The Strasbourg Mujahid Gets His 72 Virgins

Chérif Chekatt, the alleged killer of three people (or two, or four, depending on which news report you read) in Tuesday’s terrorist attack in Strasbourg, was shot to death this evening during an exchange of gunfire with police in Strasbourg.

Mr. Chekatt’s motive for the attack is still completely and utterly unknown. Authorities admit they are frankly baffled.

OK, so I made that last part up, but still…

Below are excerpts from a Fox News report on the dénouement in Strasbourg:

Cherif Chekatt, France Gunman Who Opened Fire at Christmas Market, Is Dead, Reports Say

Cherif Chekatt, the gunman who killed multiple people Tuesday at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France, is dead, local reports said Thursday.

A wide-scale manhunt for the suspect had been ongoing since the shooting earlier this week. Three people were killed in the attack and several others injured, police said.

The National Police of the North, in a translated tweet, thanked the public for their reports which helped “find the wanted individual.”

It was posted along with an earlier tweet from law enforcement that included a photo of Chekatt.

The suspect was killed in a shootout with law enforcement in Strasbourg after he opened fire on police, a top French official told The Associated Press. The suspect was armed with a pistol and a knife, a local police official told the outlet.

Before opening fire on the Christmas market in Strasbourg on Tuesday, Chekatt, 29, yelled “Allahu Akbar,” Paris’ public prosecutor said, in the first official statement that pegged the shooting as an Islamic terror attack. Chekatt escaped the scene in a taxi.

Police detained at least five people with alleged ties to Chekatt during raids Tuesday morning, but Chekatt, wanted on an attempted murder charge in relation to a botched robbery, wasn’t home, senior Interior Ministry official Laurent Nunez told France-Inter radio.

Here’s a brief snip from a French news report (can’t remember where I picked it up):

Cherif Chekatt, l’auteur présumé de l’attentat de mardi contre le marché de Noël à Strasbourg, a été tué par la police jeudi soir dans le sud du quartier Neudorf.

My translation:

Cherif Chekatt, the presumed perpetrator of Tuesday’s attack at the Christmas market in Strasbourg, was killed by police Thursday evening in the south of the Neudorf district.

The following video (recorded yesterday) shows excerpts from the reaction to the Strasbourg attack by an official spokesman for the French government. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the response to a colleague in the European Parliament by an Italian MEP for the Lega Nord named Angelo Ciocca. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

00:12   Yesterday shortly before 8pm terrorism
00:16   has yet again hit our territory — in Strasbourg —
00:20   reminding us, in a dramatic way, that the threat is still very real.
00:29   Because of his profile, which I’ll address in a moment,
00:33   and because of the eyewitness accounts from those who heard him shout
00:37   “Allahu Akhbar!”, the anti-terrorist section of
00:41   Paris prosecutor’s office is investigating the events of last night.
00:49   It was established that during this search:
00:53   the investigators have secured on the same morning a defensive grenade,
00:57   a loaded 22 rifle and a cache of
01:01   munitions, four knives, two of which
01:06   Are hunting knives.
01:10   Concerning the investigation: numerous
01:14   operations in order to find the fugitive
01:18   are in progress. And several searches
01:22   were carried out last night in places in which
01:26   he [the fugitive] is predisposed to come to. You’ll understand, taking into account
01:30   the situation and what’s at stake, that I cannot describe him
01:34   in detail at this point. I can, however, inform you
01:39   that four relatives of the suspect were
01:43   apprehended last night. They are still under arrest.
01:51   His criminal record
01:55   shows twenty-seven convictions for common-law offences
01:59   committed, almost all of them, in France,
02:03   but also in Germany and in Switzerland.
02:07   He has already been imprisoned numerous times, and he was known
02:12   to the penitentiary administration for his radicalization and his
02:16   proselytizing attitude during his detention in 2015.
02:20   Known to the intelligence services for his radicalization, he was entered in
02:24   the FSPRT [database of Reports for Preventing Radicalization] and has an S-file [terrorist file].
02:28   He was followed by the services of the DGSI. [General Directorate for Internal Security]

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Mr. President, last night, two persons, without guilt,
00:05   without any responsibility, lost their lives.
00:09   And one cannot think… one really cannot think to reduce a full minute of silence.
00:15   There are some responsibilities that one continues to not want to see,
00:20   but there are some deep responsibilities. I really can’t accept this
00:24   line of saying: “We have to go forward.” No, we cannot go forward with errors.
00:28   We cannot go forward with the mistakes.
00:31   We really cannot accept that the errors of France, and also often
00:35   of Europe, end up supporting the actions of an extremist
00:40   …of an Islamic extremist, of an Islamic extremist
00:45   who often, I repeat, takes the lives of citizens in an unjust
00:49   Manner. I really, after the votes, I will leave Strasbourg…
00:53   I will leave France — I invite Macron to come, to come here
00:59   to Strasbourg. I will re-enter Italy as a sign
01:03   of protest. I say, “Everyone…” I say , “Everyone:
01:06   Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
01:14   I join the protest, and I say, “Wake up! Wake up!”

Hat tip for the photo: Seneca III.

26 thoughts on “The Strasbourg Mujahid Gets His 72 Virgins

      • Where to? Back to where they came from. Give them six months to sell up and take what they can with them, if they’re not gone by then they go in the clothes they’re dressed in.

      • To his parents or grandparents country.

        If they don’t want him back, hang him. He was a thug after all.

      • maybe on some remote island in the Nordlandia as the Danes promised to do. Or in the Mediterrean sea, as many times different people in Italy too promised to do. Nah, that would cost too much of taxpayers money really. The better option would be to cut them all the benefit and welfare they got without working, and these parasites would suddenly stop making children with 3 o 4 wives, and go in one of the so many muslim paradises in the world. From indonesia to most of africa, (I think the only continent who does not enjoy their contribution to the civil society was South America in last century), you can chose also your favoriti form of government, taliban sharia, theocracy, etc. Jokes apart, there are so many muslim countries where to deport them, when italy lost world war 2, they deported many thousand of italians from tito’s jugoslavia, to italy. So where is the problem in saying goodbye to all these people really ?

        • “….in the Mediterrean sea…”

          Too good. Nice warm, blue water.

          I have to pay high taxes to live in a country in which I must swim in water which is freezing cold, toxic algae filled, heavy metal laden, and e. coli damaged.

          The sewage outlet pipes for the city are within view.

          He can enjoy a nice swim here.

        • The oppressive world of ‘Allo, Allo’ will soon be every Frenchman’s life if they don’t deal with this soon.

      • Sure, send them to Communist China and Russia. They both foment this stuff and never pay a penalty. They are both big countries and relatively wealthy. So, 50 million Euro-Muslims get put on trains, buses, planes and ships and get sent to these 2 countries. Give them $5000 Euros each as starting money. That is way, way less than they receive in government benefits.

        If China and Russia object, call them dirty racists at the UN every day until they change their minds.

      • Like I said, details please.

        How easy to say “Drop them off on the African coast” or “Back to their grandparents’ country” or “Fly them to China or Russia” (two nuclear powers who might object).

        How do you intend to deal with countries unwilling to take them back, and details like international law etc?

        And how do you intend to extricate them from Western countries? Do you think they will go peacefully? What do expect to happen, civil war or totalitarian governments ripping up their countries’ constitutions and jettisoning democracy or something else? Have you thought about it?

        Moreover, look at the likely next president of the European Commission saying the uniting of Europe with Africa is a matter of destiny:

        How do you intend to get to your desired outcomes with the tide running so strongly in the opposite direction?

        I think it incumbent on those who propose actions to at least also provide details of how to get from here to there. I have seen plenty of “Chuck ’em out” type comments here but can only remember two attempts to work out something like comprehensive plans, one by El Ingles and one by Seneca III. As it happens I strongly disagreed with both and attempted to sketch out something I thought more realistic, here:

        I don’t expect you to agree with me but I hope to see your plans worked out in similar detail.

        • ECAW…I read most of your blog article about causations and plausible solutions. I’m guessing your are from the U.K. which has been absolutely sold out by politicians & globalists! Some practical solutions may include moving yourself & family to a Visegrad country (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic) which may give you a decade or two of indigenous, population majority. Second move option is North or South America. At least our economic migrants are primarily Catholic and have been exposed to the Golden Rule, Judeo-Christian values. In his book “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” deceased author Nabeel Qureshi explained the huge chasim between Islamic & Western cultures. He was a 2nd generation, Pakistani migrant to the United States and felt caught in the cultural middle. Western society is based on individual rights – guilt, innocence. Islam is based on honor, shame and family structure. For example, Nabeel’s friends felt no guilt or shame using water cups and stealing soda at restaurants. When caught one day by a manager, his friend was more traumatized by being called out verbally (shamed) in front of his peers. He lied about having water in his cup although everyone nearby could see red soda in his restaurant provided, clear cup. These were teenage Muslim migrants born in the United States. It’s a simple story but goes to the heart of right, wrong, shame, no individual guilt.

          Third option is to stay put and create your own tribes and circles of influence. Your children should go to public places with members of their own tribe for safety purposes. Members should carry tasers, pepper spray, knives, etc. When emergencies occur and seconds matter… police are minutes & hours away! Note how France has been successful at *eventually* killing terrorists. I give them that much credit. Germany is trying to entice migrants to return home with a guaranteed income of one year without being allowed to return (to Germany) without financial penalty. How absurd not to include the entire continent of Europe. Deutschland put their monetary enticement ads in train stations which have been vandalized with paintball guns by SJWs and possibly the migrants themselves.

          • CL North – Your first two solutions assume that I am only concerned for myself and my family. That is not so. I am concerned for Western Civilisation and hope we can somehow find a way to survive this cultural and demographic assault together, preferably without recourse to all out civil war or totalitarian government. There’s not much hope for Europe surviving if all the patriotic Europeans decamp to Hungary or S. America, is there? And even then, if we did all move to the Visegrad countries, what would be our long term future trapped between the Russian bear and a subjugated Europistan?

            Your third option of segregation and extra-legal hostilities sounds like low-level civil war and would inevitably turn into the full blown thing wouldn’t it? I think that is the most likely outcome anyway, but shouldn’t we try to avoid it if at all possible?

            Paying Muslims to go home is a positive idea but is at odds with the EU/UN policies of welcoming ever more. That is like bailing out a boat while water is still coming in over the gunwhale.

        • International law is just another invention of international socialism. Who cares?

          I told you after World War 2 they deported hundreds of thousands of people from lost lands of Germany and Italy. The Russian and Chinese still do what they want with their lands. Israel, too, is an example of how the citizenship can be given to whom the government wants. What happened in the Balkan wars with many people forced to move from Kosovo to Serbia, from Bosnia to Croatia, and so on and on. So please stop asking the same question many times, refusing [my]obvious answer.

          The UK and France, in their establishment and deep institutions, still want migration because they are ruled by international financial institutions who believe getting migrants is good for their economy (and it probably is for many big corporates and multinational companies), and so they will not let you deport anybody, no matter what you say is right or wrong.

          • “The UK and France, in their establishment and deep institutions, still want migration because they are ruled by international financial institutions who believe getting migrants is good for their economy ”

            This never made sense to me. I know corporations are supposed to want immigration for cheap labor. This works in the case, say, of California or Texas where Mexican laborers can be imported to pick crops at cheap wages, with the social and welfare costs foisted off on government: private profits, socialized costs. That at least makes sense.

            But bringing in illiterate, low-IQ, Muslim migrants who consider real work to be demeaning: this is not even a first shot at migrants being profitable. In other words, in terms even of profitability, the big push by the globalists and financiers to bring in unemployable migrants remains a mystery to me.

            Bottom line: I don’t think the passion of the elites for population replacement and the influx of third world peoples can be explained by anything we would consider rational.

          • @rolandb
            “the big push by the globalists and financiers to bring in unemployable migrants remains a mystery to me.”

            There is a statistical law where the GDP curve is tied or correlated to demography. In other words a raise in the number of people shall bring a raise in Global Domestic Product. The increase of GDP could matter not a lot to many people of a country, but not to who live and depends on interest rate, leke banks and financial institutes. If the economy is stagnant or worse decrrasing, the GDP will go down and the central bank (like fed or ecb) has lowered the interest rate in the past 20 years in respect to the 60s when economy was booming. I am not an economist I could have made some mistakes. So to make it short, if a country is decreasing its population, the forecast will be of decreasing the production of goods too, and that is really bad for who depends on financial business like banks and institutional investors.

            The ask for more migrants is simply to replace the shortfall of people in most advanced countries. The expectations of this policy is to raise the economy numbers as a consequence. Otherwise all these bankers and investors are alnost sure to lose their money in the long time, which would probably happen with a decrease of the number of people in that country.

          • Yeah, who cares about international law? Just about everyone but you, and there I was labouring under the impression that it has been built up over years by governments and international bodies of all stripes. Any evidence to support your assertion that it is just an invention of international socialism?

            If, as you say, hundreds of thousands of people were deported from various places in the chaotic aftermath of WWII, I fail to see how that provides a template for the very different situation which exists in the world today. Likewise with the war situation in the Balkans in the 90’s.

            Do you propose recreating a Europe-wide war to facilitate the deportation of not hundreds of thousands but millions of people? Your plan, if that is what it can be called, doesn’t survive the most rudimentary challenges. Please explain in detail how you propose to bring about circumstances in which it will be possible to deport millions of unwilling people to places that will refuse to take them.

  1. Read couple of interesting news today. One is a statement from Macrons spokesperson saying that Yellow vests shouldn’t protest this weekend considering what happened in Strasbourg Christmas market when a fellow who authorities claim was not religious shot dead 3 people and wounded severely 6 others while yelling Allahu Akbar and sporting curious dot on his forehead( a large zit or something to do with banging his head repeatedly on praying mat while turned toward East, God knows which one it is with these “French” youngsters these day). I guess we’ll never learn his “motive”. Second news is something I picked on Infowars so I can’t attest for truthfulness of this piece of info, but I don’t think anybody would invent such a serious statement as this one seems to be

  2. Perhaps, the French authorities should shorten their Terror Watch List, if you know what I mean.

  3. Accordingly to the Pew Research Center projections, Muslims account for approximately 5-6% of Europe’s population today. By 2050, the share of the continent’s population that is Muslim could more than double, rising to 11.2% or more, depending on how much migration is allowed into Europe. Even in the unlikely event that future migration is permanently halted, the Muslim population still would rise to an estimated 7.4%, due to the relative youth and high fertility rates of Europe’s current Muslim residents.

    History has shown that once Muslim populations reach 10% they begin to wage open Jihad and try to obliterate non-believers with physical violence even when they pay the Jizya. One need only to research the 57 countries of the OIC to see the massive population genocide of Coptic Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Kurds, etc. It’s a realistic and frightening reality that could happen sooner than 2050 if the UN migration pact is enacted and enforced.

    The Chemnitz and Yellow Vest protests reveal two critical factors: Nothing short of massive, organized attack is going to drive the foreign invaders from Europa when it’s own governments support the invasion. NWO globalist politicians only become alarmed or rattled to a quasi negotiation table when the Art of surprise has been used. Once they have time to fortify positions with police force, indigenous protestors will be kettled, gassed, shot with rubber bullets and publicly shamed by the media. With the advent of 5G communications weapon systems rolling out by 2020 our governments will also deploy active denial microwave weapons to heat blast dissenters and radiate them. Our children will experience damaged DNA, infertility, leukemia’s, brain tumors and other neurological disorders. Autism rates will skyrocket to 1 in 20 births.

    Here in the United States we are racing with China, South Korea, Japan and Europe to roll out 5G in cities & rural areas before 2020! Urban & rural areas will not be safe from EMF radiation exposure! They are cutting down trees and installing/disguising antennas (masts) all over the globe! Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler stated in 2016 there will be no longitudinal studies or governmental test standards to delay the rollouts! Citizens throughout America are protesting at their local town halls and council meetings over the fast, insidious rollouts. None of us sheep (citizens) were ever asked or allowed to decide if we want this or not. Appliances like dishwashers are now equipped with WiFi capability to monitor usage (spy on us). George Orwell’s 1984 has officially arrived and is now called the Internet of Things (IoT). – terrorism used to distract the 5G rollout (create problems, offer solutions) – Firemen with brain cancer protest 5G in California

    Based on this recent awareness, I think Muslim population takeover is the least of our worries! Depopulating the planet to 500,000,000 people seems like the real Agenda 20/30 being undertaken by our own governments & corporate globalists! WiFi with low RF radiation (2.5 GHZ) took approximately 4-5 years to cause cancer & sterility which will occur in mere months with the higher frequency, microwaves (5G technology).

    • Well I’m going down fighting. Lost cause or not.

      I recently told my son on his 18th birthday to be a man who’s not afraid to fight and die for his beliefs and for what’s right.

      “From my hot, microwaved burned dead hands….”

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