always a woolen sweater. No matter how inappropriate. Something like Inspector Colombo’s raincoat but far less convincing. His abysmal performance as ‘a worker in power’ was not the reason for his demise, but an illustration of it. It made visible where the PvdA went wrong.

In Belgium the ‘cordon sanitaire’ is very effective. It was followed by a more moderate party, the Nieuw Vlaamse Alliantie (NV-A or New Flemish Alliance). This NV-A tried to be what VB is not: polite and more soft-spoken. In Holland the PVV has now competition from FvD, forum for democracy. Forum says they are looking for voters from VVD and CDA, but in reality they are fishing in the same pool as the PVV. The same goes for NV-A. The most important reason why NV-A is accepted and FvD doesn’t have any problems is that they dilute the only party that stands in the way of progressiveness and big business. In Holland that’s the PVV. In Belgium, VB.

There is something else that works extremely effectively in Europe: the complete and total media boycott. In Holland and Belgium we don’t have independent media. Where Trump does have support from Fox and other conservative radio stations, VB and the PVV stand alone. They have no support at all. None. All media, no exceptions, are firmly against both parties. That’s one of the main reasons you don’t hear anything about them. I said it earlier in this article, but it’s something important and different enough for you to know.

Not even negatively. That tactic misfired. In the past the media went to great lengths to write anything negative they could think of about VB and the PVV. Didn’t work. People had to laugh. ‘Is that all? So 20 years ago a VB member had a dim past. What about politically correct politician X who supports Hamas today? ‘Oh, a VB politician embezzled €20. What about minister Y who got millions in graft?’ So the new tactic is to ignore them completely. If you follow the Dutch and Belgian media, you won’t hear anything at all about VB and the PVV. It’s as if they never existed. That works to some extent. The electorate is getting disillusioned with those parties. How long have they existed? They have never achieved anything!

This year we have two relatively unimportant elections: in the spring the Dutch will vote for their provincial government, and later in the year the EU elections will be held. The Dutch elections are, relatively speaking, the most important. The results will decide how many senators a party will have. We Dutch are a bunch of uneducated yokels, you know. We’re too stupid to elect senators. That’s what our highly learned provincial politicians have to do.

This election is a kind of test. I’m pretty sure Mark Rutte dipped his toes in, and lost them. They froze off. It won’t bother him a lot, though. First of all, he has already been elected and has several years to go. Plenty of time to giggle something new for himself. Second, it’s highly likely he will resign from the cabinet. He has been offered a nice comfy job in Brussels. Of course he denies he will take it, and has promised to fulfill his mandate as prime minister. But then, he only promises things in order to break them.

— H. Numan

3 thoughts on “The Elites At Work: A Cordon Sanitaire

  1. Remember Pim Fortuyn wasn’t murdered by a mohammedan, but by an environmental activist. Who is now a free man, after serving a brief sentence in which he got a law degree, free of charge.

    In the U.S., I’m not sure he could even be granted a law degree: he’s a felon. For sure, even if a law school waved him through, no state board would grant him a license, no matter his score. Felons don’t practice law here. Or rather, convicted felons don’t. Lotsa them, including swaths of our political class are practicing criminals but haven’t been convicted. Yet.

    As usual, a salient essay.

    This song fits (mostly). You could hire someone to sing it when you walk into a room:

    • In the US almost anyone can go to law school. Although all states will do a character evaluation, only a handful of states restrict felons. Of those some will put a time period after conviction on practicing, others require restoration of civil rights. But most states don’t care and it’s getting worse. (Sure that attorney murdered three people, but he never lied, so he must be honest enough to be an attorney.) My state is one of the ones that doesn’t care if you’re a convicted felon.

  2. It’s a sad, sad tale. Politics all over have been captured by sociopath ideologues, which may seem to be a contradiction in terms, but simply denotes an unprincipled character who pursues a particular program of destruction, whatever the results, and looks for a little to wet his own whistle in the process.

    I guess as bureaucracies become more entrenched, they attract more and more flagrant sociopaths. You hit it on the head when you mentioned the pools of cash just dangling in front of socialist, cult-Marx politicians. There are two global, potentially lucrative beyond imagination programs that are looming in front of the world: climate change and mass migration. Both open the door to immense money transfers, of which politicians and other grifter hangers-on always get their share.

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