Bladed Booby Traps in the Playgrounds of Baden-Württemberg

Booby traps using knives have been discovered on children’s playgrounds in three different districts of the southern German of state Baden-Württemberg. The three locations are all in the same western area of the state, so it may well be that a single perpetrator is responsible.

Nothing is known yet about the person who set the traps, so cultural enrichment can neither be adduced nor ruled out as a factor in the crimes.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   It happened on this playground in Freudenstadt for the first time.
00:07   A knife with the blade facing up buried in the ground at the playground near the sandbox.
00:12   It was only found by chance during a routine check by employees of the city, before a child was injured.
00:18   I have two grandchildren. When I think that one of them could have fallen on it or injured themselves,
00:25   it makes me ask myself what kind of people would do something like that.
00:31   The knife wasn’t just thrown away or dropped. It was purposefully placed in the ground.
00:41   Since the shocking discovery, parents in Freudenstadt are afraid, because there isn’t the slightest trace of the culprit.
00:50   Just thinking about the fact that someone purposefully buried the knife on the playground with the intent
00:58   that a child would be, at least, injured —probably severely injured — it is incomprehensible.
01:04   That it has become so extreme that we now have to be concerned about our children’s health,
01:12   because of some people with sick thoughts trying to injure children —well, that’s going beyond a joke.
01:27   Yes, we have all become more fearful. We all know each other here actually and we watch out for each other.
01:32   We help and support each other. It is like a large village here, people know each other. Then something like this happens.
01:37   It makes you ask yourself: “Who’s doing this? Where do they come from? Why is something like this happening to us?”
01:44   Questions that Profession Dr. Nils Habermann from the University of Heidelberg concerns himself with intensely.
01:50   He’ s a forensic psychologist and studies the motivation of criminals.
01:56   When someone attacks children or puts them in danger, then there is maximum guarantee for creating attention.
02:04   Simply because this kind of thing outrages so many people and I think that’s exactly part of the mechanism.
02:10   The goal is to produce the maximum amount of attention through this kind of action.
02:16   One motive with three crime scenes. It wasn’t just in Freudenstadt where knife traps were found.
02:22   In Nagold and here in Rheinstetten the police are investigating cases of hidden knives on children’s playgrounds.
02:29   Just a few weeks ago a knife was attached by an unknown person to this swing with the blade facing up.
02:37   For an unsuspecting child playing, it could have been a deadly trap.
02:44   The worst case scenario is when a child jumps into the swing and falls onto the knife blade.
02:50   When the knife cuts an important blood vessel, it could result in severe blood loss in a small child in no time,
02:58   before any emergency services could arrive here at the edge of the forest.
03:04   As long as the culprit is still on the loose, the police are advising everyone to be especially careful on all playgrounds in the state.

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    • Put up some hidden, outdoor cameras. Cheap ones available online. If the “knife culprit” is a migrant, deport him/her immediately! If it’s a minor child, he/she should be sent to a psychiatric hospital for mental evaluation! Deport entire family if minor child is a repeat offender. Adult migrants who commit any crime should also be deported after their trial & judgment if found guilty. Zero tolerance for criminals. Do not tolerate the intolerable!

      • Why waste the time and effort?

        Why not simply apply the standard of collective guilt the Leftists are constantly applying to peoples of European heritage?

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    • Who drives the joy out of life at the expense of little ones? There is only one answer and that is Islam.

      Exceedingly well said.

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