Poland’s Breivik Moment?

On Sunday, while he was onstage at a charity event, the mayor of Gdańsk was stabbed, and later died. Green Infidel, who translated a video of the incident, describes what happened:

On Sunday January 13 the mayor of the northern Polish city of Gdańsk (known for being the home of the Solidarity movement), Paweł Adamowicz, was stabbed on stage while live on TV in a large-scale nationwide annual charity concert. The knifeman somehow made his way on to the stage at the same time as the mayor was present (apparently the assailant managed to obtain a press pass). He proceeded to knife the mayor, then took time to walk around the stage with his arms raised, and even addressed the crowd to say he had “just killed” the mayor, before finally he was tackled to the ground.

The wounds suffered by the mayor were serious — apparently he was stabbed close to the heart, and on Monday afternoon (January 14), after many hours fighting for his life in hospital, he was pronounced dead.

The video below captures the surreal moment of the knifing (at 0:17, the knifeman runs from left to right on the stage, presumably to stab Mr Adamowicz, before running back and then standing on the stage with his arms raised in the air, before addressing the crowd, which was totally oblivious to what had just happened).

It’s hard to see what happens onstage in the video — even the audience is unaware of the attack until well after it happens.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s a BBC article about the attack.

The big question now is what sort of ripples the tragic incident will cause in Polish politics. Green Infidel adds this further analysis:

Paweł Adamowicz, the mayor of Gdańsk for more than twenty years, and the recipient of numerous “mayor of the year” awards, was known for being a big fan of accepting “refugees” and promoting Multiculturalism, and was a strong opponent of the governing Law and Justice Party.

There’s nothing to suggest this was the motive — the knifeman on the stage, known only as Stefan W., said he was “unfairly imprisoned by the former Civic Platform government. This is why Adamowicz has just now been killed.” He was apparently released from prison around a month ago, after a five-year sentence for armed robberies of two banks, and had also received psychiatric treatment.

Nonetheless, as Adamowicz was such a big opponent of the Law and Justice party, this is bound to have repercussions. Fingers are already being pointed at the Right for fomenting a “climate of hate”, especially Polish state TV, TVP, which had run many news segments attacking Adamowicz. Also, this happened at the “Great Orchestra of Christmas help”, a charity event which raises money for equipment for causes such as children’s’ hospitals, but which is organised and promoted by prominent leftists, and attacked by many on the Right as being hostile to Christian values (the head of the campaign, Jerzy Owsiak, has given statements supporting euthanasia and abortion rights, and runs Woodstock, an annual hippie-style concert in Poland).

As such, this may well be a significant moment in Poland, especially during an election year…

Now we’ll just wait and see what happens. Green Infidel will keep us informed.

Video transcript:

00:01   In Gdansk — The 27th time…
00:05   Ten, nine, Eight, seven…
00:09   Six, five, Four, three…
00:14   Two, one, Love…
00:18   [cheering] Gdansk, do we hear you?
00:22   [Crowd reacts]
00:26   [Singing… attacker is walking around on the stage]
00:42   [Attacker]: Hello.
00:45   My name is Stefan. I was in prison innocent.
00:49   I was in prison innocent. The Civic Platform party tortured me.
00:53   This is why Adamowicz has just been killed.
00:56   [music playing]
01:20   [music stops]
01:40   Oh no! Excuse me
01:45   Please move away.
01:52   Medic! Let’s go.

21 thoughts on “Poland’s Breivik Moment?

  1. Hi.
    Some crucial info is missing here..Tusk is from Gdansk.
    Dead guy was D,TUSK personal friend and was politically appointed by Tusk as a Mayor of Gdansk .
    Both cary prominent PO party position before Tusk become Prime Minister.
    Boath belong to so call “Gdansk Mafia”..Political-criminal group ..ruling with iron fist over North Poland..
    This Tusk political appointment give “Gdansk Mafia” free hand to cary theirs criminal affairs and activietes with immunity from Justice system..like “Amber Gold” a major shadow bank scandal
    Justice system is directly involved to cover up theirs crimes
    Friend of Tusk and Dead guy , Judge Milewski was catched phone-sterred…..
    …”, Milewski had no inhibitions to disclose secret information to the alleged employee of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister …”…see
    Apparentlly Dead guy Adamowicz was admitting hi may disclouse link betwen Tusk and his different criminal actvietes …Dead guy like a Tusk was under state prosecutor investigation and was cracking …
    2 Days later hi was dead..
    Tusk is a current president og EU personally appointed by A.Mercel against wish of Polish Governement..

    • Not disputing your apparently local knowledge, but can the mayor be “appointed”, rather than elected?

      • “elected”in Poland ??? you make me laughing;-))
        Political system created 1989 in Magdalenka ( Round table) by Communist and Security apparatus doesn’t include such a think like fair elections..To risky for theirs interest. Tusk ,Adamowicz was Their man They are the Election Election Committee

      • Not so unusual Gooral. In my country, The Netherlands, mayors are not elected but appointed by the Crown. According to the law anybody can apply for the job but in reality the job always goes to some washed up politician who outplayed his role in national politics.

    • Pawel Adamowicz became head of the Gdansk assembly in 1994, following which he was became the president of Gdansk in 1998. Since 2002, the president has been directly elected. Adamowicz won each election for this role, since that time.

      In 1994, Tusk became one of the vice-presidents of the newly-formed liberal Unia Wolnosci (freedom union). The parties who made up this group together got around 15% of the vote, in elections held the previous year.

      So do you really think that in 1994, Tusk would have had the power to make such an “appointment”?

      • You have to go to pre 1989 Magdalenka”Deal”..
        According to many sources Tusk from late 1970’s early was secret paid informant for infamous Stasi of Germany..
        In 1989 Magdalenka “Deal” participants were chosen by Polish KGB (SB) an Communist Politburo..Tusk and Adamowicz were chosen..Everything from that moment until now is arranged..
        To give you a depth and level of deception is appointment of L.Walesa to first post-communist post of President of Polish Republic
        Walesa ,famous SOLIDARITY chairman and Nobel Price winner was and is Polish GRU and KGB secret cooperative.agent and informant since 1970’s..
        So..you were in “circle” you were appointed..Anything else i just “democratic” window dressing..

    • Btw, corruption in Poland is everywhere. Not least in PiS, who install their friends and family in important, high-paying roles in various state-owned enterprises. And just recently, PiS appointed to vice-minister role a nationalist who had claimed a lot of money, for supposed car trips he made, when he doesn’t own a car and doesn’t even have a driving licence!

      So, if such affairs involved Tusk and Adamowicz (which they may well do), they would merely make them like a lot of other Polish politicians, wouldn’t they?

      • A friend of mine from Poland, who grew up under the communists, said that when the communist government fell, most of the factories and government positions were taken by the same people who had all the money and power under the communists.

        Also, the Polish mafia expanded greatly after the fall of the communists and he said anyone can buy a murder for a small amount of money.

        • Yes – and I know some people who got such high positions personally. Very decent people – however if they weren’t prominent Communist party members previously, perhaps they wouldn’t have made it that high…

  2. I guess the therapy was not that successful…
    Usually after an attack like this, the liberals come out of the woodwork pointing that all right-wing people in the world are guilty by association, then go into a Marxist relativist argument, that why would anyone resist muslim migration, after all, they kill from time to time, but here is the example, that this is “just as common” on the right…

    I am just saying, get ready for arguments like this from the Left. They are doing it all the time in Hungary.

    • Here in the US – and perhaps in the UK – the Left’s newest demons are JOOOs. See this essay by one of our foremost historians and public intellectuals:


      While liberals from Joe Kennedy to Gore Vidal were often openly anti-Semitic, the core of traditional anti-Semitism, as William F. Buckley once worried, was more rightist. And such fumes still arise among the alt-right extremists.

      Yet soon a new anti-Semitism became more insidious, given that it was a leftist phenomenon among those quick to cite oppression and discrimination elsewhere. Who then could police the bigotry of the self-described anti-bigotry police?

      The new form of the old bias grew most rapidly on the 1960s campus and was fueled by a number of leftist catalysts. The novel romance of the Palestinians and corresponding demonization of Israel, especially after the 1967 Six-Day War, gradually allowed former Jew-hatred to be cloaked by new rabid and often unhinged opposition to Israel. In particular, these anti-Semites fixated on Israel’s misdemeanors and exaggerated them while excusing and downplaying the felonies of abhorrent and rogue nations.

      NOTE: Anti-Semites of any stripe who propose to add their unhinged views in replies to this will never see the sunlight on GoV

      • Well, I prefer a debate, even on ticklish subjects.

        One problem is that whenever I leave a polite comment on one of the anti-semitic websites purporting to offer objective and historical analysis, my comment never sees the light of day when I hint to a Jewish background. So much for the “academic” pretensions.

  3. …”Anti-Semites of any stripe ”
    What is that ?
    Just asking in the case if unknowingly saying something to be brandish as an
    Stripes Anti-Semite….

  4. The bloke who did it is shouting that he is an innocent man who had been jailed. If true personal revenge sounds like the motive. Straight from the mouth of the perp himself.

  5. The killer was a hardened criminal who seemingly was settling a grudge with a corrupt, local politico. I don’t see the need for our side to get a case of the vapors over it.

    Hardly a Breivik moment and why should people across Poland be upset that a local mayor went room temperature because of a criminal? I don’t see it. The MSM doesn’t have the clout it once did. Even here the MSM is a bit of a joke. CNN gets worse ratings than Spongebob SquarePants.

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