The Star Trek Connection

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this meditation on Star Trek, mass immigration, utopias, and related topics.

The Star Trek Connection

by MC

“Religion is the opiate of the people” said a famous Communist, and then proceeded to create a new political religion.

Religions are always messy. They are messy because the elites get hold of them and pervert them into their own personal fiefdoms, and those fiefdoms are then twisted to become ambitions of their leaders. The relevant ‘god’ is pushed into a backroom and only occasionally dusted off and allowed to come to the party, but only at the convenience of said elite.

Then there are the wacky video religions, of which the Cult of the Trekkie is one of the bigger ones.

But has anybody else noticed that there is an agenda here? Is our home world to become that of the fantasy TV series, portrayed as a utopian community where there is no money, no borders, and everybody has everything they could ever want, subject to the replicator functioning correctly?

I don’t know which came first, the warp drive or the patronising influence of the Vulcans (the intellectual elite), but both appear as pivotal in a ‘godless’ community (do Klingons see it as Federation ‘rootbeer’ supremacy?). And above all, are Kirk and his band of politically correct brothers (at the time) guiding us wisely through the mayhem of the present to a bright and glorious future, complete with the ‘moderate Klingon’ who sets an example of tolerance for us all?

Of course. the reality is that there are no warp drives and no Vulcans (and no ‘moderate’ Klingons) except as a bunch of pixels and neurons in the minds of our wonderous elites and their flocks, and there will be no magic wands that can be waved to clear up the mess that such trekkie socialism will once more create in our own backyards.

The dominance of the elitist obsession with the otherwise abstract ideas of ‘racism’ and ‘equality’ produce a wonderful inversion where non-trekkies — those race groups which are not part of the Federation — are always portrayed as imperfect, even if perhaps redeemable, but always as inferior and backwards. To be nationalist is to automatically be fascist, and also to be irreconcilably stupid.

The Federation culture is so superior that no other idea can be tolerated, and all must be encouraged (forced) to come into the fold.

So we have a politics of provocation where, as in a game of tennis, you are looking to make your opponent make mistakes. In the corrosive politics of the now, it is something which enables you to point the finger and shout “Nazi” or some such other inappropriate but demeaning slander, even if that insult itself is so misused as to be virtually meaningless.

We are watching this happen right now. Hamas, a known terrorist organisation and oppressor of ‘Palestinians’ is once more playing the blame game, and once more the gullible (and the malicious elite) appear to be falling for it. Thus Hamas is a terrorist organisation only when they are hitting non-Israeli targets, but when they are lashing out at Jooz, they suddenly become freedom fighters. This is the real ‘racism’. And this, from a supposedly multicultural country where the ardent multiculturalists of the UK Labour party just cannot keep their virulent anti-Semitism (the real racism here) under wraps. And as for the UN, well, what else can we expect but to have to pay continuously and heavily for the privilege of having our posteriors battered by the ‘Bandung generation’.

The BBC article here is a wonderful mix of truncated news and veiled anti-Semitic propaganda, where the actions of a terrorist organisation are justified simply because their opponents are Jooz . However, to a person living within two miles of said fence and the riots, the flavour of BBC reporting is very bitter, and if the terrorists break out, then their object is to kill the Jewish civilian population, no mercy. Note the substitution of the word God for Allah in the paragraph after the second picture — after all “we all worship the same god”.

If Labour want to control anti-Semitism in their party, they need to start with the BBC, who still have not yet published the Balen Report (an investigation into anti-joo and anti-Israel bias in the BBC), and who have spent a lot of licence fee payers’ money covering it up.

To a humanist, one god really is much the same as any other, but to compare say, Allah, with The Buddha requires a high degree of (political) wishful thinking.

Whilst it is true that Allah is a god, when a supposedly British media institution uses ‘God’ in the context of Islam, it is trying to send a message.

What is really happening here is provocation. Hamas want the Israeli Defence Force to shoot indiscriminately so that they can parade the supposed iniquity before the world media, who, like the duplicitous BBC, will always find that the Israelis have responded ‘disproportionately’.

So just how do you respond to a terror organisation whose charter demands the genocide of all Jews? Well, the last one was subjected to an unconditional surrender, at great cost in lives and materiel.

But now it is the turn of the USA to defend against the same type of provocation. Just what is the motivation behind the march on the southern border? Is it to present President Trump with a lose-lose situation? Is it to get the President to commit an impeachable offense? If it is, then, is this not treason?

First we must establish by what right supposedly ‘civilian’ marchers have to invade a sovereign state en masse. And, having established that they have no rights to do so under law, one must then ask the question why are they doing it? It is here that things get murky, because it is here that we find that we are having our noses tweaked.

The socialist religion irrationally believes that all are all equal, a wacky Vulcan type of superior belief which also dictates that all must share what we have (but only if we are not socialists or members of socialist-approved victim groups). Which means that all are entitled a share in the fruits of any individual’s labour. The inevitable conclusion then is: Why bother to grow that fruit in the first place? Let’s just pick somebody else’s fruit!

Personally, I do not want to be forced to give away my hard-earned wages to those who would steal them from me anyway. It is all theft, and however you want to look at it, redistribution of wealth is legalized, government-enforced robbery. I do not mind bona fide asylum seekers, but economic migrants need to prove that they are capable of supporting themselves in the very near future before their visa applications are even considered.

I emigrated from the UK because for Jews in Europe the writing is on the wall, and those who survived the last genocide of the Jews were the ones that got out of the war zones early. Israel is prepared to defend her borders; the UK is not. But what of the USA?

Troops have been deployed to defend the southern border, but will they be allowed to shoot? And will the President survive either way? He is damned if he gives the order and he is damned if he does not.

The reality is that he, the POTUS, needs to start exposing and locking up those who are committing treason and other crimes, beginning with the governors and politicos who have defied him (and by default, the American people). Criminals are criminals, no matter their rank and status. It is high time that politicians who break the law are put in front of a jury in order to demonstrate their innocence or otherwise. But maybe there are just too many flying pigs in the swamp for that to happen.

The ‘Judeo’ part of Judeo-Christianity comprises the idea of one law for all, great or small, and a set of ten basic tenets that establish a synergy with whoever or whatever created this world. Those countries that followed these memes prospered beyond the dreams of mankind, but many did not, and became cesspools of violence and corruption.

As we in the West now abandon those same Old Testament memes, we watch the European world flush itself back down the long drop into the sewer of warlord culture, with men eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new Mohammed to steer us to loot, rapine and salacious glory.

We have been taught to want it all now. We have been taught that we deserve it all now, and if we are not careful, we will take it all now and civilization will slit its own communal throat and bleed out in a gutter of its own making.

The Star Trek Utopia required that over 80% of the world’s population be culled, so that the Vulcans could guide its rebuilding along their own socialist model. But socialist models are always full of good intentions, and the tearing-down bit is the easy part; somehow the rebuilding never quite works….

Children, families and marriage have no relevance in the Star Trek world. Neither do grandparents and other close family ties. Kaiku is a burden; she only drags her heroic husband down. Far better the unattached life, the casual relationships and the holodeck.

I step back and I ask myself, could the world be remade in the Star Trek image? And I shudder at the thought. At best Star Trek is a modern fairy tale. To try and make it happen is pure phantasy, and who is going to preside over the required genocide?

History shows us that there are always willing volunteers, those for whom the ends justify the means. Hold up to people the vision of a better world and they will gladly abandon the boring but civilized behaviour of the now, for the exciting barbarism of terror and fanaticism.

Something special happened to the world in the last two centuries. A polite, cultured society grew up to the point where, on the whole, people could enjoy the fruits of their labours, but there is a huge gap between where we are now and the Star-Trekian utopia that has been presented to us as such a desirable and brave new world. It is this gap which presents the real problem, for there is no clear pathway from here to there, just a genocide or two and a set of unpredictable results and unintended consequences.

Do Vulcans exist? Can they guide us to liberty, justice and brotherhood, or are they just a well-paid band of Soros puppets?

I for one am quite content with what we had, what we had before the social justice warriors started telling us that our world was imperfect and that we had to start inviting parasites to join us in our well-being. But you know, a body can only support so many parasites before it succumbs.

Their ‘Critical Theory’ may work to bring down the status quo, but it does not build; it only destroys. It is not a constructive form of criticism which has value. It is purely destructive, and is designed to make people feel guilt and shame and discontent.

Its aim is to create the conditions necessary for those aforementioned genocide(s) to happen — to spur you and me to murderous anger or to the violence of acute frustration. To force us to condone (by inaction) the slaughter of opponents.

So what is really is our nemesis? Is it a Klingon invasion? Can we be re-assured that Kirk, our fantasy godmother, will always show up in the nick of time? Saving us the trouble of having to do anything for ourselves. Will the enterprise pumpkin bring us home safe and sound with Prince Charming in tow?

Kahless, Mohammed — Is there any real difference?

Live short and in slavery…

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

20 thoughts on “The Star Trek Connection

  1. Excellent.

    I once lived in an apartment filled with Rwandans who had just fled the genocide.
    Most were devout Seventh Day Adventists.

    They mentioned that they notice how much the people here love Star Trek. It was their opinion that we in the west put far more faith and interest in the fake world and philosophies of Star Trek than we do in the reality of our world and of Christian teachings.

    I had to agree. My family and I still watch the show and enjoy it but I have to admit that I am growing less tolerant of the shows’ overt liberal and socialist agenda. It is infantile to think we will one day become so free of violence, hate and inequality.

    It’s funny that a man was still free to sleep around as Capt. Kirk quite often did…..they must have found a cure for VD and AIDS…

    I notice they don’t have islam and its followers.

    No wonder they had peace.

    • My favorite is Star Trek Deep Space 9. Pretty dark, there are violence, war and deception. A more believable future…

  2. MC: The more I learn of modern Israel and its people, the more I am deeply impressed with how realistic and pragmatic is the Israeli view of national security.

    Of course, this was borne of severe suffering at the hands of anti-semitic enemies over countless centuries.

    However, as we here in Western nations must contend with liberal and idealistic citizens and leaders who destroy our security, so to does Israel. Liberal and socialist Israelis are some of the most fervent on earth. I believe that part of the reason for such strong leadership in Israel concerning its security and sense of strong nationalism is due to the use of compulsary military service for men AND women. Israel, each day, faces so many security breaches, attacks from arabs on the streets and the constant border skirmishes. Therefore, the youth in the military must contend with all this and thus gain excellent experience in these matters and see with their own eyes the violence and brutality of islam and of socialist and liberal ideals. They then are able to have their textbook learning of liberalism, socialism and youthful idealism tempered by the horrible reality they experienced in the military. Key government positions including Prime Minister and in the secret service are often held by former military personnel, usually officers with quite a few years spent in the military. Benjamin Netanyahu is an excellent example of such a person with a deep and combat experienced military background. This gives Israel’s leaders perhaps the best training and experience necessary to hold a position in which they must guide the nations’ security and sense of patriotism. I admire the sober view of life in Israel by the average Israeli who says that they don’t want war, they don’t want violence and they want to be free to enjoy the culture and friendship of those arabs who are peaceful. However, the average Israeli is willing to wage war and violence and suffer destruction if they must in order to defend Israel.

    Perhaps we have not suffered enough here in the West or experienced enough personal loss. Perhaps our young people do not personally witness and contend with enough hate and violence from our enemies to have deep patriotism and a willingness to sacrifice for our own land and our own people.

  3. The obsession with Star Trek and other such fictions is, I have concluded, a manifestation of the infantilism of our countries. I think it’s a characteristic of socialism, fascism, islam and all totalitarian cults that they inhibit the maturity of their followers.

  4. I never got into Star Trek, now I know why! (Ok, I’m not that much into the classical sci-fi genre in the first place.)

    “Religion is the opiate of the people” said a famous Communist, and then proceeded to create a new political religion.” This sentence is golden! Just recently I’ve seen some news about Russian politians arguing that they should finally bury Lenin and have a figure placed there in his stead, as it costs a lot of money to keep the mummy in a reasonable state. A communist MP attacked the idea and the judge agreed that such an act would be a breach of the communist belief system and hence cannot be done.
    Funny how communists hate religion but hide behind it when convenient.

    • “Funny how communists hate religion but hide behind it when convenient.”

      This is great.

      I will remember this line for my debates with socialists.

      It reminds me of the memorial centre for North Korea’s Kim Il-Sung. Before entering, you must walk through a very powerful blast of air in a cubicle to remove all dust and dirt and are given white gloves lest you stand polluted before the body of the great leader.

  5. My main job, family, dogs, and Islamophobic activities take me a lot of time, so lately I have not followed the book novelties of futurist writers.

    But in what I read lately, there is one tendency: there are 70% fewer people on earth. But none of the remaining ones does Namaz. The future is unattractive, but there is no Islam in it.

    • Islam is incompatible with science. Can you imagine islamists trying to determine prayer times or location of Mecca while they are on a starship or a planet with different length of day? Or how to wear a burqa in a spacesuit? Long unkempt beards, man-jammies and burqa’d islamist women would be hilarious to view in zero-g as well!

  6. The Federation is a fascist utopia. Something that was obvious to me when I was watching it as a kid back in the early ’70s.

    • You must have been quite an intelligent child.

      I was mesmerized by all the bright colours and the pretty ladies in short skirts.

      Actually, I still am.

      • That, and already a hard core science fiction fan.

        I cordially loathed Star Trek then, and all its later iterations, and still do.

        Even the pretty ladies in short skirts didn’t go it, but then again, in the years we’re talking about Australian TV regularly had toplessness and even full frontal nudity on in the hours that I could watch.

  7. Ah yes, Sderot. As I recall, [they] supported the expulsion of Jews from Gaza–the so-called “Disengagement.” Predictably, Sderot became the new favorite target of the Gaza Mohammedans misleadingly called “Palestinians.”

    The derangement of Israel’s Jews makes me slightly less embarrassed by my fellow US Jews. At least the latter are separated from the full consequences of their insanity; Israel’s Jews are not.

  8. MC, You forgot about Star Trek’s first pilot, “The Menagerie” which featured Captain Pike, (played by the same actor who portrayed Jesus in King of Kings [linkage here?]). Here we have a view of the Elite as Talosians (Talos IV) whose mental powers are supposed to bend even the stiffest resistance to their will to become their slaves, Eloi to their Morloch. However, the Talosians learn that they cannot overcome primitive emotions, so they attempt to seduce instead bringing the human to heel much in the same way that a cow in heat serves to lead the bull (literally) to slaughter. The Vulcan says that attacking the Talosians would only result in their destruction as the Elite know how to misdirect their efforts. The feminist captain (#1) saves the day by blasting the top of the hill where their elevator to their underground dwelling is and helps to rescue Pike who then asks if commerce with them is possible (oh please!!).
    Needless to say the pilot was rejected out of hand as the plot line stunk. However, Gene Roddenberry may have known more than he let on and the Star Trek episodes may have served as a warning in parable form of what was being planned for humanity. Of course we know how Gene felt about religion in the episode “Return of the Archons” that seemed to parody Mormonism and Christianity by extension. Sadly, the messages and warnings were ignored in favor of the entertainment provided by the portrayal of a better world than this one in which good always triumphed after the inevitable word from the sponsor.

    • “Roddenberry may have known more than he let on and the Star Trek episode may have served as a warning in parable form of what was being planned for humanity.”

      Gene Roddenberry was involved in the esoteric and it is said this was the source of Star Trek.

      From Hollywood Reporter in 1995: Roddenberry film in works:

      “A hitherto unknown script from the late “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry is being planned as a film, director Phillipe Mora said.
      Called “The Nine”, the script tells the story of Rodenberry’ s exploration of extraterrestrial phenomena on Earth. Roddenberry spent a year of his life researching a project after being commissioned in 1975 by a group in England Called Lab Nine.”

      “Lab Nine believed there was going to be alien contact with human beings and said they were told telepathically that they should prepare man culturally,” Mora said. “One of the ways they were to do that was to make a motion picture about alien contact.”

      Actually, Lab 9 was in Ossining New York, and was headed by medical and parapsychological researcher Andrija Puharich. It was said that Roddenberry spent time there when “The Nine” were supposedly channeled. It is even hinted that “The Nine” are the source of the “Prime Directive”.

  9. And as for Norman, my favorite line of the entire series was spoken by Harcourt Fenton Mudd, namesake for a fine STEM college nearby, “Everything I say is a lie, including what I just said.” Gotta love it, the only time the Elite told the truth.

  10. A few points in defense of Star Trek. Many of its episodes are pretty good science fiction. We don’t have to take some of their liberal posturing too seriously. There were also some politically realistic episodes as where this doofus pacifist ambassador wants Scotty to lower the shields which would enable the enemy to destroy the Enterprise and the one where Kirk realizes that he must supply his allied tribe with advanced weapons to maintain a balance of power. Also many Vulcans were capitalist traders going about the galaxy dealing in various exotic goods. And we owe them one for the concept of the Borg. Are they not the perfect model of futuristic Muslims as they seek to assimilate all other cultures? One additional point, William Shatner is a libertarian which puts him quite a way above the typical denizen of Hollywood.

    BTW a much better model for Muhammad is Star Wars’ Darth Vader a charismatic spiritual leader who falls into the dark side of the Force to the detriment of billions of his fellow humanoids.

  11. I found another fictional universe, which depict better our reality. Start Wars…
    The nationalist states, who wants to remain and cooperate like the “Old Republic” and there is the Empire side where evil Sith tries to create with force the one government Galactic Empire…

    • I agree, however, Star wars has a balance which Star Trek lacks, and as such, it is less of an insidious political propaganda exercise. The Federation in Star Trek is a nasty globalist entity which we are coaxed into supporting; It is where evil is portrayed as good and we are fooled into supporting the dark side…..

  12. The “Star Trek Problem” is that all those starship troopers are perfect in knowledge and wisdom. Many Hollywood movies are like that – they portray beautiful reality, so that younger impressionable minds won’t spot the main fault of it all: People are not perfect!

    I would gladly serve on the Enterprise under James Kirk, but then I realize that he has not followed the procedures and put whole starship in grave dangers solely because he “felt so”, and if it were not a movie with a mandatory happy end twist – James Kirk would probably die somewhere between Jupiter and Mars in the first year of his duty…

    This Good/Bad captain twist – the same sort like in Star Trek – is in the movie Top Gun: Do you notice that Maverick, portrayed by Tom Cruise, is one bad pilot with affairs with his superiors and bad discipline, who kills his colleague in neglect…

    …but because it is hollywood this crazy dangerous pilot, Maverick, actually never makes mistakes – wonderful!

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