Soros Robots Come to Budapest to Manufacture Fake News

Thugs trying to break into the state TV building, repelled by tear gas

As reported here a few days ago, a rent-a-riot funded by George Soros recently came to Budapest to stir up trouble, throw things, and light stuff on fire. The intention was to provoke a reaction from the Hungarian police so that the international media could bray in unison about the “neo-fascist regime” of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

It didn’t work out quite the way the globalist progressives planned. The Hungarian authorities showed restraint, the interlopers looked like thugs, and the majority of Hungarians continue to support the Orbán government.

But that didn’t stop the Soros forces from trying more tricks. Below are two videos, two reports, and a series of photos from our Hungarian correspondents.

The two videos are excerpts from a TV talk show hosted by Zsolt Bayer, a well-known popular TV commentator and long-time associate of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

CrossWare also translated this article from

The opposition fake circus spreads like wildfire in the liberal world press

The networks are working too well, and the left-liberal press not only in Hungary, but worldwide, is worriedly watching the siege of the headquarters of official television channels. No, not because they are not medicated enough, but they are “burying democracy”, envision dictatorships, and 15,000 demonstrators. Of course this segment of the foreign press was eagerly waiting for something to happen to allow the “autocratic Orbán government” to be attacked, and this all-encompassing circus maximus was enough for them.

There is no doubt that The New York Times, Reuters, The Guardian, Euronews, and others waited expectantly to catch something where they could use their claws and not let go if it was Hungary. It is no surprise, therefore, that they were immediately singing worldwide about what a dictatorship there is in our country. For this they are assisting perfectly by opposition politicians in the Hungarian TV headquarters with their fake falls and welters. For example, when Ildikó Bangóné Borbély said into the camera of Anett Bosz Anett, that “it would be f***ing awesome if we were to lie down with our hands on our heads”

Of all that, the MSM see only this:

And now let’s see who, and in what form, are “worrying” about Hungarian democracy:

  • This Reuters report emphasized that Bernadett Szél and Ákos Hadházy were thrown out of the TV headquarters with “violence”.
  • The American New York Times site contains the video where Ákos Hadházy welters.
  • The British Guardian highlighted that Viktor Orbán faces “rare” and “persistent” protests after the parliament accepted the “slave law” — as it is named by the opposition. The British publication also mentions that Ákos Hadházy was violently thrown out of the building.
  • The Euronews site puts on its cover the “leading out” of Szél and Hadházy, which can also be seen in the videos.
  • The French Le Figaro and Le Monde emphasize that “dissatisfaction is increasing” since the government accepted the “loi esclavagiste” a.k.a. the “slave law”.
  • The German Deutsche Welle cover page is something. They seems to think 15,000 participated in the protests in Hungary, which were not only against the overtime law, but by the opposition against the “autocratic governance” of Viktor Orbán.

A meme video about the opposition

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Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report:

For the first time in recent history, the thuggish globalist Soros army has launched an operation from inside the country. So far they seem to have failed — but obviously the war has only just begun. The operation started with violent obstruction by leftist-globalist opposition MPs in the parliament.

Leftist MPs trying to obstruct the work of the Hungarian Parliament by blocking the stairs to the president’s chair

It continued with riots by Soros-thugs trying to set the country’s Christmas tree on fire in front of the Parliament. I attach some photos of the antifa-like riots.

Some days ago these opposition MPs broke into the premises of the state media and started to run amok, trying to violently break into studios in order to disrupt the live broadcast, and chased the media workers in the corridors. Let me recommend this article — it sums up the events so far. In the embedded videos in the above article you can see the opposition leaders playing the victim, pretending to be terrorized by the state, but the camera was left rolling. Here the Soros clowns plan the action, but fail to stop the camera:

If we lie down in front of the steps with our hands on our heads, we could shoot a f***ing strong picture.

Now the whole country is laughing at these clowns, who could not even properly execute the Alinksy methods — even though they were recently trained by the Verhofstadt-Soros-Alinksy agents. The clowns simply forgot to switch off the cameras when they lied or played badly. Ridiculous.

Fun video: Leftist MP Ágnes Kunhalmi runs amok in the state media building and hits a closed door hard. They actually wanted to break into the studios but the doors had been closed by the security guards.

The main goal of the enemy of course was to get “proof” of the Hungarian “dictatorship” — and so they did:

The staged riots are not over yet.

In reality, Hungary is peaceful and prosperous — only these few thousands of political activists cause havoc — but they make international headlines. At this point there is no real opposition in Hungary who represent the people: these MPs are the droids / puppets of the Soros army. So I think it is actually all about Orbán’s government backed by the people against the globalist army.

Inside Hungary the Soros army has failed so far — they have not managed to stage a Maidan-style “revolution” like they did in Ukraine. But they did manage to put further political pressure on Hungary with the fake “pictures of violence ordered by the Nazi Orbán”: in the wake of the staged, alleged “state oppression” Brussels triggered Article 7 sanctions procedure against Hungary again. This is war, folks.

Conclusion: I think this battle is mainly about breaking Hungary’s resistance against the Muslim invasion — and this is common knowledge in the country, spread by the state media far and wide. So it is completely understandable that the rage of the enemy is now focused on this media, which openly tells the truth about the hijra and the jihad, no-go zones in the West, etc.

This is probably one reason why the Soros-army calls it a “fake-news factory”, and launched an attack where thousands of thugs tried to break into the building, and MPs ran amok in its corridors. And they attacked other right-wing media buildings as well. They simply do not want us to know the truth about Islam and jihad.

Video transcript #1:

19:56   If we’re already here, perhaps let’s take an
20:00   international outlook, because
20:04   I am suspicious; what is happening now is no coincidence,
20:08   and it has an international context too. András [Bencsik]!
20:12   Yes, indeed! It is perfectly obvious
20:16   that it is all connected to the European Parliamentary election. Those
20:20   instructor-officers [agitators], who jump-started those [local] idiots
20:24   and made the whole thing into a cabaret, knew exactly what they wanted.
20:28   The same thing happened in Austria, and happened in Serbia,
20:32   in Italy, there is always some random subterfuge, but the essence is to bring
20:36   lots of people out onto the streets, because then they can create huge media publicity.
20:40   Like these [local lefties] can only mobilize a small number, but they can
20:44   generate huge media coverage. You guys may remember
20:48   that in Slovakia, when an investigative reporter
20:52   was murdered because he was after the mafia’s business,
20:56   nobody is wiser till today about what really happened.
21:00   Then the Soros-type NGOs created such a scandal,
21:04   generated such mass hysteria, that the only way
21:08   to help the Slovakian government to survive was that [PM Robert] Fico should resign and
21:12   hand over his position to Pellegrini, who is presently leading the government.
21:16   Through his personal sacrifice Fico was able to save the status quo,
21:20   Since then we found out there was no connection whatsoever between him and
21:24   the tragic death of the journalist, but in home affairs,
21:28   they [Soros NGOs] almost overthrow the government.
21:32   This machinery is trying everywhere, including here [in Hungary]
21:36   they tried, and let’s give thanks to the God of Hungarians, that
21:40   from the opposition, we only have genuine idiots, because what Ágnes Kunhalmi
21:44   and Ákos Hadházy are doing is only a parody. It was a style parody.
21:48   I think Chuck Norris is laughing with tears in his eyes, seeing the way
21:52   Ágnes Kunhalmi “fights” with a door.
21:56   I do not think how Soros’ team designed this.
22:00   And I think there will be a continuation, for sure. —I am totally sure. And now
22:05   as Zsolt mentioned, the “Peace March” [peaceful right-wing march supporting the government].
22:08   We should not react to this right now, but it is possible,
22:12   and I agree with you, that it’s possible sometimes to
22:16   show our calm, composure,
22:20   our pride, to show our love again.
22:24   Obviously when the time comes, we will march again.
22:28   There is another important thing, while we are stand in the side of law and order,
22:32   and I can say it, in all of our names, this is what we suggest to our viewers
22:36   and the supporters of the government. But there is another very important thing.
22:40   Those people who sympathized with any opposition
22:44   parties or were undecided, I suggest to them:
22:48   look at these scenes and think about
22:52   what would happen if these screaming women,
22:56   and this malingerer failure from Szekszárd,
23:00   were to hold high office in Hungary. No classifications of left or right;
23:04   I am talking about generic human quality,
23:08   what these people are represent, who they are.
23:12   They themselves spent the last couple of months personally, too;
23:16   they had training in foreign countries about subversion,
23:20   but they were doing it very awkwardly, stupidly,
23:24   because in Austria and Italy, the Soros people are well-trained.
23:28   They came here and they made a joke, a cabaret out of this. One more thing!
23:32   One thing cannot happen: this government
23:36   will not be overthrown from the streets.
23:40   As Zsolt usually says: “I will send the message from here”: anybody can do anything
23:44   if the stake: it’s the government or them,
23:48   then we will be on the streets too and we will not restrain those people,
23:52   not us and not our friends, who have been calming the people for the last 72 hours.
23:56   Patience first, and I would like to give assurance
24:00   that we will not let any rabble, these 500 morons
24:04   and their trainers, screw with the order
24:08   and safety of the rest of the population. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!

Video transcript #2:

27:06   Let’s set up this train of thought!
27:10   For almost one and half months now
27:14   Paris has been engulfed in flames.
27:18   In addition to that, in Strasbourg now five people have been killed,
27:22   and a dozen are in hospital, again by a rotten animal
27:26   carrying out his own little terror action. In the West
27:30   the Christmas Markets look the way Adolf Hitler’s bunker
27:34   looked at the end of WW2 in Berlin.
27:38   So this is how the “mood” looks like over there.
27:42   In the meantime the European Parliamentary elections are coming. In the center of Europe,
27:46   in the “illiberal” horrific “Orbanlands”:
27:50   quiet, peace, tranquility;
27:54   the tourists are hanging out in bunches;
27:58   one could barely move for all of them; nobody is afraid
28:02   of anything… Let me not reiterate.
28:06   So what could a Soros network do?
28:10   Only one thing: let’s make a riot over here, too!
28:14   To avoid making it the finish of the EU election
28:18   that in the West people are murdered, and burning
28:22   trash containers and police cars, while blood is flowing,
28:26   and in Central and Eastern [Europe] everything is OK?!
28:30   In the end folks might believe that
28:34   life may be better in Orbanland…
28:38   Let’s just look through it! Budapest —
28:42   we just read that the “slave-law”, so-called
28:46   by their own people’s [opposition experts] opinions,
28:50   is not even close to the monstrosity that these
28:54   bottom-feeding bastards are talking about. This was just the pretense.
28:58   In Austria there were 17 thousand
29:02   people protesting against Kurz’ migrant policies.
29:06   Because they want more migrants in.
29:10   Even though [Chancellor Sebastian] Kurz tried to be a good boy:
29:14   he was in on all the sanctions against Hungary and Orbán,
29:18   he licked in, bent over, lay down; still it was not enough.
29:22   Not to mention Strache… So let’s do something in Vienna.
29:26   Some turmoil. Belgrade! In Belgrade,
29:30   The President in Belgrade is also not opening the border in the south,
29:34   the usual “freedom of the press” subterfuge.
29:38   He is friends with Orbán: SCANDAL! Italy.
29:42   Last week Salvini, who is the most popular politician
29:46   of the last twenty years, whose party would win tower-high
29:50   in the elections; everybody stands behind him —
29:54   Last week he announced a rally, with a humongous crowd
29:58   from the South, they are going to Salvini,
30:02   you see, from the South coming to Salvini of the Northern League,
30:06   all these folks flooding to assure the minister of their support.
30:10   Mr. Deputy Prime Minister, here we are: with you!
30:14   Oops, let’s do something here too. So they trumpet together a bunch of cretins
30:18   And morons — did you see it in the news? — that unfortunate Italian
30:22   Communist s***head, who was only capable of blurting out the following:
30:26   “The most important thing is that people with different-colored skin can
30:30   march under red flags in yellow vests in the streets.”
30:34   Your mother’s lament, that!
30:38   They’re just trying to make trouble. And remember my words: within a month,
30:42   Warsaw; they will do it there too. Because of the Poles, where they need to
30:46   do something. So point-blank, what I would like to say,
30:50   to explain, is that these are not coincidences.
30:54   And their dream is, when everything has gone to s*** over there,
30:58   and more and more people realize that this cannot
31:02   continue, then let’s do it Central Europe, too!
31:06   Let’s make the photo shoots, because these are pictures [for media],
31:10   because, what, these 5,000 clowns will make a revolution?
31:14   and in (direct Soros-owned portal), they ejaculate three times while they are writing
31:18   that there are protests outside of Budapest too. —Except Peter Uj!
31:22   There are protests in the countryside: almost 100-150 people…
31:26   They move out, screaming stupid stuff,
31:30   the usual stuff: Orbán this and Orbán that. This would be the revolution?
31:34   Come on, please! But they get their pictures,
31:38   because those look awesome and the Western media, that will show
31:42   to the people there: Orbanland is in ruins too…
31:46   Here you go, the streets are burning there, too.

7 thoughts on “Soros Robots Come to Budapest to Manufacture Fake News

  1. I suppose that you have already noticed that those few who do not support the program or the narrative are singled out for attention and persecution. Didn’t Stalinism, and to a similar extent Nazism, function similarly, thinking that once the opposition was eliminated that they would be free to pursue their respective agendas without interference and recourse? That protocol, which we thought had died their respective namesakes appears to be worldwide now, making those namesakes seem to merely been puppets on the string of a master puppeteer. Those who were portrayed in this recent posting don’t appear to be any different than their predecessors, other than being more gullible and truer believers. Quite frankly, given what is occurring worldwide, I do not care to meet the puppeteer who is in charge of all this. I only wish that someone greater would put the puppeteer out of our misery.
    Merrie Christ Masse, one and all.

  2. Stalin famously stated that if you can make people hungry, they will do anything you ask just so they could have something to eat. People will fear death and suffering from starvation and will do and believe nearly anything to stop their suffering.

    We are now entering a type of famine engineered by our leaders.
    It is not a lack of food but a lack of security and peace in our nations, our communities and in our own homes. We are now a fearful people and we hide inside our video games, our sports, our televisions, over-eating etc. We are trying hard to escape what we fear and what we believe we have little control over.

    Just a little longer, just a little more of all this and many of our seemingly peaceful neighbours will be willling to commit all sorts of criminal or immoral acts in an attempt to make the confusion and insecurity stop and to feel contentment again. All that’s required are leaders to help direct the people and their fear toward action. Of course we already see such leaders in abundance in every area of society and in our own homes through the media.

  3. The “Left” are just mobsters and childish. They’ll hang just as well after arrest and a fair trial- far more than they ever gave to us. They are on the wrong side of history. We know who they are and where they are. Nothing will save them from the public that has had enough of these hysterical infantile but dangerous people. Public anger will shortly explode and end the terror of the campus revolutionaries and their student style politics.

  4. I am expecting and hoping that the Eastern European governments deal with rioting by leftists properly and don’t pussy around. There is nothing quite like mass burials to send the message to the EU… ” Bugger off”.

    • Once the SHTF event happens, the Left regret ever tried to grab power… We are just not there yet.

  5. What is their problem with the Christmas tree?

    Have not the Left been telling us for years that it is actually a pagan symbol?

    Don’t Christmas presents under the tree represent a socialist redistribution of wealth?

    Did not St. Nicholas struggle and suffer under a dictatorship?

    These are all things which you would think socialist rebels would embrace.

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