It’s Nobody’s Business But the Turks’

The mayor of the Ehrenfeld district in Cologne is upset after being misled by Turkish-Germans in his district, and particularly about the extent of Turkey’s influence on internal affairs in his city.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Josef Wirges is with us. Good morning. You are the district mayor of Cologne, Ehrenfeld,
00:04   where the great mosque of Cologne was built. Just before Christmas you sat down with
00:08   representatives of the Mosque Association Ditib [Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs] and
00:11   talked with them. Probably about the relationship which has been tense since Erdogan’s visit, right?
00:16   Yes, of course. We tried to find a way to reconstruct the shambles that Erdogan
00:20   left behind following his visit to Ehrenfeld. I also found it good that Ditib approached
00:27   me after I suggested it. It is important to stay in dialogue with each other, especially in
00:34   such a situation. However, they didn’t tell me there was going to be a conference,
00:40   but instead I was told there would be an upcoming election for the new chairman
00:47   of Ditib Germany in the beginning of January. I was told he would make his first visit
00:52   to me in the district council. I thought to myself, wonderful, then we can could take
00:56   some time to go through each point and discuss how to develop the relationship
01:00   further with the community of Cologne. —There was no mention of an international
01:04   conference? —None. Zero. Not at all. I do feel somewhat misled, as I have said.
01:12   That’s not acceptable. That’s not right and it annoys me. Again, I must say it clearly.
01:19   What was your first reaction when you… —When I heard about it on Sunday morning?
01:23   I was speechless. I thought to myself, this can’t be true. They could have at least
01:27   informed me and I would have told them that that it is unacceptable. Even if only two
01:32   of the 100 men, and there were mostly men in attendance, hardly any women,
01:36   interesting but whatever… There were two that belonged to a certain conservative
01:40   reactionary form of Islam. That’s two too many. That doesn’t help to foster our
01:44   community togetherness in Ehrenfeld. —Ditib says they see themselves as
01:50   bridge-builders between all branches of Islam and see themselves as arbiter of the middle.
01:56   Yes, that’s exactly the wrong approach. That’s not the middle and not the middle way,
02:03   to invite people who have a very conservative or reactionary Islamic worldview.
02:11   They don’t encourage living together with everyone. We already have rifts through
02:18   Turkish families today with Pro and Contra sides. People that are for Erdogan and those
02:26   that don’t like the direction things are going. This is the exertion of influence
02:31   by the Diyanet [Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs]. Who does something like that?
02:35   Just imagine if the German government used a German consulate in Ankara
02:38   to stage such an event. I’d really like to see
02:41   the reaction of the Turkish government, from Mr. Erdogan and what he would have to say
02:45   about it. —You mean the Turkish state religious authority used Ditib to organize
02:49   this Islamic event in Germany? —Yes, exactly. — Do you have the feeling that this religious
02:53   authority from Turkey used Ditib and this event to influence other organisations and
02:57   forms of Islam in Germany and Europe? — Of course. That’s the strategy, as it appears to
03:02   me and I’m not the only one who sees it that way. This doesn’t foster community
03:08   cohesion in Ehrenfeld. I am concerned. —Ditib says we can’t allow non-Muslims to
03:13   dictate to us with whom we meet or with whom we speak. —That’s right. In a
03:17   democratic constitutional state, like ours, Ditib has the possibility of inviting whoever they
03:23   want. Even the AfD can invite right-wing extremists. Whether that is good or bad, even
03:27   those under investigation. That’s not the point. The question is, is this politically appropriate
03:33   in terms of what Ditib propagates? No, it is not appropriate. It causes the situation to
03:38   harden and resentments become larger, not smaller. —Josef Wirges, district mayor in
03:45   Cologne, Ehrenfeld, this morning with us in the ARD Morgenmagazin.
03:48   Thank you for being here.

9 thoughts on “It’s Nobody’s Business But the Turks’

  1. This is it then.
    Is there now a Turkish moslem caliphate established in Germany.??

    Of course he had to make a remark against the AfD and ‘right wing extremists’.

    The focus remains on destroying the AfD with little attention given to the moslem invasion.

    At one time Cologne was called ‘Holy Cologne’…….

    • Yeah. Even the politicians worried about Islam are anxious to distance themselves from any real opposition to Islam. Kind of like Jordan Peterson kicked Faith Goldy off a panel presentation. Peterson positions himself as a rational, knowledgeable commentator, but not so extreme as to jeopardize his income stream. He is quitting Patreon, though.

  2. Memo to the Mayor:

    There is no “community togetherness” in Islam.
    Islam commands enmity and hatred towards the filthy kafir.

  3. I am not impressed by the weasel words of this mayor of the Ehrenfeld district. He comes across as a rather naive fool who realises that he’s been ‘turked’.

    For all this time people like him encouraged the invasion and the population replacement, and now he slowly begins to realise that there is no place for people like him in the new Turkey. What to do, what to do???

  4. wow! Is there a Cologne dimwit beginning to see a light? Being misled by muslims? Unheard of till today.

  5. The Cologne Mayor’s sounds like a man snookered.
    Up the creek with no paddle. And no canoe.
    And the crocodile conference a-circling.
    Overhanging stout branch aroundabouts ..?

  6. Community cohesion? Surely he means communities cohesion – of which there is none. Is the good mayor really as stupid as he appears to be?

  7. So if you are against being beaten in the streets by antifa or slaughtered by crazed jihadis you are a right-wing extremist.

  8. Retarded politicians… *facepalm
    For many years now he could`ve known the reality.
    He just didn`t wanted to.

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