Culture-Enriching Battery and Murder in Naples

In a particularly nasty case of brutality towards children, an “Italian” of Tunisian descent beat his stepson to death, and came close to killing his stepdaughter. Neither the video below nor most English-language articles about the incident list the ethnicity of the stepfather. However, according to the Neapolitan section of the national daily La Repubblica and the regional newspaper Corriere Adriatico, the alleged perpetrator is 24-year-old Tony Sessoubti Badre, “born in Italy of Tunisian origin”.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s an English-language report (giving no name or ethnicity) from ANSA:

Mother’s Partner Charged Over 7-Yr-Old’s Murder

Boy allegedly beaten to death, sister injured

(ANSA) – Naples, January 28 – The partner of the mother of a seven-year-old boy who was allegedly beaten to death at the weekend near Naples has been detained and has been charged with murder and attempted murder after also injuring the boy’s sister, sources said on Monday.

The suspect denied committing murder during questioning overnight and said the boy fell down a flight of stairs, the sources said.

His version of events is being compared with that of the dead boy’s mother and his sister, who was injured and taken to hospital.

The head of the ward there said her injuries were “chilling”.

“Her face is all swollen and there was blood on her scalp, injuries probably caused by a brutal beating,” said the surgeon.

The suspect is said to be a 24-year-old who was born in Italy to foreign parents.

Video transcript:

00:00   Horror in Cardito, Naples. A 7-year-old child named Giuseppe was found dead at home,
00:07   and his 8-year-old sister has been hospitalized at the Santobono hospital in Naples
00:11   for severe bruises. While playing, they had broken the safety rail of the bed
00:14   their parents had just bought with savings.
00:17   This must have pushed the 24-year-old Tony Sessoubti Badre to severely beat his partner’s children.
00:25   It was the stepfather himself who confessed during a long interrogation in jail, after
00:30   being arrested for aggravated murder and attempted murder.
00:35   The tragedy took place in an apartment on Via Marconi, where
00:39   another 4-year-old girl lived, but fortunately she was not harmed.
00:42   An afternoon of domestic violence. The neighbors called the police.
00:47   The police officers found themselves in a ghastly crime scene.
00:51   A little boy lifeless on the couch and his sister wounded.
00:55   The neighborhood is speechless. —You cannot do that to a child.
01:00   It’s inhuman. A sensible, sane person would never go that far.
01:08   The girl is safe and is improving, explains Vincenzo Tipo,
01:11   chief of the Emergency Unit of Santo Bono.
01:14   But she was code red when she arrived. She was in an evident shock-like state,
01:20   she was unconscious, could not speak and was severely injured.
01:27   She had evident contusions on her skull, her scalp and her face.
01:33   Her face was really scarred with ecchymoses and bruises.
01:39   The girl’s bruises, after a quick analysis, have been considered consistent with battery.
01:49   A neighbor had brought the girl to the hospital.
01:53   The hospital took charge of her, waiting for a tutelary judge.
01:57   A team of psychologists and qualified staff are taking care of her.

Hat tip for the article: Insubria.

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  1. This story reminds me of the woman in San Diego who the coroner determined committed suicide by smashing her head into a coffee table, repeatedly. Muslims very literally get away with murder in our liberal society.

    As do democrats. Suicide by gunshot to the back of the head. Twice. Or suicide by hanging. With both hands tied behind the back.

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