Culture-Enriching Peeping Toms

In the following woman-on-the-street interview, a German citizen expresses her outrage about the behavior of asylum seekers in her neighborhood, and has a few choice words to say about Angela Merkel.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   What are your biggest fears in 2019? —That it is not so safe in the evening, and that I can’t
00:07   go out alone anymore. I stay at home once it gets dark and I never go out alone anymore.
00:12   What is the reason? —The change in our society. —The second question.
00:20   More than 90% of rejected asylum seekers sue Germany though several court levels.
00:25   During this time they stay here. Should this legal process be restricted, or is it OK with you?
00:30   I see the entire handling of the situation as marginal. I think it was well known,
00:39   much earlier, that one day there would be such a tidal wave of people leaving places
00:43   where they have no livelihood anymore. I understand these people and I feel sorry
00:49   for them but they do not belong here in these numbers, especially as young men, and
00:54   it is almost exclusively young men who come here into our society, and cause women
01:00   to no longer feel safe. —That’s related to your fears. —Yes, I had my own experience
01:07   this past summer. I come from Lüneburg, I always go to Kreideberg where I swim.
01:13   I was alone there one morning. I went into the water and when I came out, there sat
01:19   three young Muslim men in the bushes. I was scared. I scolded them terribly. Since then
01:24   I haven’t gone swimming anymore. —OK. They were in the bushes watching.
01:29   —Yes. They were watching me. Yes, that a woman just goes swimming or something.
01:34   Probably due to the nudity. I was not naked; I had a swimsuit on, but for them
01:39   it is like being nude. And yes, so. I was so scared, and I don’t know, it was a terrible
01:46   experience for me. You know, I was almost raped as a young girl and suddenly that
01:52   all came up again. I’m sorry, I can’t accept that. —OK. Third and last question.
02:00   What else could Angela Merkel do for Germany in her remainder of her term?
02:04   —She could disappear as soon as possible. —OK. Why? —Why? For what she has done
02:13   and for what she has been doing for a long time. She did nothing that has helped us citizens.

20 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Peeping Toms

  1. “I never go out alone anymore.”

    Shari law states that women, when out of the house, must be accompanied by a male.

    Since german police and the gov’t do nothing about this proves, in a manner, that sharia is now integrated into german law regardless of whether or not it is written in the law books.

  2. Funny how the same kind of elderly German women would school me about “diversity” and “inclusion” back in 2015, because who was I to doubt the refugee motives to escape war zones etc… 😀

    • Elderly?! That woman is probably a good 25 years younger than I am.


      Excuse me; I must shuffle off to the mortuary…

      • Just don’t go ‘disappearing as soon as possible’, whatever you do! The world still needs you.

      • Baron the age of the woman is neither here nor there.
        Sure she could have been your daughter, or mine but the real question is, as Barn Swallow pointed out, where was she in 2015?

        Was she one of those nutjobs standing at the railway siding yelling “Willkomen Willkomen” and handing out teddybears?
        If so then I have no sympathy for her current predicament.

        • You’re missing my point, which is that if that woman is “elderly”, then I must surely be a corpse.

        • Perhaps she was like so many of the women, tantalised by the sight of so many young attractive foreign men. But when those men become stalkers or are too flirtatious with them, they suddenly feel victimised.

        • That’s harsh. For starters we know nothing of this woman other than what she said in the interview – but if she was once naive and has now woken up, welcome on board madam.

          • I guess many of us are simply jaded and discouraged by the apparent level of inaction in Germany among the average citizenry. I certainly am.

            Hopefully increasing numbers of German women speak out. Without women we cannot fully battle against islamisation.

      • come on Baron. That woman is certainly in her early 50ies , and I have met a few. Should she be at an age to be your daughter, then this could be due to some activity of yours at an age where other boys played hide and seek.

        • Well, then we have a difference in definitions. I wouldn’t call anyone under the age of 60 “elderly”, but maybe that’s just me.

          And yes, at that age she would be young enough to be my daughter. I didn’t start that early, but some of my classmates from school have 50-year-old children.

          • Baron, you are correct. No one under the age of 60 should EVER be called elderly. I’m aghast at this series of comments!

    • »same kind of elderly German women«

      I guess she is more intelligent as most of these — her reply on Merkel was brilliant. So I would guess she watched all that was happening with some skepticism, as so many Germans did.

        • What exactly is she supposed to do about it, apart from voting for the AfD (which she may have done)? Maybe you read about what happened to Frank Magnitz. Another incident took place a few days ago: The family car, complete with baby seat, of an activist of the Identitarian Movement in Leipzig was burned. Not the first time for something like that to happen, by the way. So, for normal people who want to live their normal lives, even speaking out publicly like the woman did takes a bit of courage. Strange as it may sound in a democracy…

          • I agree, what could that lady do about the current situation in Germany where you don’t have any say so in the immigration situation especially if you are against it.

            I think she is doing the only thing she can…be careful of your surroundings and don’t go outside after dark. There isn’t more she can do at this point.

            How creepy that there were 3 muslims in the bushes watching her. Three of them right there, just like that? That would be scary especially when you consider all the women who are gang raped by muslims in the west.

            And she is a better judge of what’s happening in her country and the world with regard to muslims, unlike those 2 women who went hiking in Morocco and thought they were safe in that country and that you could indeed get along with muslims no matter where you go…not unlike others that have gone before them and found out in the same gruesome way that muslims aren’t trustworthy.

  3. Again and again all ‘discussions’ and ‘opinions’ become irrelevant. She is telling you what THE TRUTH is. Women in Germany are living in fear, their lives circumscribed in ways that would be unimaginable twenty years ago.

  4. Topic “women in Germany”. A disturbing article from Jerusalem Post:
    German Jewish mother recounts murder of daughter by illegal Iraqi migrant

    Towards the end it says:
    »Before the event, Diana was largely apolitical. As a refugee herself, she kept an open mind to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open Germany’s doors to hundreds of thousands of refugees in 2015.

    “But after this incident, of course, my mind-set changed dramatically. It opened my eyes.”

    At the time of Diana’s disappearance, some local police suggested Diana shouldn’t have allowed Susanna to fraternize with such people.

    “They tell the kindergarten kids: ‘Make friends with foreign children.’ That’s what I taught my children. Then, when you are 13-14 years old and going through puberty, it’s no wonder you hang out with people like that.”«

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