Jörg Meuthen: “We Have a Gradual Escalation Underway Here”

The video below features an interview with Jörg Meuthen, the federal spokesman for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) concerning Monday night’s vicious attack on Frank Magnitz, the chairman of the AfD in Bremen.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   He is stable and responsive, that’s all I’m able to say.
00:05   Your party seems to think this is a result of incitement against the AfD
00:09   by the Leftists [Red] and Greens. If that’s true the way your party describes it, what exactly does
00:12   Red and Green incitement have to do with the such an abhorrent violent assault
00:16   on a politician? —Well, you see, if Ralf Stegner from the SPD were to say that the position
00:24   of the AfD should be attacked, then that’s understandable. However,
00:27   when he wrote that the personnel of the AfD should be attacked,
00:30   then I have to say that’s an indirect call to violence.
00:33   If you’ve seen what was written in the TAZ [Die Tageszeitung newspaper] in the last couple of days,
00:36   by the editor whose name I don’t recall, he wrote we don’t want to talk
00:43   to them (AfD) at all anymore, we want action. These are all indirect, just barely
00:47   non-actionable calls for violence which are occurring and create this atmosphere that
00:53   leads to such acts. —But Mr. Meuthen, honestly, between a possible verbal misstep
01:00   and committing such acts of violence with a piece of wood, nearly splitting the head
01:05   of a person, these are dimensions apart. Don’t you think? —They are dimensions apart,
01:11   but the unrestrained verbal abuse proceeds unrestrained physical violence.
01:17   I have been observing these developments with great concern, and commented several
01:22   times on my Facebook page, saying “Stop it, and let’s have peaceful discussion”.
01:27   This is obviously not their desire. The verbal abuse can be found on Left Extremist forums
01:31   and in the media and so on. You can go read it yourself. They even announced their plans
01:38   Concerning recent events. The precursor was the explosion in Döbeln. We have a gradual
01:44   escalation underway here. This is totally appalling, because this can’t be the current
01:49   state of affairs in a political democracy. —Are there any leads on who the perpetrators are?
01:52   We would expect that the Chancellor would personally make a statement when a member
02:00   of the German parliament is assault like this. —The government spokesperson made a
02:04   Statement, at least. —Mr. Meuthen, just briefly, have there been any concrete leads about the
02:08   perpetrators? —I don’t have any information regarding that, absolutely none. I certainly
02:12   hope they will be caught. I’m not involved. —Thank you very much for the interview.
02:16   Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Jörg Meuthen: “We Have a Gradual Escalation Underway Here”

  1. The left (the globalists) don’t want a civilised discussion/argument because any attempt to do so will expose their position as one based almost entirely on wishful thinking and sentiment. The left doesn’t do argument because it doesn’t do facts.

  2. As I mentioned in another comment in the post with the three clips about this attack, I’ve seen the uncensored pictures and I’m amazed he’s already awake and responsive. The dent in his skull looked like certain brain damage and an upcomming long-run fight for his life. Though I guess such injuries might still come up later, it’s all still very fresh and information is uncertain. Either way, it’s good to hear he’s doing moderately ok.

  3. Germany is gradually slipping into what we who are watching and commenting their events are expecting – things just will get worse.

    The only unknown variable here is how fast this process will be unfolding.

  4. I really wonder if the Antifas want to start a wave of violence all across the west. They’re going about starting it the right way. What’s sad is that the right has been warning about violence like this literally for generations. So much forebearance has been shown, one can almost forgive the left for thinking it’s the natural order of things for them to do evil and the right to ignore it.

  5. Well, boys and girls……………
    Back here in what we used to call the good ‘ol U, S, of A……………….

    I am detecting what can only be called “the smell of Weimar” on the Easterly breeze wafting to us from acrost the pond.
    Yep. It’s been almost a century since we smelled it last………..but……………here it is again.


    If I remember correctly, all that stuff did not work out all that well……………..

    • I’m hoping for a new ‘Freikorps’ to put down the current Left insurrection.

  6. In UK, everyone is upset that some MPs were called Nazis. The Left calls everyone else Nazis, the Media term ‘far-right’ is code for Nazis and despicable persons. They have to admit they have been telling us for decades of a sinister ‘far-right’ movement that has to be defeated. Hardly any surprise the young hearing this act accordingly.

    • I am surprised that such an over-used term as Nazi still retains so much power. I guess for young people it is a fresh and unique word.

    • I have been living here since 2013. Through my teaching of English language I have a lot of contact with the age group most open to the influence of ideas and most open to accepting that certain ideas must be met with violence. Anyway, back in 2014 I was told by the youth that using words such as Nazi brought instant social exclusion. I also got to see the subtle but relentless social engineering within their curriculum. I am naturally still reeling from the changes that have been wrought here. The picture that you get from outside, from the stories published on internet sites such as this one, necessarily fail to capture the everyday lived experience. If you are German then you cannot but see that the night belongs to the foreign force but you ignore this reality as long as the foreign force remains benevolent. Only an outsider such as myself will speak of such realities and I am met with silence. I have so many everyday experiences here that speak of the decadence at the core of western Europe. Almost nobody speaks to such themes except to state in the most embarrassing of ways that they are not Nazi. I try to inform the youth that their lived reality, of not being allowed to speak of the Germans who are being murdered, is antithetical to the central statement their Constitution, that human dignity is inviolable. Where is the dignity I rail, to be met with, you guessed it, shameful silence. I tell them that freedom of speech and a sovereign people is the least bad choice, and finally get a response from one of them. I do not trust the people he informs me. The cultural divide is too great for me. Even with the ordinary folk at the pegida demonstrations, I give them my perspective that on the surface matches theirs, but I can sense that there would be mutual incomprehension at a deeper level. The afd meetings that I have seen fail to get traction because the task of restoring their land is too great. They are necessarily playing the waiting game, and their salvation will only come about through President Trump and the sovereign American citizen’s exposure of the vile media.

      • That’s really sad, Paul. Reminds me of the quote (I believe from Brecht, ironically a famous socialist- but democratic- writer): “The people have betrayed the Government, we must elect a new people”. He could be commenting on present conditions; and I daresay Orwell would have something equally caustic to say.

        • Yes Mark, Orwell was incredibly prescient, someone to steer by. Through Brecht you raise the issue of the people. My experience here regarding the people is that for me they do not exist. Further, for me the individuals do not exist. Individually and collectively they refuse to display any will whatsoever, except to oppose my challenging of their absence. If this is too vague I can illustrate with examples. However, I repeat that I do not know these people because the cultural gap is too wide, and their degree of collectivism is unfathomable for me. Decadence – by which I primarily mean the absence of a sense of responsibility to their ancestors – and cowardice seem sufficient to account for most of what I see, but obviously these are insufficient as explanatory variables. It is not just the official and self-censorship that prevents me from seeing the sanity that must be lying underneath the madness. No matter the decades of misrepresentation of what it is to be human that have culminated in the current madness, an identity that is independent of governmental machinations must reassert itself. What depth is hidden beneath their shallowness? Sadly I have come to think that any assertion of anything is preferable to the current sickness

          • “absence of a sense of responsibility to their ancestors – and cowardice”

            I imagine this could help explain also the general acceptance among Germans of the moslem culture which is quite the opposite, in many aspects, of this German attitude. That is, that Germans, perhaps subconciously, admire these attributes of islamic culture which seem to be lacking in German culture.

          • leCanadien, perhaps, although I am working on the basis that all models are wrong but some are useful. I find decadence and cowardice a useful model because it allows me to disengage somewhat. I can explore more complex models, even entertain the subconscious motive variables, then snap back to the central issue of what is to be done. A recent investigation of psychology found fifty percent of findings could not be reproduced, and I used that result in support of my demolition of a published paper that advocated internationalism whilst denigrating traditionalism all underpinned by multicultural theory. The non-response from the German students tells me that they do not care one way or the other about theory. Also, decadence and cowardice does not account for my wife who was strongly attached to her land, even more so when I arrived and gave her an outsiders perspective, and who is currently reading, writing and talking with the aim of saving her land. That was not a linear process. In 2015 I stated that either I or 87 million Germans are insane. You would think that your husband staking his sanity would have an impact but it did not. On an on it went until finally I asked ok what is the best case scenario that you can see here. She could only bumble out something along the lines of we could register them all, so we were both shocked, me at how little she had engaged with me or the situation, and she at how little she had to offer. The only model that I find fully pertinent is follow the money. Profit does not explain the situation, therefore other explanations must be sought. This process entails elimination of demonstrably false models and tentative acceptance of the last model/s standing. A fundamentally flawed process but the best available, and heavily reliant on the free speech on platforms such as gatesofvienna

      • I think the Germans and other Europeans think that, however bad the situation and however cowardly and venal the people and politicians, something will save them.

        Did something save the people of Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Judea, Byzantium, when the Muslim armies overran them and the Muslim contempt for any culture not his own, and often for his own as well, destroyed them and their history and accomplishments?


        The whole area is Muslim, with a fast-shrinking remnant of Christianity.

        The only certainty is that fate will not miraculously intervene.

        • Yes, I would bet this is a large part of the current attitudes.

          I know a local college professor who teaches that:

          ‘Society always achieves a balance, so don’t be too concerned with extremists’.

          Apparently, a magical process occurrs.

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