Surgeon Offers a Second Opinion on Frank Magnitz’ Wounds

In the following interview posted by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), a surgeon named Dieter Neuendorf presents his opinions on the head wounds suffered by Bremen AfD chairman Frank Magnitz. Dr. Neuendorf does not see the largest wound as being consistent with simply falling to the pavement, but says it could only have been caused by receiving a blow to the head with a blunt object.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling (WARNING: contains graphic images):

Video transcript:

0:00   This is in any case the result of a massive use of force
0:05   which, in my opinion, did not come from behind, but from the front.
0:10   [Dr. Dieter Neuendorf, surgeon and dermatologist, AfD] Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such wounds as a result.
0:14   I have to say that as a surgeon.
0:18   It would be very improbable
0:21   that a mere push from behind would cause such wounds.
0:25   And when you watch the video,
0:28   you can see an object
0:31   being used by one perpetrator, in his left hand,
0:36   and then being passed on.
0:39   It may be assumed that an object was used, frontally, on the victim.
0:50   In a targeted fashion. This is not a random attack, but a targeted attack. That is my assessment.
0:58   How do you, as a dermatologist, think Mr. Magnitz’ wound will heal?
1:02   Will he have to live with a large scar?
1:05   I would think that the wound was professionally tended to with an incision and stitches, and
1:13   the result will be a longitudinal scar, yes.

8 thoughts on “Surgeon Offers a Second Opinion on Frank Magnitz’ Wounds

  1. One useful clue here is the attacker is a left-hander. That may help narrow the field of suspects.

  2. after careful analysis of the video. the injury was caused by the assailants thumb.

    the assailant attacks from behind with brute force using his elbow against the victims neck.

    the assailant is a tall, young, white male, 6ft plus. he is taller than the victim.

    the assailant strikes the victim from behind with his fist clenched. the single blow to the face from top left to bottom right is carried out as the victim falls.

    try this yourself: pretend someone is in front of you, facing away from you.
    now raise your left arm up and left and punch them in the face.

    where is your thumb. thumbnail against skull tears the scalp.

    elementary dear watson.

    a knuckle duster may have been involved.

    I think the attacker injured his left thumb in the attack.

    • I have the feeling catching them is not a priority for the police if the gov’t is leaning on them, which I bet they are.

  3. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying after seeing the pictures initially. And I’m no doctor nor medically trained beyond first aid. Anyone has to know this type of injury (especially the depth of it) is impossible by just falling or being punched. Otherwise we would have masses of children walking around with a hole in their foreheads, because they fall down (on edges and corners too) all the time.

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